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My Little Brother Likes To Show

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The first time I saw my little brother's boner I was seventeen and he was thirteen. I'd yanked around with a few former and current boyfriends so the site of an erect penis was nothing new, but seeing by little brother's was oddly titillating, in a naughty kind of way.

Here's how it happened.

The very first time I saw him naked I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Either that or he's a very talented actor. I was in my room one Saturday morning cleaning up and changing my sheets when he came out of the shower and headed to his room wearing only a towel and carrying a bundle of his old clothes in his arms. As I came out of my bedroom to go and dispose of my old sheets we were about to pass each other in the hallway when his towel slipped off and fell down. He looked mortified and tried to cover up the best he could with his old clothes as he scrambled to pick the towel back up and wrap it back around his waist, but he didn't move fast enough and in the process I caught a full on glimpse of his little thirteen year old pecker, which happened to be fully at attention!

It's not that I was wanting or hoping to cop a glance of my naked little bro... it just happened. And he knew I'd seen it. His face turned a positively purple shade of red almost immediately! If he hadn't been erect I think he might not have been so embarrassed, but as it was it made me wonder if he'd been either just stroking off in the bathroom, or was about to in his bedroom. Either way, he was truly and deeply embarrassed.

As I walked past him I wanted to let him know that I didn't think it was any big deal, so I gave him a smile and a little chuckle and said, 'Hey, no big deal. I've seen 'em before.'

A couple of days went by and the little episode seemed to be behind us. At least I certainly didn't think much more about it, but apparently it had been weighing on his mind a little, because one afternoon after school when we were alone he brought it up.

'Do... do you remember... when I... when you... in the hall...' His face was turning red again.

'Yeah. I remember' I said with a smile. 'Why? What's up?'

'What did you mean' he said slowly, as if approaching the subject like he might approach a porcupine, 'when you said you'd seen them before?'

I laughed out loud at his innocents. He truly was a naïve little kid.

'What I mean, kido, is that I've had a few boyfriends, and we... you know... had a little fun.'

'Oh. Ok. So.... Can I ask you a question?'

'Of course!'

'Do you.... Do...... it'

I knew without him finishing what he wanted to say, but couldn't. So I spared him the pain of finishing the question.

'You got nothing to worry about big guy. The other guys I've seen were all several years older than you so it's hard to compare, but based on what I saw in the hallway, I promise you, you got nothing to worry about. You're doing just fine.'

He smiled a little, turned a little more red, and walked away satisfied. He was happy, I was happy.

Ok, the truth is, I lied to him. I mean, it's not like his pecker was tiny... from what I saw of it that first time, it was long enough for a kid his age, but it was also a skinny little dude! Of course, my brother is also a skinny little kid, so maybe they go together? I don't know enough about the growth cycle of a penis to know when they are fully grown, but I also wasn't about to tell him that I'd be worried if I were him! So I told a little white lie, made him happy, and then put it out of my mind.

But once again, it apparently wasn't out of his mind.

It was only two or three days after this conversation that I saw him naked again, only this time I got the impression that it was an orchestrated event. It was again a Saturday morning, probably one week after the first time. My mom was off running errands and my dad was out in his woodshop working. I came out of the bathroom and headed to my room and as I was about to make the turn into my room, when out of the corner of my eye I saw my brother. Before I fully realized his state of dress I turned my head out of reflex, and I saw him was standing in front of his dresser about to grab some boxers. He was buck naked and once again had a boner.

'Sorry...?' he mumbled, but in his eyes there was just a twinge of excitement, or of mischief. Or both.

This time I wasn't about to placate him or try to blow it off as no big deal. I stopped in his doorway and leaned against the door frame.

'So is this how it's gonna be now? I saw you once and gave him (nodding to his boner) a compliment, so now you're gonna show him off as often as you can?'

'Sorry!' he said again, this time with a little more conviction, but he had made no move to cover up or hide. 'I... didn't know... ' His voice trailed off.

'Oh, you knew!' I said. 'But don't worry about. I know how it is. Boys are proud of their stuff and like to show it off. Like I said, I've had boyfriends.' And with that I went into my bedroom, locked the door, and promptly got naked, lay on my bed, and jilled myself to a gentle orgasm.

It's not that simply seeing my little bro naked got me horny. Ok, well, that was mostly it, but I guess what I mean to say is that I didn't have the hot's for him. I didn't WANT him. But standing there in his doorway and staring at his young, fresh, skinny, athletic naked body, well tanned all except for his butt and penis, and him knowing I was looking and not caring, in fact even wanting it... well... it just did something to me that I can't explain, and I needed a release!

The very next day it happened again. It was Sunday, and as always we went to church. After church we ate lunch, and as my parents almost always do, they took a nap after we ate. (Their master bedroom area was on the main floor, our bedroom were upstairs.) It was my turn for dishes, and after cleaning up the kitchen I went up to my room to call a friend. As I went past my brother's room, I almost wasn't surprised to see him laying on his bed buck naked once again. He was on his back and was reading a book, and was actually RESTING the book on his erection!! I wish I could show you a picture, it looked so funny! His penis was propped up into the air by the book, the spine of which was resting on his shaft. It was hilarious!

