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My Sister's Sweater

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This happened when I was 15, and my sister was 16. She is really cute and has 34c tits.

I was home alone and feeling really horny, and was trying to find a nice release of my urges. I was looking around for something to use, when I glanced at the family photo on the wall. In the picture my sister was wearing a tight white fuzzy sweater that really showed off her boobs. I decided to go in her closet and look to see if she still had that sweater. I was in luck, there it was hanging in the back of her closet. I grabed the sweater and went back to my room and stripped down. I started rubbing the sweater on my swollen shaft and it was feeling sooo good.

The image of my sister wearing it popped in to my head of how nice her boobs looked in it. I then deceided to try something different. I went back to her room and removed one of her bras from her hamper and went back to my room. I then rolled up my pillows and hooked her bra around them and stuffed the cups with lots of socks.

I pulled the sweater over the pillows and placed my cock between the boobs and started humping away, as I got close I'd slow down and edge because it felt so nice.

I must have been pretty caught up in what I was doing, I never even heard the front door close, because the next thing I heard was my sister asking me 'is this what you do everytime your home alone?' I just laid there wanting to turn invisible. I started to say how sorry I was, and it won't happen again, please don't tell on me!

She asked if I was thinking about her while doing that? I said she was the idea behind it, but I was trying to think about another girl so that I didn't feel like such a pervert. She finally laughed and said that she too had humped things to get off and that it is natural to need a good release. She wanted to know if the fake boobs felt real enough or was it the softness of the sweater that was doing it for me. I said they help put the pressure in the right place, but the sweater really works. She then asked for her stuff back, so I removed all of it and handed it to her. She walked out of my room and looked back and giggled. I was so embarrassed.

A few minutes later she knocked on my door and asked to come in. I looked up to see her wearing the sweater and how tightly it hugged her tits. It was obvious that she was wasn't wearing her bra. She said she felt bad for interupting my private pleasure, but you really should keep your door closed. Then she asked if I had finished, and I said no. Would you like to finish now, and see if these feel better than all your old socks did? I looked at her and said what do you mean. She then laid on my bed and said if you want you can use me as though I was the pillows and socks. Are you sure I asked? Why not she said. I pulled my shorts back off and placed my swollen cock on her sweater between her tits and slowly started to rub back and forth. She pressed her tits tighter against me and I pumped faster. I could feel my balls tighten and my butt start to clench and told her I was about to cum. She pulled the neck of the sweater up to cover her chin just as my cock started to shoot and unloaded all my spunk on her soft sweatered covered tits. It felt so good I nearly fainted.

When I was done I climbed off and thanked her and asked how I could repay her? She just said to please ask before taking any of her things again.

She then left my room. The next day I found the sweater cleaned and laying on my bed with a note saying 'enjoy it, it's your's now, just place it in my hamper when it needs to be cleaned.'



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