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My Masturbation History, Part One: Humble Beginnings

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The story of my first orgasm, however small it was.


After reading some stories on this website and others, I find that many men began masturbating (although not always in its more efficient form) during their boyhood. While I can recall occasionally squishing around 'down there' for exploratory reasons, I did not masturbate as a child.

In fact, my masturbation history began quite humbly in a local book store about six months after my thirteenth birthday.

In fifth grade I had undergone bare-bones sexual education at my elementary school, but I remember being more scared of sex than enticed by it after that class. My parents had never given me "the talk", and I was an only child with, at that time, few very, very close friends. In short, I knew practically nothing about sex or masturbation.

It surprised me when, in that book store at thirteen, my mother showed me the book "It's Perfectly Normal" (a quite exhaustive and controversial one) and told me she intended to buy it for my use.

For those of you not familiar with the book, it is a guide to puberty for young men and women, and covers virtually every topic under the sun with age-appropriate but certainly graphic language. Additionally, the book is peppered with extraordinarily detailed (though cartoon-ish) images of naked young men and women throughout the stages of puberty, and some adults engaging in sexual intercourse, although never of the oral or anal variety.

It was from an illustration in that book - of a buck-naked teen-aged girl bent over and holding a mirror between her legs - that I learned the vagina (and associated parts) was located in between a woman's legs, not in the front area I now know as the Mons Pubis. It was from that book that I learned that sex was pleasurable and not just used for procreation. It suffices to say that the book was and is an incredible font of information that I needed desperately as a naive early adolescent.

The book, of course, also gave me numerous erections - and told me what they were!

By far the most important chapter (and the point of this story) was the page on masturbation. In addition to a block of helpful text that exuded positive sexual identity and freedom from guilt, the section featured two illustrations. One was a sweater-wearing girl, laying on a couch, naked from the waist down with her right hand stroking between her legs and her face blushed and in ecstasy. The other was a t-shirt wearing boy sitting up on his bed, pants and boxers crumpled at his ankles, with a fist around his erect penis, his mouth wide open, and those cartoon marks of erratic motion emanating from his crotch.

The page also explained in very little detail how to masturbate. "A boy," I paraphrase, "will touch or rub his penis. A girl will touch or rub her clitoris." It also explained orgasm, and gave a pleasurable name to the scary concept of ejaculation I was already familiar with.

Wow, I immediately thought. I have got to try this. Luckily, I was home alone. I pulled down my pants and my briefs, letting my very-erect penis go free. At the time I had only a few hairs down there (excepting on my scrotum, which was rather hairy), and was only four inches erect at the time. I have since matured, thankfully.

Now, one unfortunate aspect of the book was its lack of detailed technical instruction. Too bad I didn't know of Solo Touch then, or this process would've been much easier.

In any case, I tried to follow the vague instructions as best I could. First of all, I used the illustration as my inspiration. I grasped the shaft of my penis with a fist and wiggled up and down quickly as the picture showed. Unfortunately, I never even grazed the tip; the head of my penis went sadly untouched.

Needless to say, it didn't work. I barely felt anything from that touch, and was very discouraged. But I pressed on anyway, knowing I was bound to hit on something. So I followed the written instructions with an explorer's venturing hand.

Luckily, I quickly found my glans. I simply brushed against it with the edge of my finger and the feeling was - pardon my cliche - electric. I soon discovered (after continuing my rubbing), however, that this couldn't go on without some form of lubrication.

Now, at that age and level of sexual knowledge, I didn't even know that such a thing as lube existed, let alone where to get it. So I used nature's lube: saliva. I covered my thumb in spit and rubbed it wetly against the side of my penis-head facing me. I came almost immediately.

Or at least I did what I thought was "coming" at that point. While, on the purely physical level, I suppose it was an orgasm, the feelings I experienced that day pale in comparison to the ones I now enjoy multiple times daily. I experienced a single, lack-luster contraction, and a single drop - or bead - of thick, white semen burbled out of my meatus. Not exactly a the ecstasy that girl in the picture was experiencing or the awesome pleasure the illustrated boy was undergoing.

But I didn't stop there.

That was the story of my first orgasm. My many experiences as I refined my technique will come in Part Two. Thanks for reading and please comment.



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