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My Glorious Night

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I had laid my plans well, although, at the time, I was not at all conscious of actually planning anything at all. But, perhaps, I get ahead of myself.

I was married then, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. My husband redefined the words 'Two Timing Bastard'. He would fuck anything that moved, and, as I was to find out, he liked them young too. He was older than me at 32, but he would fuck a 16 year old if he got the chance. To my knowledge, he never had anyone younger, but I would not have put it past him. He used to leave me on my own for evening after evening, weekend after weekend, until our boss sent him to work at another site, and for six months he would be away. Strangely, I was really glad. I didnt have to listen to the excuses and the lies...at least for a while. Also, as far as our sex life was concerned, it could be measured in nano-seconds. He would kiss me exactly three times, roll on top of me, pork away for a couple of minutes and cum, thinking he had given me the best time in the world. I had barely got started. On the rare ocassions we would talk about sex, anything I suggested that we do was met with 'Oh, I wouldn't like that!'

So, there was a man at the leisure complex where I worked. He was charming, and fun and I guess we flirted a little, but nothing serious and nothing that made me want him.

But then....

One night, I had invited him round for dinner. It was not going to be anything special, but as the day wore on and I prepared, suddenly, I was cooking a three course Corden-Bleu meal. (I am a very skilled cook). I had chosen a really good wine for each course, and by the time he arrived, I was standing there in a full length white evening dress..... with nothing underneath!

The moment he arrived, I suddenly realised what I had done, and it sent me into a wild state of anticipation.

He, however, was the model guest. He appologised (bless him) for being under-dressed (Jeans and a T) and we sat and ate.

Afterwards, he even offered to wash up...(told you he was a sweetie) but I said 'So, what would you like now?' (OK I know, a blatant come-on, but ...oh damn..it had been a long while) He said 'Hmmm low lights, soft music, slow dancing?'

I eagerly complied. In a few moments he had me in a classic ballroom hold, his arm around my waist and his other hand holding mine. (Aww...bless) For a long time we danced just like that then he moved both his hands around my waist and drew me in a little closer, I put my arms around his neck.

I can't tell you how horny I felt with his breath gently ruffling my hair over my ear. I ached, literally ached for him to kiss me. (Actually, I would have bent over the couch and let him fuck me up the arse, or anywhere he wanted, for as LONG as he wanted... at that precise moment I would have done anything he asked.)

Then, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, he kissed my head. Just one delicate little kiss just above my right ear. I did that thing of tossing my head to get my hair out of the way to expose my neck to him and got the reward of another kiss just below my ear and then another where my neck meets my shoulder. He had no way of knowing this, but that particular spot is connected directly to my clit and my pussy. I actually felt the wetness surge. (Girls, you know what I mean with this...right?)

By now I was pressing against him and I was so dry mouthed, I could barely speak. Then came the kiss on the lips I had been waiting oh, so long for. No tongues, but a lovely soft, open mouthed kiss. His hand rose up my body to my miserably small, but, even if I say so myself, beautifully formed breast. He cupped it and gave a small squeeze and I moaned out loud. Then he said 'Karen, if we are going to do this (was he fucking crazy? Of COURSE we were!!!) there is something I need to say... well, to ask you to promise, really' I thought he was going to ask me not to tell my husband... as if! But instead he said 'Everything you have ever done that you like, and everything that you have ever wanted to do is yours for the asking. No matter what it is. We can go to bed and cuddle only, if thats what you want, or we can have the most romantic sex or the most outrageous. I want you to promise me you will deny yourself nothing, ok?'

Well, I could only nod and I have to say, there were tears in my eyes at the time. He slid the strap of my gown down and exposed my right breast. If I tell you that my dress was only held up by two straps and a small clasp, but he took over an hour to strip me, you will get the idea of how attentive he was. Nothing was missed, he kissed me, teased me, aroused me like I have never known.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I felt his fingers enter me. I came almost immediately, long, loud and hard and VERY wetly. He masturbated me, kissed me there, he even made me cum by kissing and nibbling at my arse, something that I have always wanted. He took me to bed and made me cum eight times there, after which, I rather lost count of the number of times I orgasmed... and I hadn't even undressed him at this point. He gave me a massage, he massaged me inside and out, at one point he even TALKED me into an orgasm. (I have always had a thing about erotic converstation and dirty talking. In fact, it is something that REALLY gets me going if done well.

Finally, I got his cock in my hand. I masturbated him, but he would not let himself cum until we had explored everything I wanted to do. He was certainly a master at edging.

Finally, I made him cum and was rewarded by oh, so much of it. I ended up totally covered by it.

OK, I know there is much I cannot say on ST, but I want you to know he fulfilled every single one of my desires. It wasn't by any means all fucking. We did it in the bed, on the balcony, he took me to the beach and we had fun there, we did it in a park and were definitely seen by others, and he even supported me in my fantasy to jack off a total stranger. He could not have been more attentive.

When we went to sleep in each other's arms, it was already light and when we woke up it was mid afternoon. I was sore, (in EVERY hole) but have never in my life felt more sated.

Sadly, that was the only time we did anything on this scale. From time to time he would masturbate me and I would give him little surprises too. (Like one time he was lying on my lounge floor connecting a video game machine for me and I just hitched my skirt up and sat on his face...with my husband in the kitchen making us all coffee. Daring or WHAT?

My sex life went back to my husband, boring, dull, unsatisfying and above all brief. But something interesting happened. One time, I was about to suck my husband and found the unmistakable scent of another women on him. It was a total turn off and it actually made me vomit. A few weeks after that I wanted to give my secret lover a quick cum. I had decided to use both my hands and my mouth, but before I could get down there, he stopped me and said that he had fucked his girlfriend, and that it 'wouldnt be nice for you to think you were tasting me, but actually be tasting someone else.' Oddly, it made me want to do it even more. If any girl was good enough for him to fuck then she must be something really special.

Finally, (and yes, I know this is very long...sorry, but it is all coming out... in more ways than one.) during our one night of unbridled passion and lust I had said that I sometimes masturbated fantasizing about another girl making me cum. My lovely friend made that happen too. His girlfriend had told him of the same fantasy.

I wonder how many girls fantasize about another girl doing them but never do it?

Anyway, one night, he got his girlfriend to visit me and he guided us both into several orgasms. Typical of him, he made no attempt to join in, or even to masturbate. This was our time, our night, and our fantasy. I couldnt leave it there though, so when Sarah and I had finished, I asked him to masturbate into my knickers.

Well, that is the best night of my life. My husband? We divorced, inevitably. My mystery man and Sarah have been married for ten years now, and are supremely happy. Now and then, he and I share a night with her blessing, and come to that, SHE and I share a night with his blessing.

I want no-one else in my life. Sex with him, even if it is only a masturbatory session is worth waiting for, believe me! And on the rare ocassions when it is more than that it is all I need. Sarah and I have also explored the wilder side of girl/girl masturbation. We tentatively entered the world of watersports together, and outdoor watersports at that!

Ah, so much I cannot say on here.

Never mind.

Thanks for reading this. Sorry it is so long.



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