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My Train Ride

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I gave my description in case anyone's curious.


About Kitty:
I'm 5'7', white, long light brown hair, brown eyes, with an athletic build.125 lbs, 23 years old.
Kitty's story:
I was taking a train home from the city late one night, about 2 years ago. I remember I was wearing a small white t-shirt and jeans. The train was nearly empty, and there was no one in my car.
Then a young man walked in, dressed pseudo-trendy, with jeans and a plaid shirt and a silly fisherman's cap. He must have been in his early-mid 20's. He sat a few rows behind me and on the other side of the car.
5 minutes into the ride, he moved up to sit directly across from me. I was only looking out the window, at the passing lights, and I didn't really care - until I noticed -
I saw his reflection perfectly in the window. It seemed like he had an itch on his left inner thigh, which he kept scratching. Or rubbing. Well... It wasn't an 'itch,' was it. He had a hard on pressed between his pants and his leg. And he kept rubbing it. Subtly at first, but more frantically as I watched. And I froze, staring at his reflection. 'I can't turn... What would happen if I did?'
But I didn't, and I watched him continue rubbing his cock through his pants. I was getting excited. And I couldn't believe my eyes when he sank into the seat, unzipped his fly, and took it out. It was big, hard, and red. And he slowly started stroking it.
*Bang* the door between cars slammed shut as the conductor walked through! But my boy was smooth, and he lifted up his right leg to hide his exposed cock. I relaxed for a second and caught my breath, as though the conductor would've been able to sense the cause of my tension. When the coast was clear, it was business as usual.
I kept watching his reflection as he shamelessly stroked himself, right across from me. I felt myself getting wet.. and wetter.. I was loving every second of him playing with himself. I loved watching as he looked at the ceiling in pleasure, pumping faster and faster. I thought I enjoyed it more than he did.
And I almost missed my stop. When the train got there, I seriously considered hanging around, to watch him come and see what he'd do to hide the mess. But instead, I decided to leave. I rustled my bags a little first before I turned my head, to give him fair warning. His right leg quickly went up, and I stood by the door for a minute to wait for the train to stop. I felt like turning to him and saying something so that he knew I could see - But I didn't. No guts.
And as I got out, a dark guy came in and took my place in the exact seat I was in. Now what was he gonna do, I thought, as I walked down the platform.
I got home and my panties were too wet to keep wearing. I threw them in the hamper and went to sleep..



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