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My Wife Doesn't Masturbate (5)

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Another instalment of the antics of my wife.


So now I have determined that after about eight years of marriage, my wife masturbates, even though she won't admit to it. It is quite erotic for me to know this and watch her as I did once. The reasons and background can be read in my first post entitled 'My Sweetie Doesn't Masturbate' and the sequels. My last post revealed my wife masturbating in the kitchen while watching our neighbor masturbate on the toilet. It's still one of my favorite fatasies while jerking off.

Our neighbors were and still are very modest people, always willing to help when needed. He's a security guard and works nights, she watches her sister's kids during the weekday. At the time I first watched her, she was probably about forty years old, not particularly attractive, that is until I saw her fingering herself on the toilet that morning. Suddenly she took on a whole new aspect of attractiveness. Over the many years we have been neighbors, I have probably been privy to her self pleasuring at least on a monthly basis and have peeked at her nakedness uncountable times. And you guessed it, masturbated to all of the above.

When Lotty discovered that she could watch her from almost any window on that side of the house, I don't know. I'm certain she has masturbated to those views numerous times and many times without me knowing it. But that discovery definitely made me aware of Lotty's interests and I have been able to time her pleasuring by our neighbor's schedule, which is very predictable.

Our neighbor, Betty is what I'll call her, is about ten years older than me. She's a bit tall but with large, pendelous breasts and nipples which always seem hard and poke through any bra or top she wore. Her routine consists of a shower every weekday morning at a little past seven after her husband returns from work. He has Thursday and Friday's off but works a double on Saturday when he's gone all day. There has been no change in this schedule for the exception of vacations and holidays.

The view into all these rooms is through double windows with curtains covering most of the window, but not entirely. The best view of their bathroom is definitely from our kitchen, but our bedroom is also good. Our bedroom has a great view of their den but only a partial view of their bedroom.

The most predictable time to watch Betty masturbate is Saturday when her husband is gone most of the day and night. She will go into any of the rooms on our side but generally starts in the bathroom on the toilet, occasionally lying on the floor, but more frequently on the toilet. It's amazing that when she masturbates, Lotty seems to be where I'm not. If I venture into the kitchen, she will come up with some excuse to go to the bedroom.

The best time to catch Lotty on those Saturday mornings is to just lie in bed and pretend to be sleepy while she 'volunteers' to make the coffee. Then I can sneek down the hallway and watch her masturbate over the kitchen sink. Often I will watch Betty myself for a few minutes until my raging erection cries out for relief.

Betty usually starts out by wiping herself, and then just starts right off rubbing herself or using a little vibrator. I can tell when her orgasm is near because she'll reach up under her jammy tops to squeeze her nipples and rub her breasts. Then her hips buck and she squeezes her thighs around her hand, bends forward and spasms for a while. She always smells her hand afterwards.

Sometimes I'll start foreplay with Lotty at about six-thirty Saturday morning knowing that she will want to try to watch Betty. I just take my time until seven and then pretend I can't wait any longer and climax. She pretends to climax as well, but I know she doesn't because I don't feel her contractions squeezing on my fingers. She'll quickly get up, go to the bathroom and then says she'll make the coffee, just stay in bed and rest.

By now she's really aroused as she kisses me and then hurries off to the kitchen. All I have to do is wait until Lotty leaves, slip over to the window and wait until Betty enters their bathroom. Most always, she has pleasured herself almost every Saturday morning.

Quickly and silently I pad down the hallway and sneak a peek into the kitchen and am usually rewarded with the backside view of Lotty, legs spread, busily rubbing herself through her open robe.

There is the distinct crackling sound of wetness as her fingers do their work. Other times she uses her favorite kitchen utensil, the spatula with the thick, smooth plastic handle shoved up her opening.

Often I'm caught between watching Lotty or Betty and I can sneak back to the bedroom to watch Betty's progress. I'll have a raging erection and have to be very careful not to stimulate myself too much or I'll spew cum where ever I happen to be. It's all such an erotic experience.

Betty uses a varity of objects. A little vibrator is what she uses during the week and gets off in just a few minutes. I've watched her buzz herself off in hardly a minute which really surprised me. She generally opens her robe, pulls down her panties or jammy bottoms, plops down on the toilet and starts right away.

When using the vibrator for a quickie, she places it on her clit (I presume...too far away to see small details) and clamps her thighs together and proceeds to rock forward and backwards a little. When she comes, she suddenly jerks forward and spasms several times. Then, as if nothing happened, she spreads her legs apart, removes her hand and proceeds to pee, usually pushing on her lower abdomen rhythmically (what's that for?).

The objects are variable: flesh dildo, black dildo...actually pretty large (bigger than my tool); toilet plunger handle (it's clear plastic and she inserts at least ten inches!); different sized and shaped bottles/containers (I recognize one as having toothpaste in it...penis-shaped).

With something in her pussy, she has to lean back on the tank, spread her legs and pump away. Again, when she climaxes, her thighs clamp together and she balls up with several spasms.

Lotty is always rivited to the kitchen or bedroom window, rubbing away and enjoying herself. I can tell when she's ready to climax because she spreads her legs and squats a little. There are three to four spasms several seconds apart and then the orgasm. It sends her forward over the sink in hard jerks.

When she thinks I'm out of the house, her grunts are fairly loud until she cums, then there's silence for a good fifteen seconds while she spasms. When she's done, it's always the same...'oh yes, oh yes, oh yes'. She hisses the 's' and is breathing hard.

The spatula is carelessly placed by the sink and she wipes her hands on the sides of her robe or jammies. I think she likes her wetness to stay around, because I rarely have seen her wipe herself.

Lotty gets well lubricated and I've played with her and watched the bedsheets become soaked in just minutes. So the spatula handle is always wet and smells delicious. She washes her robe and jammies weekly, so there's no surprise to see stains on the sides of both during the week. She's oblivious to the fact I know it's from her mastubating and generous wetness.



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