'Are you KIDDING ME?' I said in a low voice. 'You do know that mom and dad are downstairs, right?'

'And there asleep' he said. 'I knew it was you. I can tell who's coming upstairs by the footsteps.

'So tell me, does that poor guy ever get a break? ' I asked, nodding at his boner. 'Or is he standing all the way up like that 24/7?'

He moved the book and looked down at his penis and said 'He's like this a lot of the time, that's for sure.' Then he took it in his hand and wiggled it around a little bit. Watching him handle his penis like that had a funny effect on me, and without really even thinking about what I was doing, I walked over to the side of his bed, reached out, wrapped my hand around his erect penis, and gave it a gentle little squeeze.

'Well,' I said. 'Take good care of him. I don't know for sure, but it can't be healthy to have a boner all the time.' Then, embarrassed at what I'd just done, I turned around and walked straight out of his room without looking back or saying anything else. And once again, I locked my door and treated myself. Only this time I made it last, went slow, and let myself softly slide into about four or five orgasms before calling it quits.

As soon as the last orgasm was over, I asked myself the obvious question: WHAT in the WORLD was going on here? He's my LITTLE BROTHER!!! I had no BUSINESS touching his pecker! If he wants to show it off, whatever. It's his penis and he can do what he wants with it... show it off to whoever he feels like, even if it is his sister. But I was horrified that I'd actually TOUCHED IT. In fact, I'd wrapped my hand around it, squeezed it, and even let my grip linger for just a fraction of a second longer than what would have been just a playful grab. BUT even a playful grab would have been weird, because he's my LITTLE KID BROTHER.

Yikes. I didn't know what to think. What would my boy friend say if he knew I'd cheated on him with my brother? HAD I cheated? Either way, my boy friend would not be happy. But I didn't really cheat, did I? I mean, it wasn't like my brother and I just screwed each other. All I did was give his boner a playful, loving squeeze. It was just a big sister giving a self esteem boost to her little brother, right? That's it.

Right. Yes. That was it.

But... later that night as I was going to sleep and thinking more about this, I couldn't deny the thrill of it. There was something so forbidden, so carnal, so naughty about my little brother's young naked body. I recalled a conversation I'd had with a close girl friend not too long before. We'd both 'been' with guys our own age, and she had confessed to me out loud that she wondered what it would be like with a young kid who was just entering puberty. She told me she had fantasies about being with a boy that age who was full of sexual excitement and curiosity and of being his sex mentor.

At the time I thought she was pretty perved out. I didn't say so to her, but I know I'd thought to myself, 'WEEEEIRRD!!' Now I was beginning to wonder if maybe she hadn't already done something like that and was speaking from experience, but just didn't dare tell me. I tried to put it all out of my mind and go to sleep.

I wasn't sure if it was just me, or if there was something a little unnatural between me and my brother for the next couple of days. Sometimes I thought that things between us seemed awkward, but other times I told myself I was just being paranoid. By the end of that week I had managed to just about forget that any of it had ever happened and was ready to laugh it off as a silly, dorky think that just happened between a sister and her little brother.

And then it happened again. And it went a little further!

On Friday evening my parents had a social event, and my boyfriend was out of town for a wedding or a funeral, or something. My best girl friends (including the one I already told you about) couldn't come and play, so much to my sadness I was stuck at home on a Friday with nothing to do but watch lame shows on TV.

Even my little brother was out a friend's house down the street, but about nine o'clock he came home.

'Are mom and dad home yet?' he asked?

'Nope. Not until almost midnight.'

'Oh. Okay.' He went upstairs. I forgot about him and went back to the show I was watching. But I didn't forget about him for long, because a few minutes later he came sauntering back down stairs, cool as a drink of water, without a stitch of clothing on!!!

'WHAT THE HELL!!' I yelled at him, but at the same time my face betrayed me and I could feel myself cracking a big 'ol smile, despite my best efforts. Cute little kid and penis or not.... This guy had balls (pun intended) I never knew about! Who the FREAK walks around his house BUCK NAKED in front of his older sister at the age of thirteen?

My little bro, that's who.


'Getting a snack' he said with a coy smile on his face as he went into the kitchen. This I had to see, so I paused the TV and followed him. I watched in awe as he casually opened the freezer, dug around for the ice cream, got a bowl and a spoon, and scooped himself up a late night treat, all the while with a grand little budding thirteen year old boinger!

'Want some?' he asked me.

'Uh... sure.' Were we talking about the ice cream, I wondered?

He got a second bowl for me, filled it up, and handed it to me. Then, still trying desperately to act like everything in the world was totally was normal, he asked,

'What's on TV? Can I watch with you?'

Not knowing what else to do, I turned around, took my ice cream back into the living room, sat down on the couch and un-paused the TV. He sat next to me and we ate our ice cream without speaking, all the while I kept stealing sideways glances at his fully erect, adorable little penis.

'Seriously' I finally said. 'What percentage of the time would you say you have a boner?'

'When I'm naked, 100%'

'Are you naked often?'

'As often as I can be. It used to be only in my room, and then when I was home alone I'd walk around the house naked. Now, well, this is cool... now I can be naked when your home with me too.'

