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My Piano Teacher's Son

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When I was younger I went to my piano teacher's house once per week after school. I rode a different bus to her house and my mom picked me up later. She had one boy, Tim, a couple years older than me but still about the same height, that I could tell was a little science geek or something. I got along with him well though since many times my mom was late picking me up and after my hour lesson Tim and I would play together. It was always interesting because they didn't have a TV or video games.

The first 'woody' as I called them, I remember ever getting besides when taking a bath was one day when I was 11 at the beginning of sixth grade. We were learning about puberty and I was anxious to begin but after looking everyday no signs appeared.

Tim was about 12 or 13 he went to a Catholic school. He arrived home from school later than I got to their house and his mom always made him change out of his school uniform right away. The piano was located beside the stairs so you could see up through the railing. Tim came down about halfway one day in just his boxers to ask his mom for some pants from the laundry. Tim was skinny and I could see right up his legs and see his privates hanging down along his right leg. His mom went to get him some pants and he stood there talking to me and I got a good view for several minutes. Tim was the first boy I saw that was bigger there and I couldn't help being curious and getting a good look. I know now he wasn't all that big but it was much bigger than mine. His balls and penis were hanging down almost to the bottom of his boxers and I could see the head of his penis. He is circumcised and I and my brother are not so I never saw this before. Very quickly I felt my little penis getting hard and pushing against my shorts. I just started playing with it over my shorts without really thinking about it. Soon I saw his penis slowly start getting longer and stick straight out, pulsing as it went. He noticed I was looking and just before his mom came in the hall where we were, he pulled up the leg of his boxers and let me get a good look before rearranging himself. He smiled at me as his mom threw the pants to him and he ran upstairs again.

Several months went by and I kept hoping for another show but never got one. One day later that winter my mom made me and my younger brother shower together and when we got got undressed he asked me what was wrong with my balls. I never noticed before but they were much larger and hung down. It was obvious when compared to my little brother. Before I could stop him he called our mom to look. I had to show her but she just told him I was alright and that I was just older and growing perfectly. Every week after that, I decided I would ask Tim to show me his privates if I showed him mine if we had a chance to play alone. The opportunity was there many times but I always chickened out.

One day towards spring we had an early dismissal from school for snow right after lunch. It was one of those heavy, wet snows that came down fast. It was the same day as my piano lesson and without thinking I got on the bus to take my lesson. I arrived and Mrs. Williams was surprised to see me and called my mom at her work. Since I was already there she gave me my lesson and since Tim got out early too we played outside in the snow. Later my mom called Mrs. Williams and said she was having a hard time driving in the snow. They agreed to let me sleep over and I would get picked up the next day. We were pretty excited when I was told about it. I loved playing with Tim because he was older and always active. My other friends just wanted to watch TV, videos, or video games that I quickly found boring but there was no chance of that at Tim's house. Tim was happy because he never had anyone sleep over before. I found that strange to but I figured most kids wouldn't want to but I didn't care.

After dinner we went outside to play again in the snow. Earlier, his mom made us both wear snow suits, even though it was still around 30 degrees, and he gave me an old pair to wear. By the time she called us in we were soaked with sweat, probably wetter inside our suits than out, but Tim's mom was pretty strict and we didn't dare take them off. We must have smelled pretty bad because she made us strip to our underwear, Tim in boxers and me in my briefs, right there at the door and she took our clothes to wash them and ordered us up to take a bath.

