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My Lovely Toothbrush

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Hi, I've been reading these stories for about a year now and I've very much enjoyed it. I'm 16 years old and got the site from my best friend.
I started masturbating when I was about 14, but I can slightly remember doing it when I was 5-6. I would take the showerhead down, and trying to clean myself, I would point the water at my cunt. The feeling I got was intense, but I had the thought of 'What would my parents say?' and that stopped me from doing it for many more years.
My best friend and I had never talked about anything like that and never brought anything up, and at that time, I didn't even know girls could masturbate. We were on the phone with her boyfriend and found a book called Love And Sex. I read them pretty much the whole thing, and I got the urge to rub myself. I felt odd doing it, considering I was on three way with my best friend and her boyfriend, but I did anyway. Then he shared with us that he was also. I later found out that my friend was too, but she didn't say anything then.
After that, I started to remember the showerhead, and tried it again. The only one we had that came down was in my mom's shower, and I was running out of excuses of being able to use it. I finally convinced her to get me one for my bathroom and spent many hours masturbating in the shower. But it bugged me that I had to spend such a long time in there and always had to take showers to get an orgasm.
At this time, my friend and I finally brought it up that we both did it. We started to share thoughts with each other and she informed me that she always used her hands to get off (something that I had never thought about for some reason). Then one night, I can't really explain why, we were both really horny and started to do it while on the phone with each other. We were talking about other things that we could try besides are hands and she commented on having an electric toothbrush. She put the phone down to try it and said it worked well. I asked her to buy me one of the cheap Colgate Actibrush's from Wal-Mart and she found one on sale for $5. After this we stayed home from school 3 times 'Brushing our teeth' as we called it, pretty much all day. As you can imagine, it started to get painful and batteries aren't exactly cheap, so we stopped to let ourselves heal and never did do it again on the phone.
We continue to share things with each other on what feels good, but I mostly get my fun from my best guy friend. He was my boyfriend, but we broke up. While going out, we got into the whole phone sex thing, but it stopped after the break up because things were really bad. I didn't talk to him for about a year and then we became great friends. Eventually he told me he still had feelings for me, but I told him that I didn't want a relationship with him. So we became friends with benefits. We have phone sex about once or twice a weekend, and have a lot of fun with it.
I still continue to use my toothbrush, almost two years later from that first time. I've spent a lot of money on batteries and god knows how much on new toothbrush heads, but it is WELL worth it. I've tried other things too, for the sake of phone sex, but nothing compares to the thrill of the toothbrush.
The feel of it on my clit is more amazing that any words can describe. I usually lay down in my bed and hold the toothbrush with one hand while hugging something. Then, I move back and forth on it and hold it still. It's absolutely the most amazing feeling in the world!
And it's something I can do in the bathtub, bed, chair, anywhere. Only problem is it can be loud, but I got a feather mattress for my Birthday that helps very well at keeping the sound out.
I go on vacations with my friend every year and we always take ours along with us. Though, sharing a small RV with her grandparents for 3 weeks makes things difficult, any chance we get, we take advantage of.
I hope you find this story as interesting as the others I have found on this site. They have not only taught me techniques on both males and females (Things I will eventually try on guys and things I do to myself), but it has also provided me many good orgasms; while reading them, and taking the thoughts with me. It is truly an amazing site and I am glad that I can finally be open about this stuff with more than two people. It helps to get it all off my chest.



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