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My Orgasmic Teen Years

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My Orgasmic Teen years
By Orgasmic Tiffany!

I have never had any problems with reaching orgasm. I found out at about the age of 14 that I could great orgasms. In fact I could have a continuous orgasm for about 45 minutes. I dont know why, I have been to a doctor, who said that it had something to do with one of the nerves in my vagina, which seemed to cause my clitoris to take ages to reset itself. But anyway, I enjoy it!
When I was 14, I was a fairly stunning young girl. I had a pretty good figure and blonde hair. I never had a shortage of boys who wanted to go out with me. But I knew that I was a lesbian (I never told anyone though), and a very happy one in fact. It all started when I was 14.
When my parents went out for the day, and left me at home on my own, I knew that I had hours of pleasure to make up. I used to get wet just thinking about it. I knew that my mum had a low- intensity plug-in vibrating dildo in the wardrobe. And my father had some lesbian videos tucked away in his shelves somewhere. I used to get the lesbian videos, lay down on the couch and watch while I gently brushed the vibrator over my pussy. I also used to place a mirror at the couch so I could see my pussy. My pussy would get wetter and wetter and I would slowly brush the vibrator over my pussy, spending a little more time on each stroke than the last. In the mirror, I could see my pussy get darker and wet. As the video got more intense, I would press the vibrator over my pussy more. After about 5 minutes, I would slowly fuck my self with the vibrating dildo. Just fucking it ever so slightly, so my pussy gets really wet, and nearly turns purple. Then I insert the whole thing, and I start cumming. I feels really intense and for some reason as I explained before, continually goes for about 50 mins. I am in ecstasy, just continuous pleasure. I go numb with pleasure from the hips down and I am dripping. I moan in ecstasy and roll my eyes in pleasure. After it finally stops. I rewind the tape, and start again. I do it about 3 times before I stop. I had some fun back then.
Even tody, i still do it, although I dont cum as long. I am now 19.
If anyone wants to e-mail me, its



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