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My Sister Taught Me in a Tent

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When my older sister Tali was fifteen, she took me camping for a couple of nights at a little reserve not far from where we live. I was thirteen.

The morning after we had spent our first night in the tent I went to take a walk along the creek while Tali read her book. I was probably gone an hour or two, just wandering and collecting things like feathers and rocks. I was just rounding the bend of the creek closest to our tent when I stopped dead in my tracks.

I could see my sister. She was standing a few feet in front of our tent on the edge of the creek. She had her t-shirt on but no pants at all. She didn't see me because her eyes were all screwed up. Her light brown hair was tied back in a bun but it was all falling out and messy. She had her knees slightly bent, one hand held her t-shirt up above her belly button and her other hand was between her legs, rubbing furiously.

Instinctively, I jumped behind the trunk of a tree, peering out to continue to watch. I knew exactly what she was doing. I had already discovered the pleasures of playing with myself. I often removed my pajama pants in bed at night and rubbed my vagina until I fell asleep. Sometimes I would straddle a pillow or a stuffed animal and slowly rub back and forth.

Watching Tali immediately brought a tingle to my own vagina but I was too fascinated to move. She had more curly brown hair than the fine little curls growing on my crotch. I watched, entranced, the way the plump pink skin of her vagina moved and stretched with every stroke of her fingers. Sometimes she stroked up and down, sometimes in fast little circles. She didn't stop, her hand was moving so fast.

Tali rubbed and rubbed until suddenly she pulled her hand up, stretching her vagina up. It was now a long, dark pink, hairy slit. Tali had opened her eyes and was bent over, watching her vagina. She seemed to be pushing, like she was trying to pee, and lo and behold, I could just see a little drop of liquid spurt out and sort of dribble down her leg. My sister started to rub fast again and after a few seconds she stretched up her slit and more drops spurted. She did this three times before she slowed her fingers down. She wiped her vagina with her whole hand and, bare bottomed, knelt down to rinse her hand in the creek.

I realised I had been holding my breath. I exhaled as I turned to sit, my back against the tree I was hiding behind. Curious, I slipped my hand under the waist strap of my shorts and underpants. My little pussy felt somehow bigger than it ever had before and there was a slippery wetness between my lips I had never felt. With my knees in the air, I pulled my pants down a short way and used my fingers to rub and stroke the lips of my vagina and my little clitoris. The juices from inside my pussy made touching my clitoris even more pleasurable and I brought myself to a quick and slippery climax.

I never told my sister what I had seen but she would have guessed pretty quickly. Tali unzipped the tent the next morning to find me, bare bottomed, standing exactly where she had the day before. I stood with my legs apart, a little bent. I still had my pajama top on, I rubbed my slit up and down really fast.

'Emma!' my sister yelled. 'What are you doing?' But she couldn't tell me off too much, she would have known that I was only doing it because I had seen her doing the same thing. I whipped around, my hand covering my crotch.

'I just want to make that stuff come out.' I mumbled. 'You know, that stuff like pee.' My sister frowned at me for a long time.

'That only happens sometimes.' She said finally. 'It's when you have an orgasm. You know, at the end. You know what that is, right?' I nodded. 'And you have to touch yourself for a really long time before that. Your vagina has to get really, really wet. Have you ever felt your vagina get wet?' I nodded again, remembering the nice feeling the moisture had given me the day before. 'Let me see.' Tali pointed to my crotch. I removed my hand. The fine curly brown hairs were stuck out at all angles and the lips of my vagina were pink from rubbing hard. 'No,' said Tali. 'Your vagina isn't ready.'

Tali gave me one of her books and told me to lie on my sleeping bag with my knees in the air. She gave me the page of the chapter where a girl's boyfriend rubs her vagina.

'Even when you feel your vagina tingle, don't touch it for a while.' Tali advised. 'When you can't stand it anymore, just touch it a little bit. Keep touching it enough to keep it wet. Soaking wet. You have to touch it enough to keep it soaking wet but you can't have an orgasm.' So I lay on my back and read. My bare vagina began to throb. I just touched it a little. The juices that were coming again made me want to keep rubbing but I just rubbed a little bit at a time. My sister lay on her sleeping bag too, reading another book. Every now and then she would rub her fingers over the crotch of her pajama shorts. Caressing.

When I finished the chapter I felt between my legs again. I couldn't believe how much wetness was coming out of me. It was running down between my buttocks and made a little wet spot on my sleeping bag.

'Tali, am I ready?' I asked. Tali sat up to look between my knees.

'Emma, your vagina's really wet.' She told me. 'But wait a little more just to be sure. I don't have another book...'

'It's ok.' I said, 'I'll draw.' I pulled out my sketch pad and pencil and began to draw. My sister put her book down to watch. I started to draw pictures of all the things that turned me on. I drew boys with penises, girls' vaginas and even attempted a couple of pictures of two people having sex. Tali had hitched her pajama pants all the way up so that the seam gave her a wedgie at the front. She continued to rub the little bulges in her shorts. I was sure I could see a tiny wet patch. Watching that wet patch grow between my sister's legs made my vagina throb more than the drawing did. I kept stroking my bare, slippery clitoris even though I felt dangerously close to climaxing.

'Tali,' I said. 'I think I need to do it now.' Tali agreed and straight away slipped her shorts off, revealing her dark pink pussy. It looked like it was swollen, the brown hairs all stuck down and smeared around. It seemed to open by itself, I could see a creamy white wetness coming from between her flaps. I still looked as she crawled out of the tent in front of me. Her pale bottom in the air, the reddish pink plump lips between her legs. There was so much white slippery stuff.

We both stood by the creek, our knees bent. Tali told me to rub and rub until I felt like I needed to pee.

'Keep rubbing,' she said. 'And when you're about to have an orgasm you have to push like you're peeing. Try. We'll just see.' Tali stood with one foot on the bank and one on a rock in the creek. She watched me rub myself and I watched her. She must have liked the way my vagina looked as I stroked it with my knees wide, faster and faster. My fingers slipped over my clitoris around and round, up and down. I could hear the slapping sound of wet pussies being masturbated furiously.

Suddenly Tali screwed her face up. She pulled and stretched her slit up and pushed. Nothing came out but she tried again. This time a little spurt of white came out and dripped into the creek. There were little ripples as it was washed away. I concentrated hard. I thought about how soaking wet my vagina felt. I thought about how much my clitoris liked to be rubbed this way. I could feel something building up inside me so I stretched my pussy up just like my sister and I pushed. Nothing happened. So I rubbed more and more until the feeling came back and I pulled at my slippery, hairy pussy and I pushed. I pushed and pushed. I kept stretching my pussy with one hand and I tickled my clitoris with the other and pushed. Suddenly I felt a warm trickle gush over the finger stroking my clitoris. My whole vagina twitched and another little gush came out. It dribbled along my pussy lips. I kept stroking a little, slower now.

My rubbing slowed to a stop. I looked at my sister. She was squatted over the creek, splashing water over her own vagina as she watched me. I wiped my vagina off with my whole hand and knelt down, bare bottomed to rinse it in the creek.

'I think I might do it again.' I said.



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