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My New Study Buddy

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This happened at the beginning of the new semester


In the history course I signed up for this semester, the instructor basically said on the first day that the class isn't going to be easy, and that it would be best to find another student to study with. I recognized one of the girls from my floor and started talking to her, and we hit it off pretty easily. She is kind of a hippie-type of girl, almost never seen without an old music shirt, torn up jeans and Birkenstocks. We exchanged our numbers and when the first exam came around, we decided to start early that Saturday.

I had got out of the shower and laid on my bed in my towel, then sent her a text asking what she was up to. She sent one back saying 'playin with myself lol. come on over'. I figured she was joking so I sent one back saying 'haha, ok I'll be over in a minute'. I threw on a shirt and gym shorts and walked down to her place, not even bothering with shoes (the floors are all carpeted so most of us just walk around barefoot), then knocked on her door and she yelled for me to come on in, and sure enough, she was sitting on her couch completely naked using a vibrator. I didn't know what to do besides apologize, and she said it was OK and she was almost done. I sat in the chair across from her and just watched, and about a minute later she lifted up her feet and threw her head back, grunting and moaning. It took a little while before she finally relaxed, then just started chatting with me like nothing had happened. After a couple minutes I asked if she wanted to get dressed, but she told me she always goes naked, especially when she's studying because she's much more relaxed. Our dorm rooms are almost like single-person apartments, so it's the perfect place for it.

After we talked for a little bit we decided to get started, so we went back to the bedroom to lay down and get comfortable. When I laid down she looked at me and asked why I was still dressed. I chuckled and asked if she was serious, and she said yeah, it's a whole lot easier to study when you're comfortable. I thought about it and figured what the hell, stood up and stripped off my clothes and got back on the bed. She smiled then opened her book asking me questions about the lessons. We went back and forth for about a half hour, and the whole time I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I had never been naked around another girl before, much less lounging around with someone I really didn't know that well. I guess she could tell I was getting itchy because she said we should take a break.

We went back out to the couch and turned on the radio. We sat down and started talking, and she mentioned that another good reason to study naked is when you get a little too stressed out, you can just kick back and masturbate, then when you're finished you can go right back to work. I asked her if she masturbated a lot, and she giggled and told me I already knew the answer to that question. Oh yeah...I walked in on her about an hour earlier doing it. She then asked me, and I told her I usually did it once or twice a week. She laughed and said that wasn't nearly enough and that she does it once or twice every day, sometimes more. Masturbating was just a regular thing for her.

By this time I was dripping wet and she knew it, so she said I could go ahead and masturbate there if I wanted to. I wasn't sure, but she said she'd do it with me, so I went ahead. We stretched out laying with our feet by each others' heads, and when I started rubbing myself it felt like electricity. I came almost instantly, but for the first time it wasn't enough. After my orgasm, I just kept on rubbing. Before my second she came again, but when she was done she stopped and just watched. I was really getting into it and my foot ended up resting on her breasts. She started rubbing it and then, out of nowhere, started licking my toes. It caught me off guard, but it felt soooooooo good. I had never felt an all over feeling like that before. This time when I came I leaked all over the couch where I was laying. When we both calmed down, she helped me up and got back to the books, just like that.

We went back to studying, but after what happened, anytime we started feeling horny or just needed to relax, we would lean back and rub our pussies. By the time the afternoon was over, I had cum five times. FIVE! I had never done anything like it before in my life. When I left I felt drunk, and when I got back to my place I fell face first on my bed and fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke back up, I slipped off my shorts and panties and humped my hands to my sixth orgasm of the day. When I was done I felt like a complete slut, but it felt fantastic.

Since that day we have had a few more study sessions at her place and mine, and every time we would strip naked and make a day of it. When we felt horny we would masturbate, simple as that. Masturbate. Just a quick orgasm to relieve our tension, then get back to our studying. But not only that, since this all started I have started masturbating a whole lot more, about once a day on average. I even ordered my own vibrator which takes it all to a whole different level. Speaking of that, I think I need to break out that vibe right about now.



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