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My Special Show

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I suppose I have always been embarrassed by my pussy. I should explain that I'm 27 years old, fairly experienced, blonde, shapely and not shy. But guys, you have no idea how intimidating all of this pornography is out there idealizing perfect women with perfect bodies and ... perfect pussies! What do I mean? Well I have what has been described as 'meaty' pussy lips and a clit that sticks out like the end of a finger when I get excited. In fact, when I get excited my labia puff up to the point that, in spite of waxing myself hairless, I have been asked why I must be wearing such big tampon pads or something under my panties,

I suppose I should get to the 'masturbation' part of the story, but be patient with a little more background. I met Dave at a friends' pool. As we sat around in swim suits, he seemed inordinately interested in my crotch and I didn't need long to figure out why. After that I started wearing my shorts over my bikini bottoms, as he and I had found more to do together over the summer. One day, he asked why and I told him about my self-consciousness. He thought I had lost my mind. Not only did he say that he loved women who 'showed' but that he wanted to see my coochie as soon as possible!! Actually I had been falling for the guy, so that sort of just pushed things along....quite a bit. Sure enough, the sight of my excited dark pink labia and my sharply protruding clit did really turn him on, and me more so in return. I couldn't believe that I had found a guy so enamoured with my 'unique' features!

Shortly after we became intimate, we went to a costume party. I went as a 'schoolgirl,' having put my hair in pigtails, painted on little freckles on my cheeks and having found the shortest plaid skirt and the tightest white blouse that I could find. Of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without little dainty black shoes, white knee socks and ridiculous big white panties. Dave was beside himself! As the evening wore on, he took liberal turns at rubbing my privates through the heavy panties when we thought we were out of sight.

After a while and much later, we ended up at a pub that we both frequent. The locals are friends of his and as the hour grew late, I was the only girl there with Dave, three of his friends and dear old Martin, the bartender.

Conversation turned to (...and why am I not surprised) the female anatomy. To my surprise Dave, brought up the issue of 'meaty' labia and protruding clits. He went on boastfully about what a fan he had become. Pretty soon they started looking at me and Dave said 'Take Stephie here for instance. She has the prettiest thick lips down there and the biggest clit I have ever seen!!'

More laughs and guffaws and before I knew it, I was on the bar, panties off, showing my privates to Martin and Dave's friends just to back him up and not make a liar out of him. (The things women do for their men! - ha!) If that hadn't been bad enough, I had been talked into getting myself worked up with my fingers just to show the full extent of how puffed up my labia grew and how rigid and protruding my clit became. Martin had, with some haste, locked the door to the bar and turned off the outside lights.

Surprisingly it had not been a difficult role to play-that of masturbating 'schoolgirl-slut' on a bar!! I even remember myself brazenly saying something to the effect that if I could show them the size of mine, then they could do the same!! Dave, who had been seriously worked up and felt that I deserved company as a masturbating exhibitionist, had wasted no time in hauling out his cock and jerking it off enthusiastically. The other guys seemed to have little problem following Dave's example, since, as he put it, I had needed a bit of visual stimulation to make his boasting about my qualities become even more true! My clit grew so big and my labia so puffed and wet, it had surprised even me!

As I looked at the guys in front of me, eyes fixed on my busy fingers and exposed breasts, as I sat there on the bar facing them, skirt up and legs akimbo, I realized that my self consciousness had been silly. Here were five guys, some I barely knew, jerking off very stiff cocks to my show. They certainly did not look turned off! So I just got into it. I gave them a real show, with plenty of Oooohs and Unnnggghhs as I came very audibly, while glancing at my white panties sitting on the bar next to me!

Soon there was a symphony of moans and grunts starting with Dave and then the others blowing a number of hearty spurts of cum. Martin had been last, maybe being older or maybe later to start. I put on a special show for him, pulling apart my gaping labia with both hands so they extended like wings and then gingerly touched my ultra sensitive clit like a little penis. That caused me to buck, shake and moan as sharp jolts of electricity shot through me and I came suddenly and loudly once more. As I did, I then heard him cuss and moan. After ropes of cum shot from his cock, he wobbled and then slumped down to a chair to recover. There had been thankful and congratulatory hoots and cheers from 'my' guys. I threw my panties across Martin's bar and went bare for the rest of the evening and even tolerated the odd furtive, confirming feel from my new fans. I have never been self conscious again ... but I keep shows to a more private scale.



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