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My Intense Week

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Now, I normally don't like to talk about my personal experiences sexually....okay I do, but when it comes to pleasing myself I try to maintain a sort of low profile. This past week I have been hornier than normal. I cannot understand what has gotten into me, maybe it has something to do with the weather, or how my tan skin was so soft to the touch I couldn't get enough of myself. I have not only been enjoying my clit or my personal parts, I have explored my entire body. The way lotion caressed my tense legs and moulded the tight muscles into jello, the way my hips moved as I arched my back in pleasure, and of course how my large breasts and firm nipples seem to send my lust into overdrive with every breath of cool air and gentle pinch.

One particular evening this week, could go down as the best orgasm of my life. I was driving home after a gruelling long night at work. Every muscle in my body was aching and every movement made me tense up in agony. What made it worse was I had the sudden urge to pee the second I left my work parking lot. As I painfully stopped at the first of eight stop lights to my house I began rocking and humming to forget the moment. As I began rocking, my body started to feel a rush of euphoria, I realized then and there the pressure was so intense I was going to cum. I continued to rock regardless of the cars around me because I knew I was close. As I got to the corner of my street, I quickly drove into my driveway and ran up the stairs into my bathroom. The second I sat down, the sensation was gone, but I had become hornier than ever. I started the shower and went into my room to change into my robe. As I undressed I examined my body in the mirror. My hair tight and curly as I took down my ponytail, my shoulders so tense from work, I closed my eyes and began to massage my neck, feeling the sweat and heat from the days work, I slowly trailed to my arms and breasts. As I watched myself in the mirror I became unbelievably aroused. My eyes glowing green in the dim light, my chest heaving with every wanting breath of excitment. I had to have myself then and now.

I trailed over my clover tattoo on my lower hip as I continued to caress my breasts and gently tease my nipples. I wanted to tease myself into ecstasy. As I lightly ran my finger up and down my lips, I couldn't believe I was this aroused by just the sheer sight of my naked body, enjoying every second of every touch. I began rubbing my clit as it throbbed with anticipation, meanwhile completely forgetting the shower was running I sat on the edge of my bed and fingered myself until I came. I lay there breathless and overwhelmed with the continuing orgasm I felt as I rolled to look at the time. 45 minutes had passed since I had gotten home and I realized my fun had to end soon. I put on a towel and walked into the bathroom to bathe, the second I stepped into the shower I knew I had to have myself again, I pressed my body against the wall and let the warm water fall onto my hard nipples and let my fingers trail elsewhere. It didn't take me long to come this time as the water was doing most of the work. I arched my back as I reached to touch myself again. I began to moan uncontrollably, timid at first afraid of my roommates catching me, but as the intensity of the orgasm began, the coy attitude of mine diminished. My legs began to shake as I came, I had never gotten myself off while standing and the intensity of it was overwhelming. I immediately hopped out of the shower and sat on the toilet to regain my composure.

I dried off and went to bed, satisfied with myself. I lay there trying to drift off into dreamland when all I could do was daydream and think about my last sexual encounter. Still horny from my two blissful sessions, I began thinking of him kissing my neck, laying behind me and holding my breasts, fondling my nipples and rolling me onto my back. Laying on top of me he looked me in the eyes and began to kiss me on the lips, neck and nipples. The longer I thought about him, the hornier I had become and I found myself reaching into my side table and grabbing my vibrator.

As I continued to think of him, I slowly ran my vibrator up and down my lips, too sensitive to still completely get myself off, I imagined I was back on top of him, slowly rocking my hips back and forth as he grabbed my side and guided me. I lay on him and kissed his neck as he began to thrust deeper and deeper. As I drift off into an amazing memory, I found myself slipping my vibrator inside me and using my other hand to help the cause. I continued to reminisce of the last experience, remembering him getting on top of me and thrusting so hard as he began to come. I touched myself harder and faster and came for so long my body twitched and I let out a moan similar to that night of my memory. I lay there lifeless and shivering from the intensity that had just come over me. I had never felt so relaxed. Every aching muscle gone and now just a feeling of bliss.

It was the greatest single experience of my life, and I wish to repeat it as often as possible.



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