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My Neighbor Caught Me

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My Neighbor Caught Me
 Well I was 15 and horny as hell, there was this chick up by my house that I worked for every now and then. So sometimes she would come over and bring me lunch. (once or twice a week) She was hot, young, perfect tits, tanned and smooth legs. Her boyfriend had to be the luckiest person to have her. Well it was a hot day in August and I was working for her and of course she was wearing shorts and I mean short ones. Well I got aroused and thought about masturbating right there while she was doing something in her room, me being smart for once, I decide to wait till I am done working. So I was raking behind her bedroom window and I saw her, so I got curious and looked in. She had the blinds tilted so I could see in perfectly and it would be difficult for her to see me, so I watched. She began to undress and my dick was rock hard, she took off her top and revealed a nice lace bra, then she slid her shorts off and I saw her lace panties. I reached into my pants an rubbed slowly on my hard cock after about 2 minutes of watching her walk around the room I came so much my hand and pants were wet the rest of the day. I saw her get dressed and walk out of her room and to the front door, I quickly zipped up and continued to rake the yard still hard as a rock.
"That's enough for today Jon"
"Oh........Ok" I said trembling at the thought that I was caught. "Come on in and get your money"
Then I went home and visualized it over and over in my head until I had to masturbate. So I got out my anal dildo and put a condom on it and stuck it as far as I could. Then I stroked my lubed cock for about 10 minutes and came all over the place. I pulled the anal dildo out and threw away the condom and put it in my hiding spot.
She wasn't home the next day and her boyfriend was on a business trip for 2 and a half weeks, so the next day I wrapped my really small camera in a plastic bag and hid it out in the trees. The day after I planted the camera I went over there to work, she had me rake leaves. But as soon as she went into the house I ran into the trees and got out the video camera and brought it to her window. I knew she was going to change her clothes because she always calls me after she runs, this time she put the light on. I started to record, oh was it sweet, she acted like she knew I was there taping, kinda like a stripper. She slowly lifted her shirt over her head revealing the lace bra, then she slowly caressed her side all the way down to her shorts, she pulled them off fast this time and there were her panties again, and once again I had the urge to jack off right there. But I wanted to record, she caressed her body back up to her bra and opened it up to show the world, I just about came in my pants, she rubbed them gently and moved down to her panties and slid them off, then I had the most overwhelming feeling in my pants. Even though it looked like she was getting ready to get dressed she slid her hand down between her legs and moved and wiggled her fingers in and out, then 5 minutes later she came and was moaning really loud. She walked into the bathroom and took a shower, so while she was in the shower I masturbated right there by her window, since I was so horny it didn't take too long to come. I heard the water stop and I got the camera recording again as she entered her room she rubbed her pussy again and stopped and got dressed. So I ran my ass off into the trees and hid the camera, and she called to me to come to the door. So I went over there and she told me to come over tomorrow. I went home with the video tape and put it in my VCR and watched the masturbating part over and over. And in a half an hour I must have had 5 orgasms. Man it was great. Since it was only about 11:00 I decided to masturbate again, I went into my parents room and turned the music up, I lubed my dick up and began to stroke and stroke as fast as I could and then I slowed down and did about a stroke a second.
Since the music was on I didn't here the door open. I guess she heard the music and entered my parents room with a bagged lunch in her hand. I had my eyes closed visualizing her nude and went on for a while like that till she turned the volume down on the stereo and I went into shock and instantly covered up, she came over and sat next to me on the bed and talked to me about it. She told me that she enjoyed watching me jack off and uncovered me revealing my pounding hard dick, I was embarrassed at first but she took off her clothes and began to masturbate and pointed for me to do the same, I did and had a good time watching her, she stopped so I stopped, she moved closer to me and put her lips over my cock and I could feel the back of her throat.
I was in shock that she did that, but much happier that she took over, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Still wanting more I asked her if I could eat her out, she spread her legs and I rapidly licked her pussy until she came. We moved out to the living room and talked and both got horny again, she asked me if I wanted to fuck, I didn't say anything at first but reconsidered, I slid my rock hard dick into her pussy and went in and out at a steady pace, we both began to moan with the pace and after about 20 minutes I pulled out and shot the biggest load of my life onto her stomach and tits, I cleaned my dick off and continued to fuck her until she came. She left about a half-hour later. And We've have sex on many occasions.



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