I didn't take a bath for years but didn't care. I was hoping right away that I would be able to join Tim in his bath. I wasn't sure what we would do but Tim told me to come in the bathroom with him and he started the water. He took off his boxers right away and was naked in front of me. His penis was maybe 5 inches long, and fat, and his balls hung down just as far. He also had a small amount of pubic hair above his penis. The head was also visible and prominent. It reminded me of a mini flashlight I got for Christmas. I was interested before in comparing mine with his but after seeing how much bigger he was and that he had hair, I changed my mind. We stood facing each other and he started playing with balls while talking about something. I tried not looking down but couldn't help myself. I guess he noticed because he suddenly stopped talking about whatever it was and looked down at himself and told me he wondered how big everything was going to get. He asked me to show him mine and after after he told me he wouldn't make make fun of me I took off my briefs. I already had a woody that stuck straight up to my belly button about 4 inches long. I was a little ashamed of having a foreskin since he didn't (I don't know why, I just didn't want to be different) so I pulled the skin over my head right away and tried to hold it there. I guess Tim never saw a foreskin before because he asked me how I did that. He told me later they didn't have sex ed at his school so he didn't know much. By this time we had circumcision in class so I told Tim I was never circumcised and he probably was. I showed him how I could pull the skin up and down. As he watched I saw he was getting a woody too. His stuck straight out.

By this time we heard his mom coming up the stairs asking if we were in the tub yet. I saw the door wasn't closed and instead of closing it we both got in the tub. There still wasn't much water in and we had to cover with our hands. Mrs. Williams stayed in the bathroom with us for it seemed an eternity, leaning down and checking the water temperature, adjusting it, getting us soap, shampoo, wash cloths and towels and stuff. She was wondering why we didn't get the stuff before we got in the water. I thought it babyish but cool when she got some bubble bath and pored some in. I didn't have that for years but it would cover my privates if she was going to be there the whole time watching us. She finally turned off the water when it was almost to the plug thing and told us to have fun, picked up our underwear and left with it, still leaving the door open. Tim told me she was always like that and he almost never has privacy and wasn't allowed to closed the door because his mom was afraid he might slip and fall. He wasn't even allowed to bathe by himself until he was 11. I thought that was really weird.

By this time our woodies were gone but Tim asked me to show him the thing with my skin again. I had to play with it a little but it came back when it got a little hard again. I saw Tim rubbing his back and forth between his fingers and saw it was hard again. We talked for like two minutes about masturbation in sex ed class. It wasn't much more than us being told it was when a boy or girl played with their genitals to reach climax. We talked about it on the playground a little but I never thought of really trying it myself. I wondered if Tim was doing that and would get 'climaxed' right there in the tub with me and if he would have sperm come out. I was disappointed when he stopped and asked if he could try it, meaning slide my foreskin up and down. I was a little reluctant but he he told me I could feel his if he could feel mine. I was curious enough to want to feel his so I agreed. He went first and soon we were feeling each other at the same time. Tim was real interested in my foreskin and I told him what I knew about circumcision and we found what we thought was his scar from it. He also had fun pulling my woody down and making it slap against by belly. I couldn't do that with his but I had the most fun feeling how big his balls were and feeling his dozen or more hairs.

We must have been feeling each other for 20 or 30 minutes and he started to show me how to rub back and forth and get a good feeling when his mom came up and we had to hide our woodies again. She sat on the toilet seat while she watched and made sure we washed our hair and everything else. She even made us stand up and wash our legs and privates in front of her even though she let me have by back to her. She watched as we dried off and sent us to Tim's room and she told him to get me a shirt to wear to bed. She made us leave the towels and walk through the hall bare. I was glad my woody was gone again. When we got to his room Tim said I should be glad. Usually if he took too long his mom would wash him herself and he was surprised she didn't do that.

He got me a shirt to wear. I tried a pair of his boxers but they were all too big so I was naked underneath. We just played in his room with stuff until his mom told us it was time for bed. Tim begged for more time since we probably wouldn't have school the next day and she let us stay up and extra hour. She asked me if I wanted to sleep with Tim in his bed or downstairs on the couch. Even though he had just a single bed I chose for that instead of sleeping in a room by myself.

She came back later and made us get in bed with me against the wall and Tim was on the outside. I could tell he was embarrassed when she kissed him goodnight. She made him say some prayer and she left telling us not to talk. I guess she was serious because Tim laid there and closed his eyes and I thought he went to sleep. Not long after I saw his mom turn off the hall light and heard her go in to her room and soon she was quiet.

