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My New Life

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People view me as tough as old nails, feminist attorney obsessed with rooting out chauvinism and gender inequality, and they are right. However, they would be shocked to know that sexually I have been submissive my whole life. My husband John, who always treated me with respect, admiration, and dignity, outside the bedroom, was a dominant atavistic animal in bed, and I loved it. He dictated when he wanted it, how he wanted it, and I complied. Sex was about his needs not mine, but I found that so erotic, that I usually orgasmed before him. On those cases when I didn't, he didn't really care. If I was having my period, it didn't matter to him. It merely meant we put a towel on the bed, and wet washcloth on the nightstand for me to clean him after. I could read him like a book, and when he was getting aroused, his nostrils would flare, and his eyes glaze. Just that look made me wet, knowing shortly he would direct me to take off my clothes, then tell me to spread my legs for him. He had a constant need, that I satisfied for him. We had sex everyday of our marriage, and many times two or three times a day.

When John got sick, the pancreatic cancer spread rapidly, and he died in three months. My life was so empty, both my social life, and my sex life. I bought a vibrator, and learned to pleasure myself, but it wasn't the same. My response was to throw myself even more into my work, working 15 hour days. My only relaxation was at the end of a mechanical whir before I went to sleep.

A few months later, Susan's lawsuit for sexual harassment was a valid one, but a difficult one. The fact that she was a lesbian didn't matter in the court of law, but the defense did everything to portray her as deviant, and deserving of the reactions she got in the workplace when it became known to her co-workers.

We won, and celebrated that Friday night over a bottle of Shiraz in a quiet, expensive bar. Around 8:00pm we shared a cab since we lived only two blocks apart in Manhattan. Susan gave me hug, pulled me close, and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, as she thanked me for not just winning, but for letting her hold her head high for who she is. When she broke away, she had tears streaming down her face. I pulled her back to me and hugged her deeply, and stroked her head as she started to sob. I put my arm around her waist, and walked her into the lobby and elevator. I escorted her to her apartment door, told her everything was going to be ok, and turned to leave.

She asked me in. We sat on her sofa, sipping more wine, and for the first time in a long time, I felt good, and I leant my head on Susan's shoulder. She stroked my hair, and the tension melted away, as I closed my eyes. Her lips gently touched mine, and retreated. I opened my eyes, and she was almost fearfully looking at me, biting the side of her lip. I moved my head forward and lightly kissed her back. Our tongues met, and swirled so lightly, so tenderly, unlike any kiss I had before.

Susan lightly touched my breast through my silk blouse, and my body tingled. My head swirled. This felt so good, so magical, so different. It was all so slow, so soft, so sensual. I lightly touched Susan's breast, feeling its softness, its fullness in my hand. Susan pulled away from my mouth, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her bra. I gazed at her large, yet firm breasts, soft big pink nipples, and traced my finger around them, causing them to become erect and hard, like two pink erasers.

I started to remove my blouse, and Susan asked me in a whisper, don't do anything you really don't want to do. I kissed her harder, and peeled my blouse off. Susan unclasped my bra, and it fell off my chest, and Susan lightly rubbed my breasts. This was so different than my entire sex life before. This was tender, not rough, slow and tantalizing, not fast and furious. And It felt so unbelievably good. I pulled away, took Susan's hand, and stood up. We walked with our arms around each others waists to Susan's bedroom, my hand sliding gently up and down her silky smooth bare stomach. So different from touching John's hard muscled and hairy torso.

We quietly watched each other slide our skirts and pantyhose down, and I stared at Susan's trim body. Her vulva mounded between her legs, a small vee of strawberry blonde wisps allowed her light pink labia to be seen. Her breasts were wide and full, and hung down slightly, and her large pink nipples pointed slightly upward. We moved together, and embraced, our breasts compressing together, we lightly kissed as I slowly stroked her back.

Susan began to flick her tongue down my neck, and moved her hands down to my ass, and pulled me into her. I cupped her cheeks and pulled her into me as well, and felt her pubic bone grind into my lower stomach. Her hand moved to my stomach, and tickled my navel, then travelled downward, she teased my pubic hair, before very slowly, and very deftly running up my slit to my clit.

Slowly, patiently, and lightly she flicked it, while bending down and taking a nipple into her mouth. I threw my head back and savoured all the feelings. My knees were getting weak when Susan moved onto her bed, and pulled me beside her. I ran my hands across her breasts, and silky stomach. She spread her legs, and I moved my hand down, and found her clit under the pink head. She was warm and wet, and I explored her labia, her clit, and dipped my middle finger into her.

Her hips rose to meet my intrusion, and she sighed. I suckled her nipple, savouring the hardness of it against the softness of her breast. We continued alternating pleasuring to each other, my body adoring this gentleness compared to the forcefulness it had only enjoyed before. I was making love for the first time in my life, and I didn't want the pleasure to stop.

It seemed like hours, but was really only 45 minutes, when I felt the tingle begin to rise. Susan's fingernail was lightly scraping my clit, and her thumb was embedded in me. I gasped that I was cumming, and she for the first time, pummeled my pussy, rubbing quickly and finger fucking me with her thumb.

As I exploded, I clamped onto her thumb, with spasms, and my entire body shook in enjoyment. As I subsided, Susan tenderly kissed me and rubbed my breasts lightly, and I glowed. I turned my attention to her, repeated everything she did, and watched as she exploded. We fell asleep, as relaxed as I could ever remember.

I awoke to the smell of coffee, and saw a terry robe at the foot of my bed. I slipped it on, and saw Susan sipping her cup, leaning against the counter, the sun shining on her through the window. She looked at me warily. I smiled, she smiled back. I poured my cup, and reached over and squeezed her hand.

I moved into Susan's apartment on that Sunday. Last month, we became engaged, and in September, we will be married.



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