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My School Days

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MM but with F in there too... you will see


I went to an all boys secondary school in the UK. It was strict as all hell and I hated it with a passion. There were lots of really dumb behaviour there, like when we had to line up to go into school, some ass at the back would shove and we would end up pressed together. This was bad enough in the playground, but in the gym it was a whole lot worse.. until..

We were crowded around the teacher who was explaining some tactical stuff on the whiteboard. Of course someone at the back pushed and I found myself pressed hard against the ass of the boy in front. This time though, it felt different. My dick pressed against his ass cheeks through his shorts (and mine) and I got a semi! For a few delicious moments I was pressed against him and I knew I could enjoy this!

Of course, I had to go to the bathroom and jacked off thinking of pressing against him.

A few weeks later, another boy and I were 'punished' by the teacher and not allowed to do the lesson and go out onto the field. (It suited me. I hated PE and games and the sadistic PE teacher.) So, Philip and I were told to move some dumbells and other stuff from one end of the gym to the other. There was a lot to do and it had to be done before the other boys came back in or we would have an after school detention, so we went for it. We had almost finished when, and this was quite by accident, I handed Philip an armful of stuff and our crotches touched.

We just stood there, holding the stuff with our fronts pressed together. Then Philip turned away and put the stuff where it should go. I stood there in the middle of the gym, dry mouthed and hard cocked. Philip came back to me and just took my hand and led me into the changing rooms and then the showers. In there, he kissed me and slipped his hand down my shorts and grabbed my cock.

This was the first time anyone else had touched me. I did the same and in a second, we both had our shorts at mid thigh, and were jacking each other. Philip came first squirting onto my leg. I followed him a moment later and spurted onto his dick and balls.

We did this a couple times a week until...

One day, right out of the blue we were told our school would be joining with the local girls school up the road. Lots of people left and most hated it...especially the teachers in the girls school who REALLY hated having boys there. One term we were a boys school, the next we were co-ed.

Philip and I were 15 at that time and still had our jacking sessions. We enjoyed doing it in school. Somehow, it was naughtier, badder, whatever. I know we both came a lot stronger than when we masturbated each other in our bedrooms.

So one day we had found ourselves a store room in the what was the girls school buildings. It was a wierd room because it wasnt really a room at all. You walked down a corridor from their gym and then round a corner and then immediately round another. Suddenly it opened out into a space off which were some cubicle kinda things. Hard to describe really. Imagine a square of floor with four doorways but no doors. Through each doorway was a sharp left turn and another small square floor area. Anway, in there we went. Philip and I loved kissing. We would do it until the hard ons we developed became actually painful. Then we would unzip each other and jack off.

We wanted to cum at the same time so our kissing and wanking was interupted with us saying 'You close?' and 'Tell me when'. We were also really good at edging each other and could keep ourselves right at the point for a good while. Suddenly Philip said 'Oh Chris.. I'm gonna....' and we both arched our backs and shot a good sized load into the middle of the room. As we were finishing we both heard a much higher voice say 'Ohhhhh.. Uhhh. Uhh.. Uhhhhhhhhhhh' We hastilly zipped up and stuck our heads out of our little haven to see a girl running away. We had been watched.

Now, it took only a short while to work out who it was and Jenny was to join us.

Perhaps I will tell about that too.



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