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My Wife's Hot Niece

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My wife has a niece who is absolutely the hottest woman that ever lived. She is in her early 40's and beautiful. I have been playing around with her for over twenty years. She will not let me fuck her but will do just about anything else I want to do.

When she was a teenager all I did was jack off in her panties. Every time we went to her parents house I would find a pair of her panties and smell and lick them while I jacked off. The crotch of her panties were always filled with dried juice and it smelled and tasted so good. Occasionally I would get lucky and find a pair of her panties that she had just taken off and OMG the crotch would be sloppy wet and slick. I would have a ball licking her slick juice from her panties as well as coating my dick with it and sliding my hand up and down the shaft. I loved pulling the foreskin back uncovering my head and massaging it with her slick juice. I could cum just doing that. It was the notion that her pussy juice as getting all over the head of my dick. I would imagine it was inside her pussy.

After she turned eighteen I started hitting on her. It did not take much to get her to play, even though she would not go all the way with me. Still today her pussy is always wet. She told me once that the only time she is not horny is when she is asleep.

Her pussy is covered with a mass of thick black hair. My favorite thing to do with her is to get her naked and kiss her for a little and then start sucking on her little tits. I think they are beautiful and the perfect size but she thinks they are too small. I get her all worked up and then get her to lay on her back and spread her legs. She has this oversized dildo that really stretches her pussy to the max. I like to insert it in her vagina and watch her pussy lips stretch. Once I get in all the way in I massage her clit. Within a minute she is cumming, her ass bucking off the bed. I have to really work at it to keep the dildo inside her. I will make her orgasm five or six times until she clit begins to get too tender for direct stimulation.

When I pull the dildo out of her vagina you cannot imagine how much pussy juice comes out of her. It will run down over her ass and really wet the bed if I don't catch it. At that point I am catching her juice and coating my dick and licking my fingers. I love to rub her pussy juice all over my face. She loves to lick her juice off my face, even though she is not into other women. Once she comes back down to earth after her orgasms she goes after my hard dick. She will massage my dick and balls and she loves to play with my asshole. Every time a drop of percum appears on my dick she will wipe it up with her finger and go directly to her mouth. It doesn't take long until she is jacking me fast and furious. She always likes for me to tell her when I get close to cumming. When I tell her she gets on her back again and spreads her legs. I kneel between her legs and shoot my cum all over her pussy. The white cum in her black pussy hair is beautiful. I love looking at her glistening wet pussy with my cum at the opening of her vagina. Once I finish cumming she takes her fingers and pushes my cum up inside her and and massages it all over her pussy. She will usually make herself cum again while massaging my cum onto her clit. She would do this every day with me if I could find the time to get with her that often.

And then at night she goes at it with her husband. He once told me, 'Your niece cannot get enough.' I wanted to say, 'Yes, I know', but I decided it would not be in mine of her best interest to say that to him. I only wish her aunt had the same level of sexual desires that she has.



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