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My Injured Friend

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The greatest times of my life was in Maine, summer camp for a few years and until my early 20s, in a simple cottage on a lake with some boats. My best friend happened to be a guy I met up there on the Lake some years earlier. We grew up together as 'summer people', a little more than a mile down the lake. By the time we each were seven we each had passed on to us the old 5 hp fishing boat of our respective families and were allowed to go fishing all around the lake, as long as we followed all rules.

We were often in sight from his house or my parents house. As teens we had much faster boats. When I arrived a bit late one year, after the 4th, Ben had been injured when his bike tire went into a sewer grate and he was thrown head first over his handlebars, threw up his arms to protect his head and broke both of the quite badly.

His mother wouldn't stand for him staying in a nursing home for a couple of months; by golly he was going to be staying at the summer house with the family and she would care for him doing all the nursing, feeding etc. She also had a 'nanny for the kids', the youngest of the two was 15 by that time. And then there was also his 18 month older sister.

When I arrived, by boat, intending to go fishing after a surprise hello I found him in the most amazing cast get up I have ever seen, with both arms immobilized from shoulder to wrist inclusive, yet he could still walk around. What he couldn't do was move his arms in any way. I suggested that I take him out and join me while I fish and we could catch up on things since last summer had ended. His mother immediately objected. Of course she didn't approve of me as I liked to go fishing at six in the morning and had a 25 hp motor on my 14 foot aluminium.

She indignantly said 'Well,, you know you will have to help him with his toilet duties. CAN YOU DO THAT?'

Ben said 'Sure he can mom' and I nodded my agreement. At that I heard a little titter amongst Shelly, the nanny, his sister and his mom as they all flashed significant looks at each other. His father clearly wasn't in on it. I knew something was up but not the slightest idea what was really going on. He clearly wasn't going to be fishing and all we grabbed was a large water bottle and his flotation cushions as we departed.

As soon as we were a mile up lake he nodded towards my house. My mother was ill and wasn't going to be there so I had the place to myself. My father stayed with her. My sisters had been sent off to camp for the summer so I was it. We could do whatever we wanted there and it was pretty good bass fishing right off the dock. I figured I was going to find out what was up.

I found out real quickly what their looks were about. As soon as we were settled down on the deck he told me ALL about it. He put it right out front so to speak. He said 'I have a problem. Think about it. I can't jack off. If I don't jack at least twice a day I leave a mess in the bed and even worse when Holly or Andi holds my penis I get hard and can't piss. This might happen until I'm in pain and then they do what the nurse instructed, they jack me off. They called the doctor who had the nurse instruct them what to do about the problem and he said do what you need to. But don't rub him with soap, it will cause irritation and pain. Use baby oil or hand lotion. Boys that age might have a problem with erections half the day. Holly has a bemused look on her face the whole time and is very mechanical about it. Andi on the other hand really seems to be enjoying it. It's gotten so that she will take me aside 2 or 3 times each day and jack me so that I don't have to get jacked to piss. The only problem is she often calls a friend of hers and describes it all while she is doing my medical treatment as they all call it and she and her friend both break out laughing about the humor of the medical treatment. Her friends are all trying to coach her from what they have done with their boyfriends. Especially the one she calls over-sexed and under-loved. My dad has not a clue. Will you help me? And a small favor. Will you jack off too sometimes so I don't feel like such a specimen?'

I thought about it for about a second before agreeing 'sure'. Though we had been skinny dipping together for years I hadn't seen him erect.

He spoke up again, 'One more thing, please take off your clothes so I can watch you get turned on from me getting turned on by you jacking me.' I went and got my favorite lubricant. I had started practising multiple peaking almost upon beginning to masturbate. One grand day I made it up to 35 before the hot water tank ran out of hot water. Anyway, I had to have a great lube for manual masturbation if I was going to be an artist.

He managed to piss because he wasn't all aroused by me holding his penis in a 'normal' male way while he took a leak. I helped him lay back on the lounger and started lubing him up. He was about the same size as me erect, about 6 inches and average girth. I was starting to do some very light 'energy' touching which was getting him good and stiff when who should walk around the corner but his sister, Andi. She must have driven over and left the car up the drive out of earshot.

She said 'So, he offered you the same deal and you took it too. Welcome to the club. Mind if I join you two'. Ben reluctantly nodded.

I asked 'You will be playing by the same rules?' She whipped her loose beach dress over her head and wasn't wearing a suit. If her mother had seen her thusly she would have had a shitfit.

Then as she pulled up a chair on Ben's other side she said 'count me in'. I found that I could tell right where Ben was from the start, recognizing the swelling of the penis, contractions of the scrotum and such. I was able to peak him over and over for about an hour before taking him over the edge. He pumped out great gobs of semen with probably the most relief he has had in the weeks since turning it over to those doing a 'medical' treatment. Andi, who had at first wanted to take a hand too, sat back awestruck and said 'I want one just like that. Will you give me a hand?'

I was pleased to give Andi even two hands. I found that with a little coaching from her I was able to help her to an hour of most excellent orgasming in many different ways. She was the first girl I got to examine close up and feel every part of finding all the incredibly sensitive bits. I thought that her clitoris and labia were about the most beautiful and wondrous things I had ever seen. It was a lot of fun.

Andi then applying what she had seen and felt was able to bring me to multiple peaks, driving me up the wall. She was a fast learner.

I made lunch for all of us after Andi called home and told her mother. It was great. We then spent the afternoon masturbating in all sorts of ways. Because of Ben's necessity it became a daily ritual for the rest of the summer. After his cast came off we continued for the fun of it. Andi basically became an inseparable part of us that summer.

After Ben had avoided Holly and his mother for a week they took Andi and I aside and asked 'Are you three doing what we think you are doing'.

All I said is that 'we are helping Ben take care of his medical treatments just as you two have had to do. Now you don't have to.'



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