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My Secret

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I never masturbated until I was 17 years old. I don't know why; I just never had the need. I had wet dreams from the time I was 13 or so and often got erections but never quite figured out how to masturbate myself.

I burned my leg badly on a motorbike exhaust pipe and was sitting in the bathtub soaking it when I got an erection. I started to play with my penis and rubbing it with soap. The feeling was fantastic and soon I had ejaculated all over myself. From then on, I always masturbated in the bathtub or shower. This caused me some problems as I sometimes would get hard in the shower in school after gym class. It was embarrassing and the other boys called me gay. It got so bad that I often tried to masturbate in the toilet stall right after our gym class so I would be soft in the shower and there would be fewer other boys there.

My first shared sexual experience was with another guy from my high school. I went over to his house after school to work on a project or something. We were in his bedroom and he was showing me some porno magazines he had. He asked me if he could see my penis and we both took our pants off and looked at each other. I was happy to see that I was much larger than he was. He took my penis and started to jerk me off. At first I was not into what he was doing but soon the pleasure was overwhelming and I came. I tried to do the same for him but could not get him to climax. He took some cold cream from a jar and showed me how he masturbated using lube. After we had both cum we cleaned up and went back to our homework like nothing had happened. We did this a few more times and even tried oral sex once. I lost track of him after I graduated High School but I heard he 'came out' after college.

Shortly after that happened; I took some cold cream from my mother's bathroom and began to use it when I masturbated at night. She found it in my bedside table and got very angry. It was not because of the cream but because she knew why I had taken it. Later she began to buy me tubes of lube and leave them in my bathroom along with the toothpaste and razor blades.

When I was in college I had several encounters with men, mostly mutual masturbation. I really enjoyed them but stopped when I got a real full-time girlfriend. I also was very worried about getting AIDS.

The only other time I have had with another man was when an ex-girlfriend and I had a 4-way in a hotel with another couple. After watching each couple have sex. We played a "spin-the-bottle" game to see who had sex with who. I went first and I got the other guy. While the women held him down, I gave him a mind-blowing slow hand-job. He was completely drained and was unable to get hard enough to perform when it was his turn to have sex with my girlfriend.



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