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My Parents Hotel

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I had to work in my parents hotel at weekends and evenings. No choice. But there was this couple.....


They were early twenties I guess and obviously here for a dirty week. I remember though, the way the guy kept looking at me. It was kinda creepy, but also a turn on. I led them up four flights of stairs to their room and I swear he was looking up my dress all the way. Ok, I admit. I hoped he was.

As soon as they got into the room he was at her. I was still there for fucks sake. He just pulled her to him and reached inside her top. I was waiting for my tip. I said "huh. I guess you guys are gonna fuck?" He said "Oh. Yes. Sorry." I thought he was going to tip me, but instead he said "do you want to watch?" Now, I am American, and these two were what I call educated British. Accents that always make me cream myself.

I nodded like some dumbass and sat in a chair.

Well, they did it. The whole nine yards. He fingered her, kissed her, undressed her, and other things, her on top, her facing me etc. I was in such a fucking sweat. About half way through, she said "masturbate, if you like"

Now until then, that was something no one had ever seen me do, but well they were naked and going at it, so I hitched my dress up, slipped my panties off and went for it.

Five! Five fucking enormous cums! But the last one was the best. She scooped my soaked panties off the floor and held them to her partners face. "Here, Smell the horny little cunt" he smelled me, licked the crotch and then said he was gonna cum. She hopped off him, wrapped my panties over his cock and he blew his load into the crotch, then she tossed them back to me.

I put them on!

Well, that week was amazing. Out of the seven nights, four had me watch them either fuck, suck or finger. Usually, my panties were used by one of them, I found out she is bi and liked my cunt as much as he did. Lying on their bed with either his fingers or hers working me while the other watched, making suggestions, giving ideas, was great! I remember that one time, we were all out on their balcony one evening. He was lying on his back I was kneeling beside him with his finger in me and she was sucking him. I also remember that he was an amazingly heavy cummer. I had no standard for comparison, of course, but there was always loads of it. They showed me lots that week.

I rubbed my little flirty sore that week,

Since then though, every week I have hoped we would have another pair of horny guests. I guess we have, but none showed any interest in me. So I make my own fun. I still wear that stupid little maids dress that my folks think looks classy. But underneath, usually nothing or something very skimpy. I'm 18, and left school, working in the hotel full time. I've learned a whole new way of having me some fun.

When I clean a room, I can usually find the woman's er..."traveling companion" and I have me some fun with that. If she is good looking, I may rummage for her used panties. I haven't been with another girl since that couple, but I know I'm bi. Sometimes I will masturbate on a guests bed, and if it is a hunky guy, I will make myself cum on his pillow. More than once, I have left a moist pair of panties in a guests room. (yeah, and found them full of sperm the next day....and with a nice tip too!)

I loved watching that couple, so much better than porn films.....and I've seen many others now owing to little spy holes I've made from the service corridors. Some nights, I stand in the chilly service corridors, my panties half way down and skirt up jilling away watching guests.

I've seen single men with blow up dolls. I've seen single women lower themselves onto the fucking bed knobs for Christ sakes! I've even seen teenage girls my age actually pee their panties on purpose before jilling off. I even saw one teenager jilling away as her parents fucked in the adjoining bedroom. They were noisy too, although noise carries far in the service corridors. The girl was on her covers, legs spread, going at it like fuck and mouthing "ohh daddy. Fuck me daddy...fuck meeeee" as she came! Dirty bitch!

Ok I guess I am a spy...a voyeur or whatever you call them.

The most kinky? Well that prize goes to a 55 year old guy who stayed for a month. He was on his own, and come to think of it, he was English too. So well mannered and well spoken. He would jack himself off after dinner each night. I would watch as he would shower, then stand in the middle of his room stark naked and always with the curtains wide open. Ok...He's old enough to be my dad...granddad even, but they way he jacked off....slow, controlled, he would even tease himself several times before he would cum. You have no fucking idea how close I came to deliberately walking in on him and fucking his brains out. I loved the idea of that old guy on me and in me.

I can't tell you most of this bit, but yes, I have walked in on guests before now. Always by plan and design, always when they are too engrossed to cover up, and always I have an armful of towels as an excuse for a quick tap on the door and me walking in. This time it was a man about 30. He was lying on his bed fully naked and hard with what can only be described as a fucking monster cock. I did my towel thing and stood there staring at it. We didn't say a word. The next thing I was sitting beside him with that cock in my hand, and his hand up my skirt. We fingered, jacked, kissed stripped before the final act.

(After which, I swear to god, I was sore for five fucking days)

Then one night, I did my panty trick. The day had been hot as all hell, and I had sweated and creamed into the pair of pale green cottons I left in his room. He found them as I intended, and then stripped and did his usual thing of opening the curtains. He smelled me and licked my panty crotch....then he put them on! Holy fuck...I should have been repulsed, but instead of jacking, he lay back on his bed, legs open and fingered his crotch like he would do if it was me there. Now this guy knew something I guess. Because he made himself cum by doing what he was doing.

I came so hard I sprayed the fucking floor.

Sorry this is a lot longer than I intended, but looking back I guess I don't do so bad for sex....at least I get a variety. Can't see how I'm, going to get to meet Mr or Miss right though. I need a social life and that is something I just don't have.



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