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My Nephew's Wife 5

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Last time I visited my nephew, they were moving and stayed in this motel for a few days before their house was ready. The front room had a bed on the right and the kitchen to the left with a dining area and a bedroom to the right behind the wall where the bed was. My nephew's wife put a mirror above the tv by the bathroom which was behind the kitchen and put a few chairs in front of the bed.

We played cards for a few hours and his wife got bored and decided to watch tv. She went and sat on a chair in front of the bed and turned the tv on. My nephew and I kept playing cards on the table. He was facing the wall and I was to his left with a view of the whole area, including his wife on the chair. I got turned on and swung my right leg out to the right and with my left hand pulled my cock out of my shorts. My nephew's wife glanced over for a split second and thats all it took. As we talked for awhile I kept stroking my cock for his wife. She'd glance at my cock from time to time as I looked at and talked to my nephew. This went on for fifteen minutes or more. His wife had on these short white shorts on and kept her left leg crossed. I was hoping I was on my knees next to her feeling and kissing her legs. After a few minutes my nephew said he had to finish some paper work for his job and I said I was going to bed. I said goodnight and walked towards the bedroom. His wife smiled and said goodnight.

As I walked to my room I looked back and saw his wife sitting on the chair in the mirror watching the tv which was to the right of the mirror and it looked like she watching me and the tv at the same time. When I entered my room I took my clothes off except my black t-shirt and started masturbating thinking of my nephew's wife's legs. I leaned out the door and could see my nephew's wife in the mirror watching tv and also it looked like she was looking down the hallway at me. My heart was racing and my cock was hard so I stepped into the hallway masturbating. It felt great standing there with my legs exposed and my hand on my cock stroking it. I could see my nephew's wife clearly in the mirror watching me and the tv at the same time. With the light of the tv on me, and my motion stroking my cock, I was happy. At times she shifted her eyes so that I knew she was looking at my cock. She'd bring her left ankle up to her knee exposing more of her legs for me and at times she'd feel the underside of her legs for me. She kept looking on and I kept stroking for twenty minutes at least. She then stood up and told my nephew that she was going to bed and walked towards the bathroom. The bathroom was to the right of the tv. Not more that fifteen feet from me she walked up to the bathroom door and turned the light on. The light was above the bathroom miirror which was infront of the batroom door. The light lit me up and she stood infront of the mirror with the door opened watching me in the mirror. I stood there watching her eyes looking at my eyes and then my cock.She quickly dropped her shorts and pulled off her top and stood there in her panties only allowing me to see her beautiful breasts and body for a few seconds before she closed the door.

I went into my room and wrapped a sock around my cock to cum in. I slept good that night.

Next morning I heard my nephew get up and get ready for work. Before he left he came in and said goodbye. I heard him open and close the front door and start his car. I got excited knowing his wife was in the next room. I got up, still only wearing my t-shirt and peeked out my door at the mirror. My nephew's wife slept sleeping on her chest near the hallway side of the bed. When I heard my nephew put the car in gear and pull away his wife's left leg eased out of the covers and I could see a little of her face. My cock got hard and I started masturbating at her in the hallway. After a few minutes she turned over on her back, and that startled me a little. She kept her eyes shut and then to my surprise she slipped her right leg out from under the covers and raised her right knee up. I wanted to go to her on my hands and knees to feel and kiss her legs and taste her sweetness. After five minutes of jacking off I pulled off my t-shirt and held it between my knees and hands and came on it watching her. I then went in the room and got dressed and packed my bag and walked into the front room. My nephew's wife then moaned and said good morning. I said the same and said I was about to leave. She said come here and put her arms around me and said she enjoyed my visit and loved seeing me. I kissed her on the cheek and told her 'love you'. She said 'love you too' and I left.

I love everything about that woman and every square inch of her body.



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