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My Parents' Friend's Daughter Part 3

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In part 2 I described a day out with my parents, their friends and their friend's daughter who flashed her pussy at me in the back of her parents' car.

Sarah and I were both 14 at the time. She had turned from a rather plain girl to a real stunner with long blond hair, beautiful green eyes, small but well proportioned breasts, a shapely ass and long, well proportioned and wonderfully tanned legs.

She was also one hell of a tease, exposing her naked body by opening her dressing gown whilst standing behind her mother, lifting her skirt and showing her panties on the stairway in a stately home while the rest of the famiily where heading up behind us but round the corner and finally showing me her pubes once more in the back of her parents' car on our way back to the campsite.

I told of these events in more detail in my previous submissions.

When we got back to our chalets, I couldn't wait to get to the bathroom to wank whilst thinking of what I'd seen during the day! I knew that Sarah wanted to see my cock because she had asked twice that day in situations where I dare not oblige her.

I was longing to show her and I spent some of the time in the bathroom wondering how to achieve this for we weren't left alone much. I don't think our parents were suspicious but the way we were all in such close quarters left little opportunity. Nevertheless I would whip it out for her at the first opportunity.

As I came out of the bathroom there was a knock at the door. It was Sarah. She came in an asked if we had any good tapes to listen to. This was long before CDs. She complained that her mother was listening to something dreadful as she cooked.

'I can't bear it anymore.' she said to my mother smiling sweetly. My mother told me to show her my tape box. That wasn't all I planned to show her!

My mother went back to the kitchen and my father anounced that - if we were going to play my music, he'd take himself off for some peace in the bathroom! I wondered if this might be an opportunity. It was risky for my mother could come through but apart from that we were alone!

The tapes were in a box on the floor in the corner of the lounge. We sat together to look through them. Sarah sat crosslegged as the started to pull out each cassette in turn.

I was rewarded with the sight of her white cotton panties pulled tight across her pussy. I could see the little blue flowers more clearly as I laid down only 18 inches away. I also noticed for the first time that there was a thin blue edge to them. I studied the edge carefully, her legs were so smooth there.

Sarah had selected a tape so I had to get up to put it on. When I got back she was sitting with her knees pulled up, her arms were holding her legs just below her knees and her chin was almost touching her knees. Her feet were about 6inches apart and I could once again see her panties bunched by the tops of her thighs but pulled tightly over her pussy. She smiled sweetly and asked quietly if I liked her panties. I whispered that I liked everything I had seen down there.

She relaxed a little and parted her knees. I could now see much more of her panties. I thought I could make out a slight indentation where they covered her crack.

She reached down with one hand and, with her index finger stroked the skin at the edge of her panties. I though she was going to pull them aside and I held my breath in anticipation.

'So.' she said, 'Do you want to look again?' I nodded, still holding mt breath and feeling my cock straining against my underpants. 'Well...' she continued, 'Is your thingy hard?' I nodded again.

'Very!' I said.

'Show me it before I show more.'

I took a sharp breath. I had anticipated this but now the moment had arrived, I was nervous. My mother might walk in any moment then the shit would hit the fan! But I knew that I needed to do something. She had taken several risks already and I owed her much.

I shifted round until my back was towards the hallway. I laid down on my left side, propping my head up with my left hand. I pulled at the front of my track trousers. I then realised that I hadn't thought this through enough. My underpants were far too tight to be able to show more than the first two inches. Nevertheless I need to show what I could.

Sarah keaned forward as the head of my cock came into view. I noticed she was holding her breath too!

'mmm' she said, 'At last! But I want to see all of him.'

'I'll have to take these off then.' I said, pointing to my underpants.

'You will' she replied. She licked her lips and gave me that devilish smile.

I got up and hurried to my room where I whipped off my trousers and pants so quickly that my cock smacked back against my body as the waistband caught it. It felt bigger and harder than ever. I pulled on the track trousers once more and almost ran back to the lounge.

I took up the same positionand lowered my trousers until the waistband was under my balls. Sarah leaned forward and studied it closely.

'It's beautiful.' she said. I was surprised for I'd never thought of a cock as possessing beauty!

Just then I heard the kitchen door open, I hurriedly tugged at my trousers and rolled forwards onto my front. My cock was still sticking out by about two inches. I could feel the roughness of the carpet against it but there was no time to adjust things.

My mother came into the room with two lemonades and some biscuits. She laid them on the floor between us.

'Your music is unusually quiet' she remarked. I explained that we had been talking. I was very aroused by the riskiness if talking to my mother with my cock rubbing the carpet but I hoped she wasn't going to stay long!

She didn't. She accepted my reason for the low volume and hurried back.

I turned back, exposing my cock once more. Sarah looked at it and laughed!

'Was it like that while your Mum was here?' I nodded. 'Close one!' She reached out towards it. 'You have carpet fluff on it!'

Her hand brushed agaist it and I almost came on the spot! Her fingers were warm and gentle. I'd never had a girl touch my cock! She rubbed gently until the blue fibres moved from my cock to her fingers. It felt so good.

'Do you play with it?' I nodded again, afraid to say anything. It felt so good. 'Show me.'

I listened carefully for any noise from the bathroom or kitchen as I grabbed hold of it and started to stroke.

Sarah leaned back, opened her kegs and pulled her panties aside. Her pussy was slightly open. I could see the light whisps of her pubic hair.

She put her hand on it, I expected her to put fingers in it but she rubbed in small circles at the top around what she explained later was her clit.

I felt ready to come and it was only then it occurred to me that I had no tissues and it reminded me where I was. I let go and pulled my trousers back up. This finished me off and I came in what seemed like a big way inside my trousers. I rolled onto my stomach once more. Sarah stopped too and asked what happened. I explained and she asked to see. I rolled onto one side exposing a largge wet patch. She smiled and said 'next time I want to see him spurting, ok?' I said I couldn't see how we could do that. 'We'll find a way' she said.

We did but this submission is too long already. I had expected to finish the story this time but there is one other memorable episode to this holiday.

Does anybody want to hear it?



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