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My Sister Showed Me How To Masterbate

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I'm now 26 but this story takes place when I was 13. I remember every detail of this night like it happened last week.


Before the title of my story grosses you out too much, please know that my sister and I were not incestual in any way. The night she taught me how to masturbate was the only time we ever exchanged anything close to a sexual encounter, and even then it all took place in the dark, I never saw her, and we never touched each other.

But that having been said, my sister and I were (and still are) very close, and there was very little growing up that we didn't talk about. I knew when she got her period, the first time she kissed a guy, the first time she had sex, etc. She also heard my stories as well. I think we were closer to each other than most families because we were all we had. We lived out in the country on a small farm, we were very poor, and our parents home schooled us.

Until my mom and dad finally built a new edition when I was seventeen we had only one bathroom in our little house. With two parents and four kids, locking the bathroom door was just never something we could do, so I grew up seeing everyone in my family naked as we got in and out of the shower or sat and did your thing on the pot. I never thought about being embarrassed to see my mom, dad, brothers or sisters naked, or to have them see me. It was just life.

Anyway, when I was only a few weeks past my thirteenth birthday we went on a family vacation. It was a huge deal, and it was the only one my family ever took until I was older and moved out. Being poor, we rented two rooms at a well known Inn chain (kids stay free). My mom and dad got one room, and the rest of us kids got the other. Our room had one king size bed and the four of us (17 sister, 13 me, 10 brother, 6 sister) shared it for a week.

One night when I was almost sleeping I heard some funny noises coming from my older sister who was sleeping next to me, it sounded like rubbing and something like moaning, and the bed was shaking a little. I had no idea what was going on but I was pretty sure it was 'naughty' and that she must have figured I was asleep. I thought about just ignoring it, but she kept doing it so finally I whispered 'What are you DOING?' She stopped and was quiet for a second then she said 'I thought you were sleeping.'

I said I was awake and I wanted to know what she was doing. She said 'yea, like you don't know!' I was like 'What? I have no idea!' Then she said she was giving herself an orgasm. I had heard that word before from other guys but I didn't know what it meant. (My mom didn't teach us sex education at home school.)

So I asked her what an orgasm was. She laughed. Then she said I was old enough I should know by now. So I said 'why don't you teach me.' She asked me if my penis ever got hard and I said yea mostly when I think about naked girls. So she said I should get it hard now and then rub the very end of it. She also said I should pull down my pyjamas under the covers because that's how she did it too. So, I did. I started to rub and it felt REALLY good. I didn't know anything about sex then so I didn't know what it all meant, but I liked it. She told me to keep rubbing, and then she started to rub herself again too. I asked her what she was rubbing because she didn't have a penis, and she said she was just rubbing her vagina.

So pretty soon, when I was rubbing all of a sudden it started to feel REAL good, and then BOOM, stuff started to squirt out all over me and it freaked me out but it felt so wonderful at the same time. My sister said 'Congratulations you just had your first orgasm. Now go to the bathroom and clean up.' I was a little embarrassed because even though she had seen me naked lots of times she had never seen me with an erection, but I didn't care that much, so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I was in there I could hear her moaning kind of loud and when I got back she said that was the best one she ever had.

I did it again the next night and when I was done my sister asked me if it was good. After that we went home and of course I kept doing it in my room at night after my brother was asleep, but my sister and I never talked about it again. In fact, it never came up at all until yesterday when she emailed me and told me about this web site. She said if I wanted I should come here and tell people about how I learned about it, because it's kind of funny.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed telling it!



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