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My Magic Cell Phone

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When I was 13 my mom got me a cell phone. I always set the ring to vibrate and kept the phone in my pocket if I was wearing jeans. One day it rang and I noticed an interesting sensation in my crotch from it but didn't think too much about it. But I started to notice the same feeling every time it rang and started to get curious. So I told my best friend Colin about it and he was like real interested and stuff. He lives next door.

So he said show me and he called my phone and I said yeah it feels funny and he said where exactly and I pointed to the middle between my legs. So he said put the phone there and called me again.

So I spread my legs and stood there holding the phone against my zipper and he called me again. It didn't feel the same. He said the zipper is too thick, try putting it inside my jeans.

So I did that and he called. That time it felt real good and I had to sit down. He kept calling me and I liked it so I just sat there telling him not to stop. After a while I had to lay down with my legs apart and pressed my jeans to hold the phone tighter to me and whamm-o I got my first orgasm right there in front of him. I was bucking my hips up and down and moaning.

His mother popped in right after that to see what we were doing and I was just laying on the bed with my legs spread and my hand still pressing my crotch. She said I should not be laying like that (at least my clothes were on) and she said to behave ourselves and went back out. We both busted out laughing trying not to be too loud.

Anyway Colin started asking me what it felt like and I didn't know what to say, just that it felt really really good.

Then he wanted to see if it worked for him so he put his phone in his pants and I called him and he didn't feel anything special at first but his dick started growing. I could see it. He said he hates it because it does that by itself. In school he has to hide it or people will see.

I asked him why it does that and he didn't know.

Anyway I said let's keep going and see what happens and he said ok, so I kept on texting him and his bulge got bigger. I could see the shape of it with his phone over it. He said it started to feel weird and I knew what he meant. He wanted me to keep texting.

After a while he suddenly got this really scary look on his face and he stopped breathing. His hand was on his crotch pressing the phone to his dick and rubbing up and down and his eyes closed real tight. It looked like he was dying or something.

When it was over he just kept slowly pressing it up and down and took a deep breath. I asked what it felt like and he said it was really really good but something came out and I said show me. So he zipped down and his undies were all wet and slimy and his phone got slimed from it. He said damn.

Then we both layed back down next to each other on his bed and said that was really cool we should do that again.

Since then he and I learned what it all means and we found out how to masturbate without the phones. We masturbated naked together tons of times all thru high school. We both liked it when he would play with my titties with one hand while kissing me and both of us masturbating. Eventually we started masturbating each other too.

Mom has no idea what she started when she bought me the cell phone.



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