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My Masturbation History

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Well, let me just say that this site is fantastic! For whatever reason, masturbation has always been my favorite form of sexual expression. I'm not certain why, but I just love solo sex.

I am currently a married man; the father of four children. My sex life with my wife is just wonderful, however she does not share my enthusiasm for masturbation, but she still will 'rub her nub' often enough to keep me interested.

My personal masturbation began when I was around four years old. I can remember laying on my bed on my stomach, on a Saturday morning, rubbing my little penis against my bed. Finally, after a while, it started to throb and that 'tickly' feeling occurred. I was hooked and although they were 'dry orgasms', they felt fantastic none the less.

I can remember doing my rub on a daily basis, some times four to five times on a weekend day if there was nothing to do with my friends. One time, I remember doing it with a little neighbor girl; she watched as I rubbed in my circular motion on the bed. I mostly did it with my undies on, but on special occasions, I would love to rub it naked on a soft cotton sheet.

Anyway, the neighbor girl and I were together. She watched me and then tried it herself. She said she really had to press hard to feel something, but she too hung in there, and after a little while she was convulsing and humping hard. This really had an awesome effect on me and since then, I love watching women do the deed.

I can remember my first ejaculation; I was doing the daily rub one morning in eighth grade, naked on my bed, a Saturday morning and my parents were gone away for the weekend. I was being watched by an older cousin who at the time was a first year nurse. Anyway, I was doing my rub and had my usual orgasm. I usually loved to look down at my penis as it throbbed from the orgasm. Well this time when I did, I saw a little white liquid come from the tip. It did not shoot; it just oozed. Was I frightened! I really thought something was wrong, so even though I was naked as the day I was born, I called my older cousin in to tell her. She came in and asked what was wrong and why was I naked?

I confessed to her that I usually rubbed my penis every day, but today, I had a white fluid come out and I was scared that I had VD. She smiled, and laughed a bit; went and got a wet rag, came back and wiped my dick off and asked me to put some clothes on. When I did, she came back and explained exactly what had happened, and that it was normal. She also suggested that when I do it, I should have a rag ready to wipe up the ejaculate as it was unsanitary and could be itchy to carry it with me all day.

I did ask her if she did anything like this and she said that when she and her husband could not have sex, sometimes she liked to play with her 'area'. I did ask if she could show me, but she said it would not be appropriate for her to do this with a minor, but she hinted that she did think I had a nice growing penis.

Then finally, in my freshman year of high school, I learned to stroke my cock. One night, I was lying in my bed and was really wondering what it would be like to feel a warm pussy around my dick, so I came up with the idea that my saliva was kind of slippery. I licked my right hand, formed a circle and started to thrust my penis into my hand. This is my technique of 'backhandedness' (most men will understand), and the ladies will catch on to picture it.

Anyway, my first 'jack-off' was more like a hand fuck. I thrust with my hips; in fact I sort of remember using my other hand to hold my right wrist stationary. I thrust, and pretended I was fucking some girls I admired at the time, and boom! It finally came all at once.

It was like my daily rub, but so much more intense. I remember how content I felt that night falling to sleep.

The very next day, I tried it on the toilet. This time, I moved my hand some more, cupped my balls, again, and I squirted from the toilet to the wall. This discovery was so very awesome.

I went through high school like most boys I suspect, jacking off almost daily, either in the shower or bathroom. I did have a number of girl friends; some asked me to JO for them, some just kissed etc.

There was one girl, in particular, who did show me how she played with her pussy as she watched me. Throughout this period, I tried many variations. I particularly liked the days I was home alone, as I could feel free to do as I pleased. I remember humping things like those large bean bags, folded over and filled with vasoline at the fold. One time, a neighbor girl came to me outside after I did it and said she liked watching my ass go up and down as I fucked my bean bag. She laughed at me and I did ask her how she knew. She let me know my bedroom window was open, (I had a basement bedroom).

I further asked her what she did as she watched, and she actually pulled me behind our garage where no one could see, pulled down her bikini bottoms and rubbed off in front of me. Well, this sent me to pull mine down and join her and boom, we had our first mutual stroking/rubbing. Believe it or not, she is now my wife, but we did not get back together until about seven years later.

Anyway, I did all kinds of masturbating through high school and into college. I could even, for a time, lie naked on my bed, and 'flex' my hard cock enough until I had an orgasm with out any degree of rubbing or touching, just 'flexing', and of course back then I could shoot a mile.

I remember in college one night when I was alone in my dorm, that for some reason as I jacked off, I grabbed a real 'bristley' hair brush. As I started to come, I 'scratched' the side of the base of my cock with the brush, and boy did I ever shoot; I swear, I hit my roomies bunk which was over mine. It had to be a four-foot shot in a lying position.

I got married, but still do enjoy a good jack-off. I love to watch my wife use her 'erosscilator' vibrator. Some times, she places it right under my balls after she comes and it will bring back some of that youthful shooting ability. But most of the time now, as most men know, it is just a short squirt, but it is still fun. Oh yea, I still have that brush, and sometimes my wife will brush me at the right time. It is all so much fun.

Anyway, I hope I turned a few readers on enough to enjoy an orgasm over my stories. I would like to hear from anyone, (particularly the ladies), in the feed back portion about what they did when reading my submission.

Well folks, keep stroking, rubbing, buzzing or whatever you do to obtain that pleasureable, throbbing, tickly feeling. It is such a natural pastime, and I hope all others enjoy it like I do. Take care!



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