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My Wife And I

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I am interested in what women think of my story and my hope for the future of my 'solo' work.


I have been married for 15 years and my wife and I have two children. Our lives are very busy as we are both college-educated professionals and manage to spend a lot of time with our children. Between sport practices, dance recitals, birthday parties, and life in general there seems to be little time for the two of us. As time has passed we have been growing apart due to all of the distractions. As a result sex all but disappeared from our lives.
With all of this I have begun to masturbate more and more often. Initially I hid the fact that I was 'taking care of myself.' However, after some time I began to become more and more comfortable with the practice and I knew that my wife knew, she just didn't say anything about it. The reason she knew, I realized that by using a pair of her panties to 'catch' my orgasm I was extremely turned on. In addition, I stopped hiding the evidence and just threw the panties in the dirty laundry. For over a year she said nothing, just washed the laundry.
Then one day I read a story on this site (the old site) about a husband and wife that had a healthy masturbation life together. He writes in his story that the two of them had a 'routine' that let the other know that they were going to bed to masturbate. Well according to this story his wife had a friend over and the husband went to bed indicating that he was going to masturbate. Apparently the wife then proceeded to tell the friend what the husband was doing, and then after a few minutes, after the wife knew he was in the middle of things, the two women snuck into the room and watched him masturbate. That was an incredible story and I was inspired.
Since that time I have become more and more daring with my own sessions. There have been a few times where she has walked in on me and I 'go quiet' however, I am mostly uncovered, naked, and erect. She pretends not to notice and slips into bed next to me with her back to me, at that time I continue; quiet but you could tell what was happening. She still pretended that she knew nothing.
The other night I went to bed early, I took out some oil and a pair of her panties, did all of the things one does to get ready for bed. I took off all of my clothes and lay in bed, completely uncovered. I began to stroke myself erect and this time I had a plan, this time I was not going to hide what I was doing?at all! In about ten minutes I could hear my wife downstairs turning everything off and checking the doors. She was coming and I knew that I was about to get caught masturbating. My stomach got that 'chilly' feeling that happens when you are a kid and caught doing something wrong. I continued to work on myself when she entered the room, this time instead of feigning sleep I looked right at her and continued to stroke myself. She looked right at me and asked in surprise, 'what are you doing?' I responded with, 'You know exactly what I am doing.' She paused and saw her panties next to me on the bed and asked why they were there, and I again responded that she knew why. She was not satisfied with that response and wanted a direct answer; while all this was going on I continued to openly stroke myself. I noticed that she was focused on my erect dick. This was an absolute turn-on, however, I was unsure how she was doing with all of this.
At this point she turned to the bathroom and disappeared into the bathroom. I figured that was it, she was disgusted and I was in trouble, no matter, I was going to cum no matter what. Much to my surprise the door quickly opened and there she was naked, (she has a fantastic athletic/gymnast body) and she came right to bed. She instructed me to finish what I was doing and that she wanted to watch! This was more than I had hoped for and I was only too happy to please her! I reached orgasm and she quickly took advantage of my erection and 'hopped' on! We had a great session of lovemaking; one like it was 14 years ago!
That was a few nights ago and I am hoping to repeat the incident as soon as possible. We've had a little fun small talk about it since and I am hoping that this is the beginning of a new routine for us. Maybe I'll even get her to read this site soon, or even share this entry with her. What if she even brought a friend in to watch? That would be amazing! I can only hope!



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