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My Public/Private Pleasure

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I still love this site!


This is my second contribution. My first, My Very Liquid Pussy, is what I currently do. This story is what I did during undergrad and a few years after. I majored in Computer Science, a very demanding discipline and I used masturbation to deal with the stress of the curriculum. One day-I'm guessing it was my sophomore year-I observed another girl-blonde, like me-in my philosophy class getting off! It was incredible! I'm no prude, but while I had felt the crotch of my jeans against my clit before, it had never occurred to me to carry it to completion! She sat in the front row (she had balls! LOL!) with one leg crossed over the other, and constantly swinging the upper leg. The leg swinging would grow in intensity until she clamped her legs together with a quiet-or not so quiet!-gasp. I guess she did this a few times each week; I'm surprised the prof never called her down for it, but perhaps he enjoyed her proclivities, too! BTW, I'm lez, and that made me appreciate her activity even more.

I grew incredibly turned on each time I witnessed this, and eventually convinced myself that if she can do it, I can too! I didn't first try it in class, but one day I wore a pair of particularly tight jeans to school and in a free period I settled down on a bench in the main administrative building and began 'studying' with an open book in my lap. Like the other girl, I crossed my legs, right over left, and began swinging. Well, that didn't accomplish a whole lot, so I tried a different approach. I squeezed my upper thighs together rhythmically. Squeeze, release. Squeeze, release. This initiated a swinging motion in my right (upper) leg and to all the world it looked like just that: A girl sitting reading her text and swinging her leg. But the feeling in my crotch grew, and grew, and when it got to the top I held it there, vibrating my thighs quietly, and finally let myself tumble over the edge. When I finally came I had to be mindful of my breathing and stifled a groan. But there I was, cumming on a stone bench in the admin building with dozens of students milling about. I took a minute to recover, smoothed myself out, and smugly walked to my next class with a very mellow afterglow.

I wasn't about to quit after that first incident! I continued to do this almost daily, but rarely more than once per day. One reason was time-it took about an hour each time to build up to orgasm, and doing this multiple times a day would cut into my scholastic activities. But I began to do it with deliberation, planning when and where, and dressing accordingly. Early on I got wise and began to use a panty-liner each time because of my extreme-and delicious-wetness.

After some time of enjoying this, I had yet to do it in class because I didn't think I could cum discretely in the close proximity of other students. But one day I was determined to do it in class. And the class I chose-The Sociology of Deviance!-was just too good to resist. So I got to class, settled in my desk, crossed my legs, and went to work, attempting to listen to the prof and take notes. As I said it takes about an hour to build fully up to an orgasm, so as the end of class approached, I speeded up my thigh squeezing. I was so close. My thigh motions had morphed from squeezing to rapid trembling. Right on the edge. I began cumming just as the bell rang. Thank God the activity of students getting up and leaving covered my motions which had become somewhat erratic. I was cumming! Cumming! It was so good! But one girl passing by me whispered to another, 'She's masturbating!' I was exhilarated. I let everyone else file out, and then I left the classroom.

I felt that I had been a bit too obvious in class, so I didn't try it again in that class or any other. But it was like a game to me to see how many places I could cum in: Fast food places were great; nearly any place on campus with a bench or chair. While in undergrad there were probably two or three dozen places in that college town where I enjoyed My Public/Private Pleasure.

After graduation I got a lucrative job as a software developer, and continued to use masturbation to cope with stress. Fortunately the dress code was casual and jeans were cool. I would dress for work with a panty-liner irrespective of the time of the month. At lunch I would head out to the local mall (lots of benches for weary shoppers to rest on), restaurants, or once even a bowling alley (I don't know why, because I haven't bowled in years.) I would take an hour-more or less-to get off and then go back to work in my mellow afterglow. After three years in that job, I took another computer job with a manufacturer, and that required a bit of travel. I spread my repertoire to other cities, masturbating in different restaurants, airports, etc. While I was working in this job I had a relationship with another girl, who thought my activities were beautifully kinky. So one day we both went out to a fast food restaurant and got ourselves off together!

On more than one occasion I would want another girl to realize what I was up to, and occasionally whispered, 'I'm coming' while looking her in the eye as I reached my wonderful climax. Nothing else ever developed from these times, however. I kept an informal log of these times, and have orgasmed hundreds of times in over one hundred places. There are more than a few Burger Kings and McDonalds which have shinier seats, thanks to me.

I did this for two or three years in undergrad, in my first 'real' job which lasted three years, and then for about four years in the next job. So that's at least nine years of getting off in public! My circumstances have changed... I am now semi-retired, living in the country, and don't get out in public much at all. Plus it is harder to orgasm at my age (but I am still an avid masturbator!) Whenever I see another woman doing this, I still get turned on, and I want to whisper in her ear, 'get one for me, sweety!'

Now I desperately need to take care of My Very Liquid Pussy! Peace and happy jillin' to all!



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