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My Mother's Friend

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I started masturbating at a very young age and can't remember how old I was when I had my first orgasm. From what I can tell, I had them earlier than normal. I had no knowledge of what it was all about and only knew three things; it felt good, it helped me fall asleep and it was naughty. I learned at an early age to keep it private. By the time I was thirteen I was developing pubic hair and was ejaculating. I am now 39 years old.
The first story I am going to tell you about is how I lost my virginity. I was thirteen years old and lost it to my mother's friend. It is important to understand that she was a most patient, reassuring and compassionate woman. Her tenderness made it all so very special to me.
One weekend my parents were away and my mother's friend, Mrs. G, probably in her early forties, was babysitting my sister and I. She was staying in my parents bedroom. Early in the day I walked into the bedroom while she was changing and caught quite a view of her crotch. It was a very thickly haired bush and I was kind of frozen, staring at it for a minute. I don't recall that she made any attempt to turn away quickly, but did eventually turn around and finish putting her sun dress on. I think she said something about excusing myself, but I don't remember. Needless to say, I was very aroused and immediately went downstairs to my room to masturbate. I couldn't get the picture of her fur out of my mind. The rest of the day went by without incident.
That night I went to bed and probably was going to masturbate again. A while later Mrs. G came down and sat on the bed. I don't recall the exact words, but I know she apologized for shocking me that day and asked if I had ever seen a naked woman before. I hadn't and told her so. She asked me if I liked it and if I would like to touch her. I remember being very scared. I wanted desperately to do so, but was too afraid to tell her. She was sort of laying on her side, leaning on an outstretched arm, and slid her dress up over her thighs and took my hand and placed it on one. My heart was pounding and I was very excited and very nervous. I remember just kind of rubbing her thigh a little, but couldn't move my hand up to her vagina. She was very reassuring and took my hand and placed it between her thighs against her vulva. She was not wearing any underwear, I remember that distinctly. I could feel her pubic hair and the soft, meaty vagina against my hand. She kept her hand on mine and guided my finger into her and showed me how to rub between her lips. My head was spinning with excitement. She was very warm inside her vagina and it was so soft and fleshy and wet. I did what she showed me for quite a while. She was moaning and telling me exactly what to do and eventually laid her body completely down on the bed. From time to time she would cry out in little whimpers and this turned me on incredibly. You can't imagine how my senses were being overwhelmed. This was the first time I had been with a woman. The mere chance to touch her was wonderful; rubbing her, feeling her slippery wetness and the smell that filled the air was simply too much. I was very aroused to say the least.
As I rubbed her she pulled down the blanket and exposed my body. I had underwear on but was very hard and poking against them. I can't stress how reassuring and careful she was. She laid there, with me rubbing her, and pulled my underwear down. I was very anxious for her to touch me, but still didn't know what to do. She held my penis in her hand, said some nice things and rubbed it a while. Without any warning, she got up and my hand slipped out from between her legs. My fingers were very wet and sticky. She told me to relax and sat on top of me. She moved up, slid my penis underneath her, and lowered herself down onto it. I will never forget the exquisite feeling of her warm vagina surrounding me and the tenderness in her face as she looked down at me and smiled. She moved up and down making love to me until I came inside her. It was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. After I came she stayed on top of me and we talked about it for a while. It felt very nice to have her on top of me and to be inside her. Eventually I got soft and slipped out of her. I was kind of embarrassed because I thought I was supposed to stay hard and please her but again she was very nice and told me it was okay. She kissed me on the lips and said good-night before she went upstairs. I didn't want her to leave.
That night I felt pretty good. My heart was full of excitement, a kind that I can't begin to explain. I woke up early the next morning and could still smell Mrs. G's sex on my fingers. It was very erotic. I really wanted to be with her again. This was Sunday morning and very early. I went upstairs and my sister's bedroom door was still closed and she was sleeping. I went into my parents room and asked Mrs. G is she was awake. She said she heard me coming upstairs and asked if everything was okay. I just stood there and she must have known what I wanted but I sure couldn't tell her. I think I mumbled something about her coming downstairs of something because she got up and walked me back down to my room. She was wearing a nightgown, but put a robe on over it first.
