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My Intro to Mutual

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This has become my favorite site. Whether the stories are true or maybe not, they are all great stories which I enjoy reading!

I starting masturbating when I was 11 years old, and learned about it from my cousin. For the next couple of years, I had some great times being able to masturbate anywhere and any time I wanted which was really cool. Of course, eventually, the day arrived when semen appeared and those great times sadly came to an end.

Anyway, this story takes place a couple of years later when I was 13. It was the beginning of my eighth grade year in school. I lived in a rural area out side of a small town and had to take the school bus to school everyday. The guy that got on the bus after my stop was in the same year I was and even though we were not really that close, we knew each other and would sit together on the bus.

One day, classes were out early, but the bus was still running on the regular schedule so we had some time to kill waiting for the bus. Doug, the kid I just mentioned, and I were sitting on the lawn in front of the school waiting for the bus, and we began talking about a lot of things. As usual with guys, the talk got around to girls, sex and then masturbation. When we hit masturbation, it really got heavy!

Doug just came out and asked me if I was masturbating yet and I told him I was and had been for some time. I was always a very straight forward kid and was very liberal in my thinking, and loved talking about anything that had anything to do at all with sex and especially masturbation. As you may have gathered, I was a very, very horny kid with a never-ending sex drive.

Doug and I got to talking about techniques, how often we did it, if I was cumming yet, etc. etc., which I was, and he said he was too. It was so cool to find another guy that was just as horny as I was if not more so.

Anyway, we had been talking for some time and I was really getting horny and could feel a huge hard-on coming. Finally, I just said to Doug that I really needed to get off and that I was so horny I was going to go over to the boys bathroom to do it.

I got up and started for the boys' bathroom. Doug got up and came along with me and I could see that he too had a good hard-on going as well. I went right into the bathroom and expected Doug would just wait outside until I finished this necessary business, but to my surprise, he followed me right into the john!

I really didn't think much of it because I was just so horny and really needed to cum. The boys' bathroom was empty and no one was around as school had been let out early. I just walked up to one of the urinals, took my dick out and started stroking. It really felt good after all that talk to be getting some relieve. the next thing I realized, Doug had walked right up next to me and was watching me stroking away. I was just to far into it to really care.

Then all of sudden he said, 'Hey, you need to try to hold it this way,' and he reached over, took my hand away and put his hand around my dick in the full fist method. Boy, did that ever surprise me! I guess I must have been holding my dick in some strange way and he introduced me to the fist method.

Anyway, I tried what he had shown me and in no time, I was cumming and having a fantastic orgasm. I guess all the talk and this guy standing next to me watching had turned me on more than I thought. After it was over, I then felt kind of embarassed and guilty about what I had done. Evidently Doug picked up on this for he said to me, 'Don't worry, Guy, I won't tell anyone.' And he never did.

It was about time to catch our bus, then. On the way home, we got to talking about what had occurred and Doug just came out and said it was cool for us to do it together. I came to find out that he had already been doing it with another guy he knew. He asked if I could stop over at his house on the way home from school the next day. I said sure and I would see if it would be ok, which it was.

The next day, I got off the bus at his house and we found a nice secluded place where no one could see us. That is the nice part of living in a rural area; there're a lot of great places for sex. So we found this place and kind of just talked for a little bit and then the next thing I knew, Doug was pulling his jeans down and out popped his nice hard-on.

He was cut and I am too, and we were both the same length, but he had a little more girth than I did. Both of us were hung pretty well (6 inches) for kids our age. I dropped my jeans but Doug had already started stroking himself so I followed along. Doug then asked if I would mind stroking him. I had never felt another guys dick, but I thought why not. I found out it really felt good and started stroking him nice and easy when he reached over and started stroking me too. Boy, when he touched my dick it was just like an electric shock running through me and it felt so good. So we both went on stroking each other for the next twenty minutes or so. It was about then we both found that neither one of us could hold back any longer and we decided I would get him off first and then he would do me.

This was the first time I had ever seen another guy cum and he was really cool as he let go what seemed like an endless load. When it was my turn, and after seeing Doug cum, I had the most unbelieable orgasm. That really hooked me, on another guy stroking me. We both agreed that it had been great and that we had enjoyed it so much, and that we had to get together and do it again.

For the next two years, Doug and I got together to masturbate at least two to three times a week, sometimes more before my family moved. And that was my introduction to mutual with another guy. It wasn't long after Doug and I started masturbating together that a new kid moved in down the road from us. He was about a year younger than I was, but that is another story for another time!



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