I turned on my side with my back to Tim and was almost asleep when I heard Tim ask if I was asleep yet. I said no and then he asked if I wanted to try doing what we did before. I asked if he meant what we did in the tub, he said yes, and I said sure. When his mom came in the bathroom he was rubbing my woody showing me how he did his so Tim turned on his side, and did what I later learned was called spooning, and he reached over and started rubbing my penis. It was soft but got hard real fast. I could also feel he had a woody and he was rubbing it against my bare butt but it was still in his boxers. After a while he asked me if it felt good. I had to agree. My woody never was feeling that good before. I wanted him to keep doing that but he said it was my turn and we switched places and I was behind him. He took his boxers down and kicked them off and he was totally bare but we were still under the covers. I loved rubbing his back and forth. I could grab it with my fist even though my fingers overlapped some. He started to push his hips back and forth with my hand and that started my woody sliding up and down his butt crack.

I thought it felt better than when he used his fingers. I found out it felt better when he pushed faster so I rubbed faster. He told me that felt better than he ever felt it before and I told him mine felt even better. I think I was almost about to cum, though I didn't know that then, when he said he wanted to switch again and try it the other way. I reluctantly let go and we switched places again. His woody stuck out straight and he kept try to keep it going up and down my butt crack like mine did but as he was rubbing my woody it kept going in between my legs. It felt incredible as his woody went all the way to the other side of my legs and its head was hitting my balls, pushing them against his hand that was rubbing my woody. I could actually feel the outline of his head that was much bigger around the shaft, rubbing my legs. For some reason he pulled back my foreskin all the way and started to just roll the head of my woody between his fingers. It felt awesome and I couldn't help but try to pull away a little and back into Tim. He kept going between that and rubbing up and down with my foreskin and he started to push his woody harder between my legs. We both started breathing hard uncontrollably and going faster. I suddenly felt a gush of feelings and my body went stiff for about what seemed forever but was actually maybe 15 or 20 seconds. Tim pulled me back hard into him and I could tell he felt the same thing. We stopped and I noticed some wet slimy stuff between my legs and on my balls and penis. I told him and we pushed down the covers and examined the cum he made. He said he never did that before and didn't know what it was and I had to tell him. I felt weird telling him stuff like that since he was older and more developed.

I thought he made cum because what he did with his woody between my legs was more like having sex with a girl in her hole. I wanted to try making some so we we switched sides again. I was hard again even before we started and my penis and balls still wet from his cum. It was a few minutes before Tim got hard again but we soon had a rhythm going. We knew more what to do this time but I had a hard time keeping my shorter penis between his legs and it was also naturally going up against my belly. I tried to reach under with my other hand to keep it in place but once we started to get that uncontrollable feeling I didn't care anymore. I found it felt just as good in his butt crack as it did between his legs. We both had another orgasm but again his was wet, though just a little, and mine dry. He got some tissues and we cleaned up and he put them in the toilet when we both peed afterwards.

We woke up to a couple feet of snow on the ground, the biggest that year. My mom never made it to pick me up so I spent another day with Tim. We made an igloo in the snow and we tried pulling down our fronts and rubbing our woodies together to cum but it was probably too cold for it to work. We had to endure another bath time with his mom watching but it didn't bother me so much the second time. This time we waited for his mom to get to bed and we tried other things and had orgasms but the third and fourth time we went back to doing it the way we did it the night before. The next day was Saturday so his mom let us sleep late and we did it one more time before getting out of bed. It was a close call for we almost got caught. His door was open the whole time and his mom came up just a few minutes after we cleaned up and started playing innocently with Legos again in our underwear. I was real disappointed when my mom picked me up later that morning but I started sleeping over at Tim's on a regular basis. His mom never let him sleep at my house because we are protestants and she never trusted what might go on there (LOL). We had a lot of fun and even though I learned to masturbate on my own almost everyday I had my first wet cum with Tim when I was 13. We stopped soon after that because I think we just lost interest with doing that with another boy and even though it was fun and I miss it I don't think we are gay. We both have girlfriends. I don't get piano lessons anymore but Tim and I see each other around and talk on the phone since his mom won't let him have a computer. I still think it is ok for younger boys to do this especially when you can't have girls and still want to do stuff.



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