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My History

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How I got started


I've always been more of a grower than a shower. When soft my cock is only about an inch long and it grows to about 6 inches when it gets hard. When I was in primary school my classmates would laugh at me when we had to get changed for swimming as I generally had the smallest cock.

One day I discovered that if I flex my pelvic floor muscles my cock would grow so I practiced this as a way to make me look bigger whenever I had to change in front of someone else. Shortly after that I discovered that if I played with my cock it would grow much bigger and become quite hard. I never played with my cock in public, I always did this when I was bathing. However, when I stopped playing with it, it would son become soft and small again.

I began to experiment to see if I played with it for longer if it would stay longer. It was during one of these sessions that I first discovered that if I masturbated for long enough I would get this wonderful feeling that would spread out from the tip of my cock through my entire body and I became addicted to wanking. The first few times I jacked off I did not ejaculate but, one day I decided to see what would happen if I continued to stroke my cock after I had cum and shortly afterwards I should my first load. Wanking became a regular habit of mine and I would do it in the bath, on the toilet, in bed, basically anywhere I could get some privacy.

Eventually, an uncle of mine discovered my little habit and teased me mercilessly about it every time he saw me for quite a few years but, instead of putting me off this made me more addicted to wanking and I got to the point where I would jerk off several times a day, quite often until my cock ached well into the early hours of the following morning. Quite a few times the girls I knew would try to catch me but, they were never willing to show me their stuff or masturbate for me so I never let them get to the point where they would actually catch me. However, their attempts to catch me got me excited about masturbating and actually getting caught by somebody of the opposite sex and them joining me.

I have masturbated in several places where I might get caught in front of an open window at home, under a tree with fairly low hanging branches, out in open fields, on a secluded section of a beach that I was visiting. Once I was on holiday and the windows of my hotel room were overlooked by several other rooms that were filled by visitors from all over the world. As it was getting dark one evening, I switched the bedside light on, left my curtains open, lay on the bed naked and rubbed my cock slowly, edging myself for several hours and fantasizing about other guests watching me before finally cumming. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

I have slowed down a bit since getting married but still have a good wank on a fairly regular basis. My wife does not really like watching but the best cums are when she does watch. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to get her to masturbate and in all the years we have been married she has only masturbated to full orgasm a handful of times. This is a great pity because, my biggest turn on by far is watching a woman play with herself and make herself some. Just watching a woman do that makes my cock feel so good that I could almost cum without having to touch myself and even when I do touch myself, its only a few strokes before I blow my load.

Well that's my life of wanking, I hope I did not bore you too much and that some of you enjoyed it.



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