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My Path to Hourgasms

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How I got from a minute a week to an hour an night of orgasm

Holding off for Hourgasms


For most of my life, until a few years ago, I masturbated (or had sex) a couple times a week, giving me maybe a minute total of orgasm each week. Now my body demands about a full hour of near-continuous orgasm every night (or day), hundreds of times more than I started with. How did this happen to me?
I remember once being uncomprehending and amazed by stories of men who would have sex without ejaculation: Chinese warlords who had to service a dozen wives, Tantric devotees who weren't permitted to spurt, old-time proponents of 'coitus reservatus,' and so on. What kind of torture was it to see, touch, and even penetrate a luscious woman but not finish up? Wouldn't you explode from the unfulfilled desire? What would life be like surrounded by beautiful women, but in a state of continual, throbbing arousal, without permission to ever relax? What kind of insane frustration IS that?
My curiousity got the better of me, so I tried masturbating to near-climax, then quitting without ejaculating. Man, that was difficult! And my whole groin hurt for hours. And I was SO horny the next day. I don't know why I ever tried again, but I did. Stop and go, brief almost-orgasms with long periods in between to calm down. Lots of accidental ejaculations, too, after each of which the whole enterprise seemed kind of silly.
And different techniques: the thumb-forefinger ring (which created wonderful feelings without bringing me too near to ejaculation), fast and squeezing hard, slow and gentle. Bit by bit, I got a little better at holding off ejaculation for a few seconds longer, and was able to get a little closer to ejaculation without doing so. The 'point of no return' moved outward, and I could survive a bit more intensity. And the 'zing' feelings I used to feel only when my hand moved over the sweet spot now lasted through more and more of the stroke.
Once I realized that I wasn't going to die or explode from this, enlightenment hit: horniness and desire isn't a condition to be released from, it's the whole point, the goal. I WANTED to be horny and desperate, to enjoy that super-intense, desperate 'zing' in my body. That gave me permission not only to approach the 'edge,' the point of no return, but to stay there as long as I could, to savor and enjoy the urgent, mind-searing tension. No longer stop-and-go, but go-and-go, sometimes slowing down but not stopping. Wallowing in the sensations.
And relaxing. That was hard too, letting my tense muscles go slack (while I continued stroking) and letting the cock-tension wash over my naked body. Concentrating on my whole body too: deep inside my cock, balls, belly, biceps, chest, thighs. The sensations became so intense they crowded out thoughts; even my mental pictures of gorgeous, curvy women disappeared into the urgency of the ever-imminent (but never-to-be) release.
And I realized--by reading up on what orgasms really are--that the real 'orgasm' is a sensation, not a muscle spasm. You can have orgasms without ejaculatory spasms, and I was having them already. This was it! That yummy 'edge' feeling was a real orgasm, and it was lasting for an hour or more. Continuous, whole-body orgasms aren't just for women, or religious mystics. I had them too!
Sure, my mind would wander sometimes, the urgency would fade, sometimes I would go soft. Maybe for ten seconds, maybe for a couple minutes. But the vast majority of the time was in orgasm, not in-between, and each orgasm lasted from five to twenty minutes, giving a total of about an hour's worth on a typical night (my record is two hours).
After a while the orgasms don't last as long, and finally my cock just gets tired (but without the 'spent' feeling from an ejaculation). My whole body glows, though, and in a few hours I'll be recharged. By the next night, I'll be desperate. I haven't been able to skip a night for weeks; I even need to take my lube camping, for surreptitious use in my sleeping bag. My body just insists now; I'm hooked.
Is this normal? NO. Is it yummy? Indeed. Is it getting more intense by the month? Definitely. Who knows where it will end? It's already both the most intense physical pleasure I've ever enjoyed, AND the most focussed, mindful meditation too. So I sure hope it isn't bad for me, because I don't know how I could ever stop.



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