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My Teacher Caught Me

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Just one of many times I was discovered masturbating as a young boy


I grew up out in a rural community which was sparsely populated and your nearest neighbor was miles away. Due to this type of community, all of us children attended school in a one room school house which was just down the county road from where I lived. The teacher would actually live in the basement of the school house which was fixed up like an apartment. About every two to three years we would get a new teacher due to the poor salary our community had to offer.

The year I started seventh grade we got a new teacher. She was in her mid twenties, had a great body, curly blond hair down to her shoulders, possibly the most beautiful tits I have ever seen and a very attractive face.

Sometimes one of my classmate's mother would come in and student teach some of the problem students in class. I don't know what it was about this woman, but she made me horny as hell. It didn't help that my hormones would race at the slightest thought of the female form. It didn't matter what she was wearing or how her hair was done, I was as hard a rock as soon as I saw her. She was a woman in her early to mid thirties with smaller breasts but one hell of an ass. She had really long dishwater blonde hair and was also very pretty in the face.

Well one afternoon I was sitting in my desk reading my lesson silently to myself when this woman comes in to student teach some of the other kids in a lower grade than myself. She sat down at a table with two younger kids across the room from me and started going through their lessons with them. I instantly was hard as a rock and so horny I thought I was going to be sick. I suddenly got the bright idea to just play around a little bit and just be sneaky about it. I looked in front of me at my teacher who was sitting at her desk reading a book with her head in her hands. She was looking straight down at her book and was completely occupied. Then I look around my classroom to check on other students. They are all busy doing their work and reading also. 'Great', I'm thinking. This is gonna work. As quietly as I can, I unzip my pants and put my hand right down them. I check around again and everything is the same still, so I grab some foreskin and start pulling it up and down over the head of my cock. As I'm doing this, I'm staring at the student teacher's tit's, face and ass. My heart is racing and I'm hard as hell. As I keep stroking the foreskin up and down, I feel that rush building up in my balls. I'm really starting to feel like I'm going to cum now but am worried that somebody could see me so I start to check everyone out again. I want to have all my attention on this student teacher when I blow my load in my pants. All the students are still busy and don't seem to notice a thing. I look back over at the student teacher again and get busy again. I'm almost there, thinking how I'd love to put my virgin cock her pussy and cum all over. So close now...And then I look over at my teacher through the corner of my eyes who was reading at her desk so intently. She can't tell that I'm looking at her, because she is intently staring at me through the corner of her eyes also. I see her staring at me and don't even slow down. It's too late for me to stop now. As soon as I see her looking at me I forget about the student teacher. I look at my teacher through the corner of my eyes and see her perfect tits hanging in her blue sweater. I can see that her nipples are completely erect. I immediately start to cum, pumping spurt after spurt of thick hot cum into my pants and underwear. I'm looking right at my teacher now and I can tell she knows that I'm cumming. Her blue eyes are fixated on my crotch area as it starts to darken with cum and this made me so damn horny. As much as a turn on as this was I was still embarassed as all hell that I had been spotted and by my teacher no less. I slowly zipped up my pants and acted like nothing happened.

She never said a word about this to me, which was a great relief. After this incident my teacher was the biggest turn on ever. I masturbated while staring at her many, many times that year in various ways and was even spotted by her again.



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