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My Girlfriend Knows

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This is making me jack off just remembering it!!


My girlfriend knows that there are two things I hate being involved in on a Saturday; crowds and shopping. So when we were standing, jammed into a corner on a very crowded subway train, she knew I was a bit pissed. She just clung to my overcoat while I held onto an upper rail. With the other hand I just idly held on to her waist. I guess she got tired of hearing me complain because she just said 'You need something to relax, maybe a distraction.' and looked up smiling wickedly. I said 'Yeah sure, like we are going to go at it here!?

You have to love the girl as she responds to a challenge. She snuggled a bit closer, smiled and watched the expression on my face as she unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock and balls and started stroking. She whispered about how it was making her so wet to think of my being jerked off surrounded by people and wondered how quiet or still I could manage to remain. The more I pretended to ignore her the more aggressive she became. A man behind her reading a paper lurched into us with the movement of the train, so that idea came and went.

As my cock was rock hard, beginning to twitch and oozing with pre-cum, she was beginning to think about what to do when I ejaculated. I could have cared less! The inventive minx just lifted her bare midriff shirt and had me spurt onto the bottom of her breasts, rubbing it in as I did. I stood there silently, open mouth buried in her hair, eyes closed as she finished he off, adeptly tucked in my genitals and zipped up my fly.

She removed my hand from her waist and guided my free hand down to her sopping pussy. Her thong felt like wet dental floss as I quickly did my two finger insertion while circling her swollen and protruding clit with my thumb. She bit my chest with barely audible 'Gnnhgfff' sounds. I could feel her vaginal muscles clench with every caress of her little knob. I swear she was making a slow 'O' motion with her hips as she ground her soaking pussy mound against my hand. Her other hand was up the bottom of her shirt, squeezing a cum covered nipple for all it was worth.

She had a ripping orgasm when I shoved in two middle fingers in as far as I could reach.I felt a gush of lubricant, felt her nails bite into my other arm and her body spasm to an open mouth and softly made 'OOOOoooOOuaaugghh' sound.

The little vixen bit my chest and said 'See we are here already' as the train pulled into our stop. She removed my hand and wiped it on her chest and the inside of her shirt.

As we were getting off the train, a woman pointed out to my girlfriend that the top of her jeans were unbuttoned and a bit unzipped. She asked if I had been molesting her. The answer was a raucous 'only if I don't cum after he does!'

Now I have a whole new attitude about crowds and shopping. Thank God he gave some women brains and sensuality to use them.



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