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My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

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Bikinis will do it every time!


Love this site. Time I submitted what happened to me two months ago.

In our housing community is a private party house and swimming pool. Some friends of ours reserved it for a swimming party one evening celebrating a birthday of a child. I, my girlfriend and girlfriend's friend were all invited. My girlfriend's name is, or I should say was, Allison. (not using there real names) Her friend's name was Windy. I and Allison arrived early and I was in the pool when Windy showed up. She walked from the dressing room to a pool side chair and removed her towel. Oh my God! She was wearing this very skimpy bikini that bearly covered her big beautiful tits and the bottoms exposed all of her fantastic ass with just a thin piece coming up the crack. She turned around and talk about a camel toe! My mouth dropped and I was drooling. I instantly went to a full blown erection down in my swim trunks. I don't think I'd ever been so aroused as I was then.

I wanted to get out but with this erection there was no way I could come out of the pool and I knew there was no way I could get it down. I then called to one of my buddies to get me my towel and bring it over to the steps. He laughed as he figured out what was wrong. He came over and asked 'what's wrong. Windy get to you' all the while laughing. I told him 'man; I think I'm in love' which is a nice way of saying between us guys 'man, I'd like to fuck that!'. Anyway, I got out wrapping the towel around me as I did with the double wrap at my front side.

I got a drink and sat down in a chair. About this time my girlfriend came up and told me her period had started and her mom was taking her home and for me to stay and enjoy the party. She left and I soon found myself moving sitting next to Windy talking to her. A couple of times Windy got up to go see someone or get a fresh drink and as she walked it just added to my hardness in my trunks. I'd watch her tits bounce a little and see the movement in the soft flesh of her ass and thighs and it was just driving me crazy with pure lust. Only way I can put it. I wanted to get my hands on that flesh so bad.

It turned out that that towel was not even enough to conceal what was in my trunks and Windy noticed it. She would grab quick glimpses at it and then she finally chuckled and said 'guess I'm getting to you a little bit'. I seriously came back with 'no: not a little. A lot!'. She smiled at this and looked back down at the big bulge I had and said 'sure wish I could take care of that for you'. Just the idea of this made me even harder, if that was possible. I came back with 'you really mean that?'. She said yes. I told her I had an idea if she was serious. By now I had no conscious at all. All I could think of was getting my hands on that wonderful body setting next to me and in her getting my rocks off. She said 'what's your idea?'. I told her follow me. We went thru the party house and looked around. It was empty so out the back door we went. We walked across the tennis court and out to these tall hedges surrounding them. We were away from everybody and completely hidden here. I turned to Windy and she said to me 'this is our little secret now'. I told her yes. I then dropped the towel and reached around her putting my hands on her ass cheeks. Oh, it felt so damn good! I then lifted her top and started feeling her boobs and sucking her nipples. She went to making these little moans. She then reached for my cock rubbing me thru my trunks. I then let my left hand go into the front of her bottoms and went for her sweet pussy and started fingering her. She pulled down my trunks and took hold of my cock. I knew I wasn't going to last anytime at all as I let my right hand explore her soft flesh all over. Sure enough I soon started shaking and tensing up and let out a loud groan as I held her body tight and blew my load all over her front side. I had never come so hard or so much in my life as I did right then. My legs were about to give out. I finally recovered and started concentrating on her pussy. She was so wet and it didn't take her long to start making squealing noises, start shaking and thrusting her hips and finally grabbed me with her head next to mine and had a terrific orgasm too. We finally seperated and picked up my towel. Good thing we had it along as Windy was covered with cum. It had hit the bottom of one of her boobs and covered her belly. Her pussy was also covered with her own fluids. She shoved a corner of the towel down her bottoms and wiped her pussy. I took the rest of it and started wiping off the rest of her. We then straightened out and went back to join the party.

I tried ever since for a repeat performance with Windy but she has since stayed a true friend to my girlfriend and has ignored my advances. This did put a strain on my relationship with my girlfriend and things finally did cool down and we finally went our separate ways. All because of my love, or I should say my 'lust' for her girlfriend, Windy.



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