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My Massage

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Not too long ago, a friend of mine had talked me into getting a massage and she told me exactly the place to go to. Top notch, she told me.

I set up my appointment and when I got there, they brought me in and led me to the shower room. They told me the shower was to not just make sure I was clean, but also to help me relax. It was a good idea, because the hot water definitely took away a lot of tension. I walked out to my room in my towel and slippers and my masseuse was waiting for me. She looked like she was in her late 20s, and she was just wearing a white tank top and black yoga pants. She laid me down on the mat and introduced herself and asked me questions about what she was going to do. She told me that they offered a warm oil massage, but that I would need to be naked because it would be all-over. I thought about it and agreed.

I rolled over onto my belly and she removed my towel, leaving me completely nude in front of this stranger. However, when she started using the oil and rubbed my back, I was in heaven. She was really good at what she did, and the more she rubbed, the better it felt. She was very thorough, even massaging each of my fingers and toes individually. I was so relaxed, I didn't even notice at first that I was getting wet from how I was being touched. I was hoping she couldn't tell, but when she started massaging my thighs, she did. She asked me if I was enjoying it and I said I was, and then she leaned over and whispered in my ear 'for an extra $40 I can massage everything'. I asked her what she meant and she just said 'everything...'

It took me a few seconds before I agreed, and when I did she smiled and told me it was a good choice. She then started massaging my butt and inner thighs, lightly brushing up against my pussy lips, making them drip even more. Minutes later she had me flip over, exposing my hard nipples and stiff clit to her. She poured more oil onto me and rubbed deep into my belly, legs and then my breasts. I was loving every moment of it, and then she asked me if I was ready. I was, and she started rubbing my wet pussy. I gasped when she slid her oily finger inside me, and I tingled when she used her thumb to stimulate my clit. I started to pinch my nipple, but she moved my hand away, smiled and just said to relax. It was different being masturbated while having to lay still, but it was also very erotic being, in a way, dominated. She spread apart my knees and knelt down between my legs, bent over and started working my pussy with both hands. She was so close, I could feel her breath on my lips. It made my hair stand on end.

I was close to cumming and I told her, and she just told me to stay relaxed. She went to my side and continued to dig inside me, then used her other hand to pinch my nipple. This did it, and my orgasm ripped through me causing me to squirm around on the oily mat. She didn't let go, causing my orgasm to roll through, and then return as she made me cum twice. When she pulled her finger out, she finished by rubbing me one more time from my shoulders to my feet. She told me to lay there for a while, and I was glad she did because I don't think I could have walked to the changing room yet. She laid my towel back over me and put my slippers on my feet, then went over to wash her hands and clean up. All I could do for a few minutes was rub my belly and wiggle my slippery toes. When I finally got my strength back, I got up and wiped off the oil and got dressed, but I didn't leave until I booked another appointment a month later. That night, I fell asleep around seven and didn't wake up until the next morning, I was that relaxed. Before I got out of bed though, I fingered myself to another fantastic orgasm.

Now I understand why my friend goes there all the time.



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