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My Neighbor And Me

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I've never considered myself to be attracted to the same sex ... I've been married to the same man for 9 years and I haven't ever thought about women in a sexual way. Then one day I was watching the new neighbors move in and the woman who looked about my same age (31) was amazing. She had the most amazing breasts I've ever seen. I watched as she and her husband moved stuff in the house. I watched those amazing breats jiggle because she didn't have on a bra. I didn't even see the man, just the woman. As I watched her bend over to pick up a box of something, I noticed she had a nice ass and the next thing I know, I'm wet and my pussy is actually throbbing. I had to touch myself just to ease the throb. I think it took 3 minutes to get off just by watching her. The next morning I watched her husband drive away so I thought I would be neighborly and introduce myself. I figured that I was just having a horny moment the day before and it had nothing to do with her. I was wrong. As soon as she opened the door, my eyes were glued to her tits. She had a tank top on and her tits were big but firm. She didn't have a bra on that day either. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Allie. She asked if I wanted coffee. We sat in the kitchen talking but my eyes kept moving to her tits. Finally she asked me if I wanted to touch them. I was so stunned I was sure I heard wrong. 'Excuse me?' I said. 'Do you want to touch my tits?' I got really flustered. 'I know that you've been looking at them and I don't mind you touching them. I can tell they're distracting you. ' I was still so stunned but I nodded because I really did want to touch them. She led me into her living room and she took her tank top off. I gasped. They were huge and the brown of her nipple was so inviting. I reached out and touched one. It was hard. I just played with it for a few seconds and I don't know where I got my nerve, but I asked her if I could suck it. She said yes and moved my head to her. I sucked on it as hard as I could. I've never felt so aroused in my life. I was so wet that my panties couldn't hold it all. I had the wetness running down my leg. She noticed and asked me if I would masturbate for her. I told her I would. I laid down on the couch and she sat at the end of my feet watching me as I moved my fingers in and out of my pussy. I was so aroused that I had to slow down so I wouldn't cum so fast. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I came so hard I almost fainted. She said, Now its my turn. I watched as she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy. She would lick each finger as she took it out. I got wet again just watching her. She asked me if she could masturbate me at the same time she did her. I just nodded. She put her finger on my clit and she put her other finger on hers and around and around her fingers went. I finally cried out from the orgasm she caused. I'd never felt like that. I was just finishing my long orgasm when she let out a scream and fell on top of me. She must have had a hard orgasm because she shook for about a minute or two. Finally we got up and dressed and I left. We've never done that again but sometimes, when she's out watering her lawn, or planting flowers I watch her and masturbate at my window.



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