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My New Neighbor

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Back when I was 17 this couple moved into the house on the corner of our block. They were in there mid 30s, I figured and the wife had a great body. At 17, it was only natural that I'd notice this.

Over time we all got to know each other. Her name was Meg. One afternoon she came over and asked me if I'd mow there yard since her husband was out of town on business and wouldn't be back for a week and said she'd pay me for the work. I said sure and went right over. I mowed the lawn and trimmed everything. Meg invited me in and offered me some water. We sat and talked for awhile. Meg was a very interesting person to talk to. She then paid me and I started to leave. Meg then asked me if I'd like to return that evening to continue our conversation. I said sure. I went home, cleaned up and had dinner. At around seven I told my mom that I was going up to Meg and John's house awhile.

I knocked on the door and Meg answered it. She invited me in and I sat on the sofa. Meg had changed to a very sheer light house dress and when she walked past the light I could literally see right through it. Her body was very shapely and my young hormones really began to stir. She got us a soft drink and sat down on the sofa with me. We talked and all the while Meg's dress kept going higher and higher. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her beautiful legs.

Next thing I knew Meg started asking questions about me and my experience with girls. As we went on her questions became more and more of a sexual nature. She started with kissing and then went to asking about petting and finally if I'd ever had a girl's hand on my penis and if I'd ever had my hand on a girl's pussy. All the while Meg's dress went higher and higher. By then I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties and I got glimpses of her beautiful hairy pussy! My cock was, of course, hard as a rock. I answered her questions honestly and hadn't had much experiences with girls. I'd kissed some but this was about it. It sure wasn't because I didn't want to do more with them but was just how it was.

Meg kept looking down to my lap and couldn't help but see I was erect. She then looked straight into my eyes and asked if I'd like her to touch it. A very attractive older woman asking this 17-year-old boy if I'd like for her to touch my 'privates'. She didn't even have to ask! I answered her 'if you'd like'. Meg scooted over next to me and placed her hand on my cock. I literally melted into the sofa feeling her hand there. Meg then reached for my buckle and undid it and removed my pants and briefs. There I was exposing my cock to a female for the first time in my life and I was right on the verge of losing it. Meg then pulled off her dress. My mouth fell to the floor! She was absolutely beautiful. She sat next to me again and took my hand, ran it up along her thigh to her pussy and showed me what to do and where to touch. Her pussy felt so good and wet. She then wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly started moving it. This was all it took! I went off shooting cum all over us. I had never had a more powerful orgasm in my life as I had right then and there. Meg said 'my gosh, Bob. You must have really liked that'. I answered her 'I can't believe this is really happening to me'. She answered 'Bob, it is very much real'.

We got up and cleaned ourselves off. We put our clothes back on and I told Meg I better get home. She asked me 'see you tomorrow same time and same place'? I told her I didn't know and 'I'll see'. I'm sure this woman knew older boys and men enough to know there wasn't any question that I'd be thinking about what had happened all day tomorrow and can't wait to get back. If this is what she was thinking she was absolutely right! I didn't think seven pm would ever come. I stayed semi hard all day long that next day. That next day I lasted a little bit longer and I also had my first experience of seeing a woman have an orgasm. It was fantastic! As the days went by Meg wanted me to go to bed with her to have sex but I felt I better not get into this with this very married woman as much as I wanted to get inside that wonderful pussy of hers.

At the end of the week her husband returned and this ended our evening get togethers. I'd still go up and visit and Meg would often give me a wink and I'd often grab my cock in my pants in front of her letting her know how much I miss our fun. She'd look and smile. All this would go on with her husband in the same room.

Meg's husband finally got transferred to another city and they moved. To this day I often think about her and on those occasions when my wife is giving me a hand job I'll close my eyes and think back to Meg. I always seem to cum off a little faster and cum a little harder when I do this, I think. All I know is it sure feels GOOD remembering her!



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