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My Sister in Law

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My wife has a younger sister that has always flirted with me. She is seven years younger than my wife, and lives in the South with her husband. Everytime we get together Liza gets me alone and sexually teases me. I've also heard from my wife that Liza's husband is not well endowed at all, in fact, less than 5' erect. So, on a recent business trip I arranged to stay with Liza, her husband was away on business, so I made plans to do some teasing of my own.

We went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and the conversation of course led to sex. She asked me if I liked my wife to be smooth for me like her husband does, and I told her that it was the other way around. She likes me to be totally shaved. Her eyes got big and she blushed a little.

We got back to the house then I put my plan into action. Knowing that she will walk through the master bath when I'm showering (she always has but in the past I've never let her see anything), I told her I was going to take a quick shower. I left the shower curtain open about a foot, turned on the water, and slowly started stroking my cock. I'm 6'5' and was blessed with 8.75' long, thick cock. With no pubic hair, it seems even larger. I leaned back against the shower wall, poured baby oil all over my cock, and pumped it slowly. It was only a few minutes later that I could see her shadow and when she saw what I was doing I heard her gasp. But she stayed there. I really put on a show, bringing myself to the edge, then stopping. I made sure to have my hand slap hard on my belly as I pumped my cock, so she could tell by increasing slapping sounds that I was close to cumming. I did this for almost half an hour, then finished my shower and of course Liza was nowhere in sight.

I put on a bathrobe and made my way out to the couch where Liza was sitting. She had changed into a white Mexican peasant dress and it was obvious she was naked underneath. She was looking quite flushed as I sat down near her. She started talking about how her husband wasn't real big and she always wondered what it would feel like to have a big cock to play with. I asked her if she had any other guys before she married that were well endowed; she looked at me sadly and said no, I've only been with him. She mentioned that she had toys that were big, but it just wasn't the same. She flat out said that she peeked in on me in the shower to see what my smooth cock looked like and watched me jack myself off. Liza looked deep into my eyes and said she had slipped her hands down into her panties and fingered herself while she watched me play with the biggest cock she had ever seen.

By now, my cock is rock hard and it slips out of my robe. She starts to reach for it, and I have to tell her that there is no way we can do anything to each other. But she says she is so horny and she wants to cum so bad. I suggested that we sit together on the couch and watch each other masturbate and she says yes.. I told her to go get her toys and she can pretend that one of those big cocks is mine.. She runs off and when she comes back, my robe is off and I'm already pumping my cock. She leans back on one end of the couch and I'm leaning on the other end. We're facing each other, and she pulls her top down to let me see her beautiful tits and I'm excited to see nipple clamps pinching her rock hard nipples. I asked Liza if she would give me one of her elastic hair ties, and I wrapped it tight around my cock and balls, forcing the thick veins to bulge out..By now Liza has pulled her dress off and I can see how wet her bare, smooth pussy is. So we relax and just watch each other play, the air is full of sex and the wet sounds of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She slides a long, thick dildo deep inside her, and begins slowly fucking herself. I picked up another large rubber cock, and I slide it in and out of my mouth to get it nice and wet. Then I lean way back and slide it deep into my ass. As soon as she sees what I'm doing, she starts pounding that cock in and out or her pussy, and her fingers are flying over her clit. She screams and cums so hard I thought she passed out. As soon as she recovers, she moves closer to me to watch. I'm getting close, I'm pumping that big cock in and out of my ass and my fist is flying up and down my cock. I start moaning and groaning and then the first thick rope of cum hits my neck, then another hits my chest, and by the time I'm done, I'm soaked in my cum.

We both can't believe what we just did together. I'm exhausted..., ready for bed, but I see that big cock start sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy....Here we go again....



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