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My Wet Wet Weekend

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Ladies aren't the only ones who like to pee themselves and get horny.


My business trip.

First let me warn you that if you are turned off by peeing on yourself stop reading now.

A little history before I get to my wet weekend. Ever since I was 15 I have enjoyed peeing on myself. It started one day after my dad passed away. My brother was staying at my sisters house out of town and my mother was at one of her evening club meetings. I was home and had one of my frequent naked days that I did when my family was gone. I had to pee really bad so I went into the bathroom and sat on the pot. Why I did this I don't know, but I sat down and put my dick and balls up above my legs and closed my legs tight. Then I started peeing in my lap watching it puddle around my balls and cock. When I couldn't stop it from running over the sides of my legs I opened my legs and let it drain into the toilet. Then I finished like I normally would do sitting down. After that I got in the shower and washed off and jacked off too.

After that I got hooked on doing it before I took a shower, no matter who was home. That progressed shortly after that to sitting in the tub before my shower and just peeing all over myself.

Years later I got to the point where I could hit my face and mouth with regularity.

Now to my business trip.

I have only had two business trips that I have ever gone on alone. This was my first one. I caught a flight from where I live to Spokane Washington and checked into my hotel room. I didn't know at the time that my night would become what it did. When I got to my room I really had to pee badly. Since I was alone and needed to shower before my meeting that evening, I quickly undressed and got into shower. It was a large enclosed one so I decided to lay down and let loose on myself. And I did. I laid flat on the floor of the shower with my legs outside the stall and just drained myself all over my chest and face. I got up and soaped up in the shower and rubbed myself off for the first of four times that night.

After the shower I had about four hours before my meeting. I looked at the phone book to find an adult bookstore near the hotel. I found one and went there and bought a four hour compilation video. I returned to my room after buying the video and a few bottles of water.

I put the video in and liked everything I saw. I had to leave and go to my meeting but couldn't wait to get back to my room. I drank a lot of water and soda at the meeting so I would be able to have some fun back at my hotel. I don't know why it was such a wet weekend but I could not stop wanting to wet on myself. I went to my room and repeated what I had done earlier in the shower.

After that I put the video in and watched another hour of fucking and sucking. I laid back on my bed and slowly stroked myself watching the movie. I heard a couple check into the room next to me. I turned the sound up on my TV so they would know what I was watching. Not too loud but enough that they could hear some of the moans. I took my time stroking and I listened with my ear on the wall. The sounds from my TV must have made them think a couple was fucking in my room because I could hear them having sex. It was too much for me and I shot my load on the floor. I moaned loud enough for them to know I had cum too.

The rest of my night was spent drinking water watching porn and wetting myself. I got so bold that at about midnight I opened my curtains and laid on the floor with the lights on so anyone on the higher floors could see me. I was stroking and had to pee too, so for the first time ever I lifted my legs over my head and aimed for my mouth. I had done this before but just to shoot my load into my mouth. This time I pissed right into face and mouth. I swallowed a little but I had too much so I filled my mouth and spit it in the sink quickly.

Still too horny to sleep, even though it was now about three am I went down to the hotel hot tub. No one was there so I slipped my swim trunks off and enjoyed the freedom of being nude in a public place. I got out of the tub and grabbed one of the towels they had there. I put my swim suit in the towel I brought from my room and wrapped the towel from the hot tub room around my waist. I walked out past the front desk with just the towel around me and got on the elevator. Once the door closed the towel came off and I rode nude to my floor. Not knowing if anyone would be there I was hard and horny thinking that I might get caught when the door opened. No one was there so I walked nude down the hallway about 10 rooms away. I took my time doing this and when I got to my room I rubbed out another one.

Now I tried to sleep but still couldn't do it. I put the video on again and came for the fourth time that evening. I never did get to sleep. But my what a night it was.

I would love to hear other stories from guys who do this.



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