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My Sweet Sexy Babysitter

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Many many years ago when my wife and I, and our two kids, were young, we moved to another state due to my job. After we got settled in one of the first things we did was to look for a good babysitter. Someone suggested a neighbor girl, Karen, who happened to live in the condo just across the street from us. We called to see if she was interested and she said she was, so we invited her over to talk with us and meet our children. We found out that Karen was 18 and had just graduated from high school. She had enrolled in the local community college for the Fall term and was free for the summer. She explained that she would continue to live at home with her parents after school started and would be availble most nights. Karen had a younger brother and had had lots of experience taking care of him. Both my wife and I were happy with her so we told her we would call her soon.

Karen was a very pretty young woman. She had long brown hair and was around five-five with a great body. The following Thursday we called to see if she would be available the following Saturday night. She was and stayed with our two young children for several hours that night. Over the next few months she kept the kids often. She was an extrememly friendly girl with a great, outgoing personality. We had become close enough with her that I kidded her sometimes about being available all the time and not going out on dates. Once I said, 'I would think the boys would be climbing over each other to get a date with you.' Her only comment was, 'That's what they all seem to be, boys.' She was a great baby sitter and the kids were always in bed asleep when my wife and I returned home.

I had a box with a few XXX movies and some similar magazines that I kept hidden in my closet. My wife was not into watching porno movies or looking at that type of magazine but I did occasionally, especially if my wife was working late. One night I thought someone had been in that box because I remembered the magazine that I had looked at last and it was not on top of the stack. But I didn't think too much about it. Later I started wondering about it. The next time my wife and I went out I put this particular movie on top inside the box. I then put the box in the regular place in the closet and put another box on top of it, but I turned the top box so that it was not sitting straight.

That night after we got home I looked and the box on top of the box with the movies was sitting perfectly straight. I knew Karen had moved it. A week or so later when my wife was at work I made some polaroid pictures of myself totally naked sporting a hard dick. Some of them showed me jacking off. I put them on top of the stack inside the box. I made a note of the order they were in.

When we arrived back home that night when I looked at Karen she seemed a little embarrassed and avoided looking at me. I was not able to check the photos until the next day but they for sure had been looked at. They were not in the same order. Later I made some of my wife and I having sex and put them in the box. Finally I could not stand it any longer. I wrote a note to put in the box. I did not put Karen's name on it but this is what I wrote. 'I know you have been looking at my movies, magazines and pictures of my naked body. Please do not be embarrassed when you read this because I have been looking at your lovely young body and wishing I could see you without any clothes on. I am sure you must have the most beautiful body in the world, much better than the women in the magazine. There is nothing I would like more than to see you naked and hold you in my arms and caress your body. If you have an interest in carrying this further all you have to do is take this note out of the box. Be sure and destroy the note. Do not leave it laying around. If the note is gone I will make the next move.

That night when we got home Karen gave me a big smile as she left the house. I was nervous as I could be as I opened the box the next day, the first chance I had. The note was gone because I searched that box from top to bottom.

The following day my wife called and said she had to work late that night. I called Karen and asked if she could baby sit and she said yes. I helped her put the kids to bed and then I took her in my arms and kissed her. She responded to my kisses. I was not going to take a chance on getting completely naked for fear of my wife walking in on us. Plus, I wanted to take it slow. I played with Karen's pussy that night and made her orgasm in her panties. She took my dick out and jacked me off. Other than that all we did was some serious kissing, feeling and touching.

That night was the start of a two year affair I had with Karen. She was even more beautiful naked than I had imagined. She did not shave but kept her pussy hair trimmed. Karen was the most mature girl I have ever known. She said she did not want love at that point in her life. She wanted sex and as she said, 'I love masturbating as much or possibly more than any woman, but I want more, and I want it with a mature man. Younger guys only want to stick it in, cum and then it's over. They don't think or care about the girl they are doing it with. All they are interested in is their pleasure'

Believe me when I tell you, she got what she wanted. Karen loved to masturbate me but her greatest joy was to have me watch her masturbate. She loved to play with her nipples and pinch them and rub her hands over her body until her pussy was soaking wet. She would then insert a dildo in her vagina and rub her clit with her fingers. She would always stick a finger in her own asshole as she masturbated. She never stopped at one orgasm but would have several. She loved putting on a show for me until my dick was so hard it was hurting. She enjoyed watching porno moves more than most men I have known. She loved watching all forms of sex and was eager to learn as much as she could.

After two years with her she left for a senior college in another state. Both my wife and I missed her but I missed her more. I saw her a couple of times after she graduated but we never had a chance to do anything. A few months after she graduated she married a man who was my age. Shortly after that her parents sold their condo and moved out of state. I have not seen Karen since her parents moved. I understand she is happy and has kids of her own now. I still think about her all these years later.



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