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My Sister and I

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The first time with my sister.


I have been reading stories on Solo Touch for a couple of months and wanted to finally share one of my own which lead to some perfect times. It all started when I was 15 years old, I had just gotten in from clothes shopping it was a hot summers day and I wanted to cool off and take a shower. So I ran up to my room saying hi to my parents on the way upstairs threw my bags on to the bed and quickly stripped off and went in to the bathroom. I locked the door and started the shower, looking around I noticed I didn't have any towels and quickly unlocked the door and ran back in to my room getting two. I placed them on the side and got in to the shower and instanly felt better as the cool water ran off my body. I loved the feel of the cooling water running down and off me, that's when I felt a tingle radiating from my pussy and felt my nipples harden, I loved to play in the shower and it looked like I was going to be playing again.

I started to pinch my nipples as it always drives me insane, soon after I ran a hand down my sides and thighs and quickly rubbed my bald mound teasing my lips. I leaned back against the wall and lost myself in the moment rubbing my clit. I moaned and cried out loving the feeling between my thighs. I lightly teased my lips, then saw the door open and before I could do anything I saw my 13 year old sister, standing there, her eyes fixed on me asking what I was doing.

I didn't know what to do or say so I just said I was having some private time and forgot to lock the door hoping she would walk back out. She just giggled and closed the door still standing there. I looked at her and said what do you think your doing missy? she blushed and said was I playing with my clitty, as some girls in her class talked about itlooking at her. I said yes I was, I like to do it in the shower, now if you will excuse me i need to dry myself. Ali said it looked like a lot of fun, I told her it was and in time she will experience it for herself.

As I went to get out I looked at her undressing, shocked I asked her what did she think she was doing. She laughed and said well Char I want to do it, how you do it, please teach me so I can tell my friends about it and we'll experience what they do and you do. Before I could say or do anything else she opened the shower door and walked in and hugged me asking me to show her how I do it and what to do. At first I was unsure, I mean she was only 13 but looking down in to her big green eyes how could I say no to her. I said ok Ali Cat but you can't tell mum or dad and you can't tell your friends about me. She quickly nodded and smiled at me and kissed my cheek thanking me.

I told her to lean agaisnt the other wall and I told her what I was doing step by step and what to do. I first cupped my boobs and slowly stroked and massaged them telling Ali to do the same with her little boobs, as she stroked them I told her to play with the nipples and that stroking and pinching them was a good way to get started. I coudln't help but feel so turned on by how naughty and taboo this was, teaching my sister how to play with her self.

With my heart racing I moved my hands down to my thighs and stroked them and quickly brushed my thumb along my pussy, seeing Ali do this made me go weak in the knees. I told her to just watch me now, and i quickly rubbed my throbbing aching clit hard and fast. In no time at all I was moaning and shaking with her eyes fixed on me while she played with her boobs.

All of a sudden I arched and said I was cumming, with a look of pure innocence she looked at me and smiled as my orgasm took hold. I collapsed to my knees breathing hard and looking to Ali, she asked if I was ok and I told her I was great and that thanks to her I had an orgasm, and I told her to come here and I will make her have one.

Quickly she slipped her hands around me and said that looked so good, I kissed her cheek and said ok Ali Cat, I'm going to rub and stroke you so you know how its meant to feel and with that I cupped her little mound and slowly stroked it seeing Ali's face light up. I told her to relax and that it will all be ok, she smiled and nodded. Quickly I ran my fingers over her little lips, I pulled on her clit hood and pressed a finger to it, she jumped and said it tickled and I told her this is your clit, rub this and you will have an orgasm like i just did.

She nodded and I set about rubbing her giving her little kisses on the cheeks so she knew it was ok. She started to wiggle and moan and said she needed to pee, I told her you don't baby girl, it's just your orgasm approaching. She let out a little whimper and I slowly sped up rubbing her clit in circles. She bucked her hips and threw her head back then forward. I kept on rubbing and she wrapped her arms around me and decided to bite down on my breast while she came. She squirmed and wriggled around breathing slow and hard and looked up to me and smiled she said she felt so amazing, like she could fly all thanks to me.

I kissed her cheek and held her close happy to share this moment. She then kissed my lips and said thank you so much char char, you are amazing. I kissed her cheek and stroked her back, she giggled and suddenly kissed my breast. I asked her what's she doing and said I saw dad doing this to mum and she liked it. I didn't stop her and just turned off the water, reached over for a towel and wrapped us both in it and slowly dried us off. She didn't want to leave my side.

I dried her off and she wanted to help me dry off so I let her while we talked about what happened. I told her we better get out of the bathroom in case mum or dad catch us and we quickly headed off in to my room where we would spend the night exploring some more fun things.

Hope you liked it and enjoyed reading it, loves.



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