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My Time With Emmery

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This happened last Saturday and was really fun!


My name is Josh, I am 13 and so is my friend Emmery. We have been friends since grade six. Emmery has perfect blonde hair and brown eyes. I have a darker blonde hair color and I have blue eyes. My dick is 5 inches and If I had to guess I would say Emmery's was the same.

It was a really hot summer Saturday, Emmery and I we're in my room playing Wii. He suggested that maybe he should sleep over tonight. Later I ran that idea past my parents and they approved. My parents suggested why not sleep in the tent tonight? Well I thought it was a great idea.

I spent half an hour setting up the tent by myself (I'm not very good with tent setup). Emmery came over with some of his stuff and he put it in the tent. Then we went inside and he watched me play my PSP for half an hour.

Then my mom came outside and said that we had to go to sleep. It was only 11:30 Pm, which she thought was late for summer. So I turned out the camping light we had in the tent. Then there was silence. Only for a few minutes, but it was quiet. You could hear the grasshoppers.

I kept thinking about how my air mattress was loosing air. I started to actually notice once my shoulder blades touched the bottom of the tent. Yep, it was leaking. And that's when I broke the silence. I told Emmery that my air mattress was busted. I had a bunch of blankets so I thought I would sleep in those.

It get very cold at night where I live and its burning hot in the day. I was very cold. I was also too tired to go inside.

'Josh, are you awake?' asked Emmery. I thought he was asleep. 'Yeah, I'm awake.' I replied.

'Oh' replied Emmery. He said oh like he was sad that I was awake. I didn't understand why.

Now there's lots of silence. Then I started to hear some very faint moaning noises. I sat up at looked over at Emmery, his sleeping bag was slowly moving.

'I know what you're doing' I told him. He immediately stopped and said. 'Sorry'.

'It's cool I do that too' I replied.

His sleeping bag started moving again. I reached over and pulled it open. Suddenly revealing his tall throbbing cock. Emmery was looking at me. I then grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. Emmery closed his eyes and started moaning. Emmery's skinny body was starting to shake. He released a much louder moan then he came. The cum went all over the place. It went on my shirt, my blankets, his chest and all over my hand.

'Whoa! That was ALOT!' I said.

'I haven't wanked in awhile' replied Emmery.

After that I took my clothes off and he wanked me. My skinny body was shaking just like Emmery's and I was moaning loudly. It felt so amazing. Like nothing else. Then I came. I could feel my balls pushing out the cum and my penis pumping it out. It went on Emmery's face and his chest and mine and all over his hand.

I got out some napkins and we cleaned up. We did this a few more times throughout the night.

Emmery called his mom, and he was allowed to stay over Sunday too!



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