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My Mum

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It happened purely by chance...but it had a powerful effect


After dad left home, mum went into hyperdrive 'I-can-cope' single parent mode and, frankly, was something of a bitch. Nothing was ever quite right for her, and me and my sister were, by the time we got to 13 little more than house servants in some ways. Oh, we didn't mind doing our share of the housework, but mum expected the place to be ready to recieve a visit from Royalty 24/7. I guess there was some teenage rebellion in there too.

Anyway, one afternoon, when I was 15, I happened to walk past the utility room where mum was dealing with the laundry. There were the usual assortment of bras, panties tops and stuff that you would expect in an all girl house. As I passed the door, mum picked up the pair of panties that I had been wearing the previous day, moved them around in her hand and then put them to her face and smelled the crotch! And it wasn't just a quick smell either! She breathed in a couple of times, and really REALLY deeply. I saw her lick the crotch too!

I scuttled back to my room as confused as all hell. Lying on my bed, I thought about it hard. Did my mum fancy me? Oh hell! Then, after I calmed down a bit I figured that she maybe wanted to make sure I wasn't fucking. I knew by then that sperm had its own distinct smell..(ok, AND taste!), and maybe mum was checking to see I hadn't started to fuck. Then again, what was with the licking? Then I realised that since dad had left, mum had been totally on her own. No boyfriend, (no girlfriend) and here we were, my sister and I rapidly developing into sexual human beings right under her nose LITERALLY!

So, before I knew it, a really dirty scenario popped into my head, and I couldn't resist slipping my hand into my panties. I imagined mum actually getting turned on by my scent. I must admit, the day before had been one of those heavy discharge days that you get around mid cycle, you know? So I lay there, jilling off and thinking of mum masturbating next door. I have to say, maybe it was the kinkiness of it, but the resulting cum was fucking HUGE! (Ah well, another pair of wet panties for her!)

After that, I tried to catch her in the utility room again, but I never did. I did, however, hear her masturbating. Maybe because I was intently listening for it and my closet backs onto her room, plus there is a ventilation grill. I heard her a couple of nights later. Just little sighs to begin with followed by some more earthy moans. I couldn't see damn all, but I was standing on a chair in my closet listening like crazy!

Then, she started to vocalise more. I heard 'Ohh fuck yeah...' about a million times, then 'Oh..Lisa!' (shit!) followed by 'Fuck him, Lisa. Let him screw you.' (Better!) 'That's it baby, open your legs for him'....'Lisa...Lisa...let him come in you.' followed by 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'. Mum was fantasizing about me getting laid! (Well, THAT was a whole lot easier to handle than mum getting off on some wierd lesbian kick), and of course, I decided there and then to jill one out the next night...but this time I decided to be vocal...for mum!

The next night, I made sure my closet door was wide open, and, well, frankly, I just laid on my bed and jilled off and made damn sure mum heard ME saying stuff like 'Yeah... oh.. shit. Put your cock up me... bang me... FUCK ME... spill it in me.' I came, of course, long and hard, and was rewarded by a post orgasmic 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' from the next room.

Over the next few months, about three or four times a month I would masturbate so mum could hear me. My sister said 'Lisa, you are gonna have to keep quiet when you jill off. Mum is gonna hear'

If only she knew!

I did wonder if mum smelled Karen's too though.



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