This just kept getting more and more weird! My little brother, the nudist!

'Does it get... I dunno... tired?'

'Na. I like it like this.'

'Do you ever... err... you know... help it? So it goes down?'

I saw him blush just a little, and he shrugged his shoulders. Apparently he was ready to be casually naked around me, but he wasn't ready to talk about masturbation. That was cool.

And then it happened again. That weird little thing inside me that had happened last time, it happened again. The idea of my little kid brother stroking himself off did it to me, and before I was even really thinking what I was doing, I found myself reaching out and taking his boner into my hands. Only this time it was more than just a quick playful squeeze. This time I really fondled it.

I was playing with it unlike I'd ever played with any of my bf's penis's... treating it with more tenderness. I moved it around a little, cupped his balls, squeezed his shaft, gently rubbed his head (which made him shiver), and even slowly gave him a few strokes.

And unlike when I'd jerked off my bf's, while I was playing with my brother's penis, we were actually talking and laughing and having a conversation!

'I can't believe how hard they get' I said as I squeezed his shaft. 'It's like there really is a bone in there.'

'I know!' he said. 'Do you think it's possible to break it, like you can with a bone?' He asked this as I was cupping his balls.

'I have no idea, but if it is, I bet that would HURT!' I said as I gently pulled his penis towards me to get a better view of the top of it.

'I think it's hilarious how much the tip looks just like a helmet' he said as I was rubbing it.

'You ever heard the expression, 'Polishing your helmet?'' I asked.

He laughed.

'But seriously, do you do that?' I asked as I slid my hand around his shaft and began to gently stroke up and down.

'Umm....' He was turning red again.

'Geesh! You can tell me. Look, I'm groping your dick here. No secrets!'

'Yeah, sometimes' he finally said.

And then without either of us asking, I took up a rhythm with my hand, doing it as my first boyfriend had taught me a few years back.... Hand loosely around his shaft, slowly, all the way up around his head, all the way down to his balls, and then slowly back up. It didn't take long... after only a half dozen strokes he closed his eyes and shoved his hips towards me, and after a few more strokes his shaft was throbbing in my hands as it erupted and spewed long, white jets all over his chest and my hands.

'Stay put' I said when he was done. 'You're a mess.' I grabbed some TP from the bathroom and we cleaned him up, both of us laughing.

'Ok, listen' I said when all evidence was gone. 'This was a one time thing... ok? Don't go thinking I'm going to give you a hand job every time you pop a boner in front of me. Ok?' I was smiling as I spoke, but I hoped he still knew I was serious.

'Ok' he said. 'Got it.'

'What you need' I said, 'is a girl friend.'

And just like that, I knew what to do.

The next time I saw my friend... the one I told you about earlier, she and I had a little conversation.

'You know how you were telling me a while ago that sometimes you would fantasize about fooling around with a guy who was just fresh into puberty?' I asked.

'Yeeeessss....?' She said very slowly, wondering where this was going.

'Do you think you would ever actually do something like that?'

'I dunno' she shrugged. 'Maybe, if the right guy came along. Maybe. Why?'

'I was just thinking, that's all....' I let my voice trail off.

'About WHO?' she asked, and there was a sense of anticipation in her voice.

'Just, well, about... about my little brother.'

She went ape. At first I was afraid I'd scared her or freaked her out. Then I realized she was HAPPY! She was screaming and laughing and jumping!

'Do you have ANY idea how HOT your little brother is?'

I didn't answer. But I kinda did.

'I swore to myself I would never say anything to you because he's my best friends little brother, but if you wanna hook us up I am SO THERE!!'

'Wow' I said. 'That was easier that I thought it would be.'

'I've had my eye on him for like six months now' she said with glee. 'He's so little and energetic and shy and cute and tan with that sandy blond hair and his tight little ass!'

'OKAY! That's enough of that!' I said. 'I was good until you started talking about his ass.'

'You really wouldn't mind?'

'He's a big enough kid to make up his own mind' I said.

'But, like, it wouldn't make it weird between you and me?'

'How should I know? Where's my crystal ball?'

'You guys live together.... I've heard little brothers are always trying to get a glimpse of their older sisters naked. Is he like that?'

'Nope' I said honestly. 'He's not like that.'

'I've also heard they like to show off their manliness. Is he like that?'

'Oh, he's most certainly like that!' This made her giggle with delight.

'What's he like?'

'That, you can find out on your own?'

'Did you stroke him off? It's more common than you would think for sisters to wank their brothers?'

'It IS?' I said, and I instantly knew I said it with too much shock. This made her REALLY laugh.

'Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.' She said with a healthy laugh, and I knew it was safe. I had enough dirt on her to bury a sky scraper. But I still marvelled that she had managed to weasel out of me that I'd given my brother a hand job, and that she didn't even find it gross or perverted. To her it seemed as normal as brushing your teeth.

Right then and there I got on the phone with my mom and we arranged a sleep over at our house.

And, as much as I'd like to go into details on what happened that night between my best friend and my little brother (which I may or may not have watched), I think I'm going to have to end this story here.

Thanks for reading!



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