When we got to my room she sat me on the bed and sat next to me with her arm around me. She told me not to be afraid to tell her if I needed something. I didn't know how to ask and told her that I just wanted her down there like last night. Mrs. G had a tender smile and stroked my back gently. She said she would lie down with me and cuddled me into her arms. I had my arms around her and it felt good to be there with her. She opened her robe, pulled her nightgown down and told me I could touch her breast. It was very big and soft. I rolled it around in my hand for a while and then she kind of pushed it toward my mouth. Again, I was very excited. I sucked it into my mouth and she told me how to roll my tongue around the nipple and not to bite or suck too hard. Even though I was feeling more comfortable with her, I still couldn't be aggressive. After a while she took my hand and placed it under her gown between her legs. I had wanted to touch her there again and it felt so nice. She was wet and I pushed my finger into her. Her vagina clamped down around my finger and I just moved it in and out real slowly. She told me to rub it between the lips like I did the night before so I did. She took my hand and guided it against her clit and helped me rub it for a while until she started moaning again, then let me do it myself. I really wanted to make her cum, although I didn't know how to tell if she was or not. She just told me to keep rubbing there and do as she said so I did. She was groaning more and more and was moving her hips. She was laying on my other arm and I could see that here eyes were closed and she was enjoying it. As I continued she whispered to do it faster, or lighter and I did exactly as she told me until she grabbed my hand and held it against her really hard. She was grinding against it and breathing rapidly and I know now that she was cumming.
After that Mrs. G pulled down my underwear and told me to get on top of her. I really wanted her to get on top like the night before, but didn't say so. She took my penis in her hand and helped me get in position and told me to push into her. That wonderful feeling filled my body again. As I pushed into her vagina she told me how good it felt and moaned a little. Once I was all the way inside her she held me there, on her chest and didn't let me move. Her vagina was very warm. She smelled nice. While she held me on top of her she rubbed my back and talked gently to me and was reassuring that there was no need to hurry. After a while she started moving my hips back and forth until I got the message and did it myself. I know I wasn't making her cum, but she was moaning and grinding against me as we made love. When I started to cum she held me in her arms and stroked me until it was over all the time telling me how everything was fine. This time when it was over she laid there next to me for a while. She asked me questions about how it felt and how I felt and stuff like that and told me never to be afraid to talk to her about it. We must have laid in bed for over an hour until we heard my sister upstairs. She got up and kissed me again on the lips and went upstairs, but told me that this was our private thing; just between us. I understood.
Mrs. G was especially gentle with me. As I look back on it I now know that she understood how important the first time is and she made it very special for me. We got together a few other times over the next two years and she was gentle then too, teaching me things that I would need to know. I guess I wrote this to relive it in my mind again. I still wonder how she is and look back on our experiences fondly. Maybe sometime I'll tell some more. It all depends on what kind of responses I get from this letter.
I enjoyed writing Part I and II so much I decided to write some more. For those of you who didn't read I and II I will tell you that it was about how I lost my virginity to my mother's friend. I was thirteen and she was in her early forties and she spent the weekend baby-sitting at our house. She was very tender and patient with me and was always reassuring about how things were. She took her time and showed me how to touch her where it felt good and many other wonderful things about our bodies. As I said, after the first weekend we were able to get together a couple of other times over the next two years.
After Mrs. G left that weekend I couldn't stop thinking about her. Looking back I expect I was smitten with her. For several weeks I would lay in bed and relive out experience and masturbate quite furiously over it. Later on in the summer her husband went in the hospital and my mother offered our family's assistance around their farm while he was there. That Saturday she asked if I could help mow their lawn and that afternoon my mother dropped me off at their house. It was a large lawn and I didn't get it finished before it began to rain. She invited me in for dinner and arranged with my mother for me to spend the night and finish it the next day. I was elated and hoped that this was a good sign that we would get together again.
Mrs. G had two children but they were much younger than me and she put them to bed early. We stayed up and watched T.V. for a while on the couch together. I was very restless, eager to feel her body again and hinted that I was ready for bed too. She knew what I meant and told me to wait until the kids were asleep so we watched T.V. for a while. I sat very close to her on the couch and bravely leaned against her, kind of nervous though. She put her arm around me and held me against her.
