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My School Trip

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This is one of my earlier experiences, pre-dating Lockdown and The Party


At the end of the school year, the Grade 8 would usually take a trip to Ottawa. My year was no different. I knew a lot about sexuality, having had some previous experiences, and I hoped something would happen on this trip, which in fact, did. To start things off, there was a girl in my class, different from the girl of the other stories, whom I had an odd relationship with. Anyway, the first few days of the trip nothing odd happened.

I did in fact get the sexual event that I was hoping for, my friends whom I shared the room with, were pro-nudity people, so we basically just walked around nude during the day in our hotel room, and then at night we would watch porn and jack-off together. Now, here is not where our story ends, in fact it hasn't really started yet.

One day while walking around Ottawa, I fell down some stairs, and I hurt my leg and ankle. It was nothing serious, but I couldn't over exert myself, so that meant I couldn't go to the dance that night. The teachers in charge were in a jam, they couldn't leave me alone, nor could they stay, because all of them were needed to supervise. They finally came to an arrangement. My female friend would keep me company, and the maids would come by every so often to check on us.

So when everyone finished dinner, and the guys got changed into there good clothes for the dance (Here was another jack-off session, but I didn't feel like doing it right then, but needless to say them pumping away gave me a hard-on.), they left, and almost immediately, my friend came in. I was lying in bed to rest my leg, and as she came in, her eyes lingered on my crotch for a split second. I never asked, but I'm sure she might have smelled the hint of smell of cum, and though I did it. We got to talking, and I apologized for falling down the stairs and therefore making her miss the dance. She wasn't mad and we got to talking about everything, school, life, etc. We then decided to watch a movie, and she asked if she could sit next to me in bed, which I took as an odd request, but allowed her too.

The movie was boring, and we resumed talking. The conversation was progressively getting dirtier, until she rather bluntly said that last night while she was masturbating with her friends; her friend squirted something out of her pussy. This shocked me beyond believe, and I asked her who it was. We made a deal, I would tell her all my experiences, and she would tell me hers, plus the name of the girl, if we swore each other to secrecy. For the next 45 minutes, we talked about everything that had happened to use, and by the end I had a raging hard on.

She, again rather bluntly, said that she needed a good masturbation session now, and I in a meek voice asked if we could do it together. She smiled and said okay. She then jumped out of bed and undressed before my very eyes. He boobs weren't exactly big, and she didn't have a lot of pubic hair, but when she asked me if I liked what I saw, in answered yes, stuttering. She then moved back onto bed and pulled down my pants and took off my shirt. While playing with my dick, she asked me why I was hard when she came in, and I told her what the guys had been doing.

For a few minutes, she was fascinated by my dick, and was slowly playing with it. I brought her back to reality by claiming that it wasn't fair she got to be having all the fun. She said oh yeah, and moved into a 69 position. I grabbed her ass with my hands and looked at her pussy before getting started. She had a few strands of blond pubic hair, and her pussy was red, due to how turned on she was. I moved my finger to her pussy and began playing around, and was surprised to find how wet she was. I used my hands to pull her lips apart and look into her hole, but I didn't see very much. My exploration aside, I began to finger her and rub her clit, while she was playing with my dick. We were at this for about 15 minutes, until I got that familiar feeling in my dick. I was about to say that I was about to cum, when she moaned, rather loudly. After that her breathing changed and I instinctively knew to keep focus on her pussy. I started rubbing her clit faster, until I heard her moan so loud, it should probably be considered a scream. Less then three inches from my face was someone experiencing an orgasm. I watched her pussy and ass contract, and then I was interrupted by my own orgasm. I sort of groaned and felt my spunk shoot out of my dick.

We laid there panting for a few seconds, until she got up, turned around, and kissed me deeply. My spunk was still on her face, and I could taste it slightly, and I bet that's what she intended. She got up and said that we should take a shower to clean ourselves up. We were a little dirty in the shower, and I ended up giving her another orgasm, under claims of cleaning her down there. After drying off we went back to bed, and laid there naked, holding each other, occasionally playing with each others parts, until we heard voices outside. I pulled my finger from her pussy, and she and I got dressed in the space of about 10 seconds. In the next few seconds we heard the door open and I flopped onto my bed. My friends came in talking about the dance they just had. One of my friends removed his top and dropped his pants. My friend then stared yelling to him about indecency, and he retorted by saying that there was no big deal because he had boxers on. She sort of muttered 'boys!' under her breath, and stormed off. My friends locked the door, got completely nude, and sat down around the room. To look casual, I did so too. One of my friends grabbed his dick and wondered out loud what she would look like naked.

I could have laughed myself to tears.



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