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My Teachers from the High-school Library

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This happed a couple days ago. I had a sexy dream about two teachers of mine in highschool. The orgasm I had when I woke up was like old faithful!


When I was in high school, I worked in the library one year. These two faculty members, Mrs. Mclean, and Mrs. Martin both had offices in the library. I was one of their favorites. When I go back, I still go to their office to visit them. Now Mrs. Mclean is in good shape, Mrs. Martin is in very good shape, she is a runner, very nice legs and just a great body. Both women are in their forties and good looking, but Mrs. Martin is a real hottie! This is a dream I had this afternoon as I napped after my day of scuba diving. I always get horny after swimming.

For some reason I had a dream that I went back to high-school for one more year. As I walked into the library at lunch time I saw my teachers watching a movie and sort of commentating on it. Mrs. Mclean pointed to the screen and said something I couldn't hear in the distance as she walked back into her office. They were both cooking some lunch in the library, so neither of them were paying attention. I walked over and saw there was a movie playing on the little thirteen inch TV/VCR combo. To my surprise it was a porno playing on the TV! Now it wasn't at a sex scene but I recognized both actresses. I was sure that it was a porno. At this time I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Mrs. Mclean. 'Hi Jimmy,' she said as she turned the TV off and removed the tape in a nervous 'thank god I got the tape in time' sort of way. Then Mrs. Martin turned from the oven to see me and said hi, her eyes were huge hahaha. They were cool though, and invited me to eat lunch with them.

I sat in their office and waited for them to get done with the food when I saw a small pink box in the corner. It was the video box!! I picked it up and saw that it really was a porno!!!! I was so surprised. These two beautiful older women were watching a porn with girl girl action!!!! Together!!! I had no idea.

Just then they both walked back in the office and saw me holding the tape. I was going to ask them about it anyway as I knew from seeing the porn stars on the TV and I already knew it was a porn, and our relationship was pretty close so I knew I could confront them about it. However I didn't have to ask them about it now, because they saw me holding it in my hands. Mrs. Mclean said,'well I see you've found our little tape'. 'Yeah, what are you guys doing?' I asked with a chuckle and a huge smile on my face. I thought it was so awesome that they were watching porn together, and I let them know so. I thought maybe they were just trying to get pointers about playing with themselves or whatever. I was surprised to find out that they were watching it to get pointers on how to play with each other!!! I couldn't believe it. They told me that they were tired of their husbands at home never being 'in the mood'. I proceeded to tell them I was in the mood and very young and ready to do whatever they wanted. I was happy to find out that they were looking for a male extra to make three.

Next thing I know, we are up the road from my house all three of us naked in a hot tub! Very nice. I was looking up and down at Mrs. Martin. Mmm...She had supple little breasts who's nipples were very erect. She was very tan and looked really good. All three of us chatted about what we could do to each other when we had some more time together (we didn't have time to play or masturbate each other at this point because they had to get back to work). I asked them what they were doing that night because I was horny and was ready for some action. Neither one of them was free that evening. However, they told me that Mrs. Martin's husband was leaving for a week on business this Thursday. They said they were trying to find a guy to join in with them while they had a sex party at Mrs. Martin's house! I wanted them so bad. They said they didn't want to actually have sex as they were both married. That was fine with me. Mrs. Mclean told me that she had joined internet sex clubs trying to find some people to spice up her life, and that she had actually made plans to meet some people but had chickened out at the last minute. They then told me that they were chatting one day at the office about how they were sexually frustrated. Neither one of them had been involved with a woman before, but they decided to start playing with each other to fulfil their sexual urges. They told me that they had started out just masturbating together, but that they had started masturbating one another now and that they were up to trying 'other stuff' later this week at our little 'get together'. I told them I would show them how we could get off all three of us at the same time. They were really excited, as was I.

We got in my truck so I could take them back to the office. I was so hard by this point and I needed some relief bad. As I was driving I pulled my pants down enough for my cock to bounce out. It stuck straight up in the air it was so hard. I looked at Mrs. Mclean and asked, 'would you give me a hand job now, I can't wait till Thursday'. She said she thought Kristy (Mrs. Martin) would be more than happy to. I turned to the back seat to see Mrs. Martin nodding her head yes. Thank God! I thought to myself.

She licked her hand, and started at the top. With the first stroke my cock was on fire! Oh it felt so good. Slowly she started stroking me from the tip of my head to the base of my shaft. Real slow so I could feel every ridge in her sensuous hand. I looked up and Mrs. Mclean was watching. Her eyes were glued to my cock bouncing back and forth, and I saw her hand moving inside her skirt. She's playing with herself! 'Holy crap!' I thought. My teacher is getting off by watching me get off!!! 'Oh my God that feels so good!' I screamed. By this time I had pulled over. We were right on the side of the road in broad daylight! I had two beautiful older women with me, they were my teachers, and one was stroking my cock while the other watched intently waiting for the explosion we all knew was just around the bend. Mrs. Mclean noticed that I saw her watching and she said, 'You like to watch me play with myself don't you?' I nodded yes as Mrs. Martin kept stroking my wet cock. 'You know what would help me get off?' She said. 'No,' I replied. 'I want you to cum honey. Please cum for me sweetheart.' Oh man, when she started talking real sweet to me like that there was nothing I could do and I shot my wad all over the truck.

'We can try and feel each other this Thursday,' She said after she too came all over the passenger seat in my truck. Mrs. Martin kept stroking until I couldn't take it any more and I had to practically pull her off my cock. She giggled as she knew she was giving me so much pleasure I could hardly take it. It was the best orgasm I had ever had! I was so excited and couldn't wait until I could feel both of their wet pussy's later that week. oh it was so good! It was the best dream I think I may have ever had. Then I woke up. My pants were wet with pre-cum and my cock was so hard it hurt. I spit on my hand and within two strokes I had an explosion of cum all over my stomach! It was nice and warm. I just sat there for a while dreaming that Mrs. Mclean and Mrs. Martin were really there to clean off my cock and stomach. I was so sure it was real that I was planning on actually going to Mrs. Martin's house later that week! I wish!! If this gets posted and you all comment a bunch I might post a fantasy of what that night might have been like!! Comment and you'll hear all about it!



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