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My Sexy Neighbor

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All names have been changed, of course.


My name is Noreen. I am 50 years old, and still have a sexy shape, I get to the gym four times a week to work out. At my age, it takes some doing to keep the effects of age and gravity from taking a toll. Fortunately, keeping in shape has kept me looking 10 years younger than I actually am. It has also made me very horny. Forget the urban myth about your sex drive ending at 50, I'm hornier now than I was in my twenties. My husband and I had made love every day, sometimes twice a day, before we divorced two years ago. Not in the mood for casual flings and the dangers that can go with them, I masturbate every day, always reaching enjoyable orgasms.

The house next to me was sold about six months ago, and the family that had lived there moved out, and a single lady moved in. Curious as to who my new neighbor was, I stopped by on a 'welcome to the neighborhood' visit. Her name is Alice, and I was delighted to discover that she was almost my age, just four months older. As she was new to the area, I was glad to show her around, and invite her to join the same gym that I go to. Soon, we were going to the gym together, and she has a pretty good shape on herself also. In the locker room, she has no false modesty, she stripped down, and took no notice of being totally nude. As she liked to say, 'I don't have anything that anyone else in the room doesn't have.' I liked her carefree attitude, it meshed with mine. My husband and I had gone to several nudist resorts when we were married, and I loved the free, uninhibited feeling of the sun, wind and rain on my body. I would join her in the buff, and we would stroll to the showers or the steam room totally in the buff, with no problems. I felt sorry for some of the women at the gym who tried to hide their bodies as much as possible when they were in the locker room area. I noticed the admiring looks I got from her, as she took in my shape. I did my own share of checking her out, and I could feel that familiar tingle. I also don't care about anything as silly as gender, when I see someone who turns me on, my pussy responds!

With the images of Alice's body in my mind, I started to masturbate solely to her image, and my orgasms packed some real force when I came, my body writhing in joy!

One night, I went next door to ask her if she would like to join me for a late night glass of wine. The lights were off, but I noticed a dim glow coming from the den. I could make out movement, and I stepped up to the door, ready to knock on the window. What I saw made me freeze.

Alice was lying back on the couch, naked, her legs spread apart. She was watching a racy porn movie, a hot blonde and a hot redhead were doing everything and then some to each other. She had one hand down between her legs, and her other hand was stroking at her breasts, lightly tweaking her stiff, hard nipples. She was making moans and grunts of pleasure as she got closer and closer to cumming! She tensed up, let out a load moaning sound, and then flopped down, spent. I quickly withdrew, not wanting her to know I had been watching.

As soon as I got home, I was on my bed, naked! I couldn't get my hands all over myself fast enough, watching Alice had made me soaking wet! I did the same things to my body that she had done to her body, and all too soon, my orgasm seized me, and made my body shake like a leaf in a storm! I howled with pleasure, it had been a long time since I had cum with such force! I decided that I needed to see what I could develop with my sexy neigbor!

A few days later, we were wtaching TV in her den, when a fairly torrid love scene was on the show we were watching. I made a casual remark about how hot it was, and Alice remarked how it was getting to her, also.

Taking a deep breath, I asked 'Do you masturbate much?'

She looked over at me and raised an eyebrow, but said, 'Yes I do.'

I asked, 'What makes you cum the hardest?', even though I had a pretty good idea what it was.

She stood up, and loaded a tape into her VCR. The screen filled up with the images of the blonde and redhead making wild love to each other. I could feel my panties getting damp, and that familiar ache. I reached down, and ran my hands over my crotch area, feeling the need get stronger.

Alice was watching me, and she said, 'Hell, that's the way I feel too! I was afraid you might be shocked, I'm glad you're not!'

She stood up, and pulled her shorts off, leaving her clad in just a t-shirt and pink lace panties.

Taking her seat, she leaned back and stroked at the outline of her mound.

She sighed, 'That blonde really knows how to work her tongue. God I love to be eaten like that!'

We watched the movie in silence for about a minute.

I said, 'How about if we get completely naked, and masturbate together? I'd love to see you get yourself off'.

Alice smiled as she stood up. Her T shirt and her panties quickly joined her shorts on the floor, as I gazed admiringly at her sexy shape. She gave me the same admiring looks as I stripped down, my shirt, pants and panties forming a pile on the rug.

She took one end of the couch, and I took the other. We spread our legs, fully exposing ourselves to each other, and we both began to stroke ourselves off. Soon, we were ignoring the movie, and keeping our eyes locked on each other. My pussy felt like she was on fire, and it took very little time before I came explosively, my body shaking and writhing. Watching Alice cum, with her howl of orgasm, and her body making the same shaking and writhing as mine, was very enjoyable, and very hot!

That was five months ago, and today, we are both still enjoying our relationship.

The first time we stayed together overnight, it felt like a honeymoon, and we made love like honeymooners! We love to kiss and cuddle and stroke ourselves, and each other, off.



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