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My Sis Was A Great Teacher

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My Sis Was A Great Teacher
Hello...I'm a girl and I just want to say I love your site, it's nice to see so many other women are doing the same thing as me. Anyway, on to my story. Right now I'm 16, but my first masturbation experience was when I was 13.
I had just got home from school and went to my bedroom. I was just sitting putting away my stuff when i heard my sister yelling (She was 15 at the time). I guess she didn't hear me get home or something. Anyway I went into her room to see what was the problem, finding her completely naked lying on her bed breathing heavily. I just stood there, shocked. After a few seconds she opened her eyes seeing me there. At first she was really pissed at me and kicked me out of her soon and slammed the door, but about 10 minutes later she came back out, now wearing some clothes. She said how sorry she was for yelling at me.
I asked her what she was doing, and I think she was surprised that I didn't know, I guess she had been doing it when she was 13. She then started explaining what masturbation was, and was very mature about it. She then started even explaining how, and all the basics and everything. I was pretty grossed out at the time, but curious too.
That night I wasn't sure if I should try or not, but then went for it. I lay there, with my PJs on and started doing what my sis had explained. First I started rubbing my 'private area' through my clothes, and it felt pretty good, but nothing special, so I stopped.
I told my sister that I had tried, and she laughed. She wanted to know if I wanted help starting. Of course I said yes, not knowing what I was getting into. She took me into her room and told me to do what I did last night, so I did. She said good, now put your hand in your pants and do the same. I hesitated, but did so after a bit. Then I started to get wet, and pulled out my hand. She asked what was wrong and I told her I was getting wet down there. All she said was good, so I kept going. Then she told me that if I should put my finger in the hole. I really didn't want to do this, I considered it sick then, so i just rubbed. Then all of a sudden 'it' started feeling really, really good and my whole body started shaking. I started rubbing faster, then I came. I couldn't stop myself and I let out a huge yell of pleasure.
Then I looked to my sis, who was on her bed fingering herself. I was really surprised to see this, but didn't saw anything, i just watched her, seeing her having so much fun.
Ever since that day me and my sis have been close and masturbate together a lot, even though I do it alone now to (i'm sure she does too).
I now masturbate every single chance I get, I mean every. If i'm really horny it seems to take over and I will start feeling myself in semi-public areas. Maybe, just maybe i'll send in one of my other stories, but only if I build up the nerve. (Took me ages to decide to write this!) -Kerry



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