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My Personal Best

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umm, this is the first experience i've ever put on this site :P


Hello, I have never submitted anything to this website before, but I have been coming to it for about... half a year. I must say that I really like this site, I like to come and read the experiences whenever I get bored, and just look around every once in a while.
I have been masturbating for about 3 years now and one of the things I have always wondered is how many times I can have an orgasm and ejaculate, in a day. I usually leave my masturbating to the bathroom and until recently I pretty much only did it in the shower... but I have discovered that cleaning the white shower is kind of hard so I stopped doing it there. I remember when I had my first strong orgasm I had been masturbating for a few months. I had been stroking my cock for about 30 mins, but I wasn't really getting into it much and all I had done was make my dick very very sensitive, so I stopped for a while and started messing around and spraying my crotch with water getting another erection. This time I started to stroke again except I decided to pull back on my foreskin and reveal all of my head I did this a few times and then had a nice orgasm. I did this 3 times and each time I had a weaker and weaker orgasm and ejaculation, by the third I only dribbled out a little bit of cum.
Well after this I started to try and get more orgasms but could never manage more than 3 ejaculations in one day... Last night I was really quite bored, I couldn't sleep and wasn't particularly 'horny' or aroused but still I was a teensy bit... It was like 2 in the morning this morning when I got really bored and just decided to search some stuff and maybe find something that would help me jack off. Well I found it alright ;). I found a web page that had a lot of free content so I started to look at some pictures and browsing some other stuff by now my cock had gotten hard but I wasn't too horny... I kept at it and soon found a manga type comic that looked awfully funny but had 'adult content' in it so I started reading it, it was actually pretty funny but man did it get me horny, my cock was soon throbbing and it was getting harder for me to read since I was twitching so much so I started to pretty much look at the pictures. My cock kept throbbing and pretty soon I decided I might as well get some pleasure and made sure that everyone in my house was asleep, I felt an awful lot of pre-cum already on my penis, but I did not expect too much I pulled down my shorts and my cock popped out and squirted a bunch of pre-cum I was kinda annoyed by this cause it got all over my underwear but I just cleaned it off and use most of it as lube. By now my whole body was twitching so I quickly got a few kleenexes and started at it, ahhhh it felt so good, it felt like I was having orgasms just while rubbing my cock but oh my god, when I came I came harder than hell! I started coming and so I put the kleenex in front of my cock to catch my cum I cummed and cummed and cummed and twitched like crazy and I couldn't stop!!! I felt myself almost moaning but I knew I shouldn't because then my grandpa would hear me, I kept squirting like crazy for a long time WAY longer than I ever had before the feeling being so good... I finally stopped cumming and I just lay there, my whole body limp for a while... I finally got back to my sense and cleaned everything off. I then went to relax for a while in my bed, I still couldn't sleep but man did I feel good.
At around 4 I started getting bored so I came back to the computer, I looked at another similar manga on the site and had the experience again my cumming was still very hard, I had tons of orgasms again and my whole body went limp then I decided to take a shot at it again right then and there. I started looking at some more of the stuff I had been using and pretty soon my cock was hard again, I only had to stroke it a few times before coming yet again just as hard as before, then before my dick went limp again I stroked my cock again, and to my surprise I shot yet another load, I shot 4 times and had a ton of orgasms all in one night, that was definitely MY PERSONAL BEST!!!
Well, I hope someone enjoys this experience :P I sure did ;)



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