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My New Found Sexuality

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My husband's brother needed a place to stay for a few weeks because he and his girlfriend broke up. We had an extra room, so it was no big deal, as long as it remains short term. Let me pre-empt this by saying I have no sexual interest in him, and this story doesn't even involve him. It was his computer.

On about the third day he was with us I was home alone all day while they were working. I was doing some house cleaning and cleaned up in his room a little bit; intending to not invade his privacy. I was only in his room for like a couple of minutes, picking up trash and soda cans, when I noticed a laptop on the floor near his bed. I really didn't even pay attention to it. But my mind does its own thing, and lead me to the thought that he was looking at internet porn and pleasuring himself in bed (yuck!).

Well, the curiosity was too strong, so I went in his room and turned on the laptop. I opened the web browser and checked his history. Sure enough: there was TONS of porn showing. I scrolled through checking the website names; making sure he wasn't into child porn or something.

As it turned out, I clicked a random link and it opened a page. I wasn't horny at all; just curious. I felt yucky being in his room looking at 'his porn', but I was very curious what he was checking out.

What I saw on that page has changed my day-to-day life since I saw it ten days ago. I clicked the movie and it was a petite girl, probably in her early twenties. She had a bit too much makeup on, and she was wearing a tight shirt that was almost completely see through, with obviously no bra, and a piercing in each of her nipples. She had short-ish length blonde hair tied in two tiny pigtails, and she was wearing a very short denim skirt, and a black choker type necklace with the words 'cum slut' printed on it. I laughed aloud; as if any girl would actually dress like that.

I was just about to close the video when she turned and sat on a couch behind her, spreading her legs toward the camera and showing her flawlessly tan, and hair free vagina. (Now look, I'm not gay, bi, or even curious, but seeing this girl's pussy, so perfectly tan and bald, definitely sparked an interest). My mind was innocently wondering if she 'shaves, waxes, or lasers her pubic hair... how is it so perfectly hairless?'. Meanwhile on the video this girl was fingering herself (very deep, I thought) as the camera was zooming in. She had two fingers from each hand inside her vagina, and she was holding it open (for a better view for the audience, presumably). At this point I clicked to turn it off, but 'missed' with the mouse. In the next moment, I saw this girl remove two of her fingers and show them to the camera, with her wetness stringing between her fingers. All I felt was honest curiosity, until the next part. Immediately after she showed her wet fingers to the camera, she put them into her mouth and sucked on them. It wasn't that act that hit me. It was her unabashed lust; she closed her eyes and eagerly sucked on her fingers. This girl definitely enjoyed what she was doing. Fair enough; now I was turned on.

She sucked on her fingers while she was energetically fingering herself with her other two fingers, and then, much to my surprise; she switched hands- taking the fingers out of her mouth and putting them inside herself as she took the two fingers out of her vagina and put them directly in her mouth. Again, with the lust: it was so real. So unbelievably real. I previously always thought porn stars were fake and silly. This girl must have switched hands back and forth about ten times in the next minute; fingering then tasting herself over and over- never losing her enthusiasm. At this point in the story I was definitely feeling the warmth between my legs, and I was curious what was going to happen next; I could see that the video was going to be five minutes long, and only 1.5 minutes was over so far.

Well, she didn't disappoint. After the last time she tasted her wet fingers, she put the four fingers back inside her vagina again and this time, when she took them out- all four at once- she wiped her wetness on her cheeks, chin, and mouth while keeping her eyes locked on the camera. I was fucking mesmerized. My mouth was slightly open and my panties were definitely getting a little moist. She continued to repeatedly moisten her fingers and paint her own face with her wetness for the next few seconds. She wiped it on her forehead, her nose, lips, cheeks, neck. I was stunned. Speechless.

The video was less than halfway over and I was just beginning to wonder what would happen next. Yet again; no disappointment. Two men walked up to her; dicks half limp/erect. They were muscular but lean, very tan, completely hairless, and they were 'well-equipped' to put it nicely. The girl quickly reached out and grabbed each man's penis with each hand. She pulled them close to her and then she began rubbing them on her face. I was in another world watching her rub two penises on her face. I felt my nipples erect and my pussy was immediately very wet, and I briefly moaned in pleasure.

I paused the video and took the laptop and its power cord to the living room (it felt yucky getting all horny and wet in his room). This way I would be better able to know when someone drives in.

So I turned on the video again, and this girl was in ecstasy rubbing these two half erect penises on her face. She enjoyed what she was doing. She was switching back and forth from one guy to the other and it was making me HOT. I had never before in my life even thought of jacking two dicks at once. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I couldn't believe how horny I was; my crotch was soaked with wetness. The video flashed forward and suddenly showed both guys feverishly stroking their dicks pointing them at her face. She had her eyes open and she was literally smiling with satisfaction. I could see that she was fingering herself with one hand again. One guy started ejaculating about two seconds before the other guy did the same. They shot semen all over her face, in her mouth, her hair, on her shirt; it was amazing- I've never seen that much cum in my life, and she was enjoying every bit of it. This girl was amazing. I thought the video was over at this point, but she began playing with all the cum, picking it up and looking at it, squishing it up between her teeth, wiping it all around her face. This girl was a MESS, covered in all that cum. I was feeling almost high with eroticism, and I wanted to be that girl, covered in cum from two hot men, playing with all that semen for the camera.

Just as she 'finished' playing with all the cum, and then got it all in her mouth and dramatically swallowed it, someone off camera said something inaudible. She looked down at a few small puddles of cum on the floor and immediately started licking up the cum from the floor! I had never in my life seen, heard of, or imagined such a nasty girl; and the truth is, if I hadn't just seen it myself; I wouldn't have believed a girl like this existed.

Aside from some fervent masturbation that afternoon; this girl changed me. She inspired me to be more sexual. I'll never actually give head to two guys at once, but I haven't stopped fantasizing about it for over a week now! And my husband sure has enjoyed the new me. He loves my hairlessness 'down there', and my all-over tan. I can't stop fingering and tasting myself (he positively LOVES that). And I don't think I've masturbated less than three times any day since that day. I haven't told him what inspired me, but he seems quite pleased to see me playing with his cum these days!



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