After a while Mrs. G told me I should probably go on to bed and that she would be in to tuck me in later. I was very excited and was fantasizing about her body when I got into bed. I heard her go upstairs and listened impatiently as she rustled around in her room. A few minutes later she came back into my room and was wearing a bathrobe. She left the hall light on and the door opened when she came in. My heart was pounding when she sat down on the bed and I quite simply asked her to lay down next to me. She got up and went to the other side of the bed and I watched as she dropped her robe to the floor. She was totally naked and I could see her big breasts and all the rest of her body as she slipped between the covers with me. I immediately rolled over to her and she took me in her arms. Her whole body was soft and smelled good. We kissed a little, but she wouldn't let me put my tongue in her mouth. She began kissing my neck and chest and pushed the covers down exposing our bodies and slid my underwear off. She kept kissing my chest and my nipples which felt very nice. From time to time she would ask me how it felt and if I liked it or not. Then she began kissing down my stomach and took my penis in her hand. I was a little nervous but she was very supportive, telling me to relax and enjoy it. Eventually she worked her way down to my penis and took it into her mouth and began to suck me. This was incredible and I laid there as she continued until I came.
I didn't know about any oral sex etiquette or anything, but she didn't seem to mind that I came in her mouth. When I was done cumming she came back up next to me and held me for a while. I laid my head against her breasts and fondled them and rubbed her body for a while then she told me it was my turn to kiss her body.
At thirteen years old I had certainly talked with my friends about sex and knew what oral sex was, but actually doing it was another story. I was very nervous about it. She laid on her back and held my face against her breasts as I kissed and sucked them for a very long time. Eventually I got up the nerve and started working my way down her stomach and into her thick pubic hair. I made some feeble attempts at kissing her mound from the side until she finally told me to lay down between her legs and that she would help me.
I think I was actually trembling at this point, when I got between her legs and laid down in front of her vagina. I immediately got a full nose of her sex and it smelled so wonderful to me. She used her hands to show me how to open up her lips and told me to lick her like she had shown me how to rub with my fingers. The first taste of her was not what I expected. It was kind of salty and sour and I wasn't sure if I like it. She was very wet too. But I pushed my tongue into her vagina anyway and tried to lick her. I think it went well for a while because she was moaning and breathing hard, but I couldn't keep up when her hips started moving. She ended up telling me to hold on and pushed her fingers down and began masturbating herself as she got close to cumming. I laid there between her legs and watched as she rubbed herself just inches away from my face. I didn't understand at the time that I wasn't doing it right and just thought that it was wonderful that she was masturbating. She began moaning loudly and moved her fingers faster and faster as her hips moved up and down. I knew when she came because she was panting and moaning a lot. When she was done she told me to lay next to her. She held me for a while and we talked. She was very nice to me and told me that she wanted to show me how to do it better.
Mrs. G got up, turned on the light next to the bed and sat facing me so the light shined on her. She was very patient and told me that she wanted to show me herself so I would know. This was a very incredible experience because she started showing me the parts of her vagina and it was exciting to be able to look at it so closely, not to mention just seeing her naked body there in front of me. I was getting very aroused. We must have sat there for about a half hour. She showed me her lips; they were very big and red. She opened them up and showed me her vagina opening and let me put my finger into it. It was really wet and shiny. She explained how it felt good to have me inside her, but that it didn't make her cum. Then she showed me the little folds of flesh and opened them to show me her clitoris. She explained that that was what I was rubbing when I made her cum last time and showed me how to hold her labia open enough to lick it. All the time she was teaching me she was so loving and tender with that compassionate smile. She would rub my head and face and tell me how lucky I was to be young and nice things like that. I was mesmerized by this. I loved her body. She was so much bigger than me with heavy breasts that hung down; her belly button was even sexy.
But most of all I loved her thick pubic hair. It was a large, dark patch of hair that started above her waist and was so luxuriant. I told her I wanted to do it again and she smiled, then laid back on the bed and opened her legs.
She left the light on and I could see her sex this time, which made it even better. I laid down between her legs and began sucking on her labia and clitoris. The soft flesh felt so wonderful in my mouth. I tried to keep my eyes on her and watch everything. She whispered to me, telling me what to do, and helped me give her pleasure. This time she held my head with her hands and was really moaning loudly. I am sure that I made her cum that time because when she stopped me she was breathing very hard and told me that that was perfect. When she stopped me she rolled me over onto my back and got on top of me. She sat down on my penis and made love to me for the last time that night. It felt so good to have her on top of me again; to be buried inside her vagina. She looked down on me with that mature, comforting smile of hers and slid up and down on me until I came. When I was done she laid down and held me until I fell asleep. When I awoke in the middle of the night she was gone.



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