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My Girlfriend Did It

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My Girlfriend Did It
I‚??m an 18 years old guy and my story happened last vacation of 2001. I‚??m an incoming sophomore college student at a good university in our country. When I was a freshman, I‚??ve met this girl. She‚??s cute, not beautiful, but cute. She has this sweet smile, which encompasses her nice set of pearly white teeth. She is not quite tall, 5‚?? in height [small for an 18 years old] but has a very intelligent brain, which conceals the height problem. She has long black hair, which hangs from her head to her back. In short, she is really cute. She looks so innocent (and that‚??s the best part of her, I‚??ll tell it later‚?¶). Maybe all of these assets made me attracted to her. And yes, I was attracted to her and started to court her and to wrap it all around, she became my girlfriend. I think she is the perfect girl for me, not too tall and not too busty. Of course, I‚??ve always wanted to fantasize with girls who has nice breasts and tits, but not on my girlfriend. We‚??ve been steady for 8 months now and never encountered big arguments, just some small ones that can easily be settled.
Before she became my girlfriend, I know she was attracted to me [she told me that]. That‚??s not so bad. I‚??m 5‚??11', I have nice lips, eyes and nose, I have a slender body and a really wide chest, I do have good grades and I really stand up on the crowd when I speak (I‚??m a good speaker). Also, I know to my self that I‚??m a good masturbator. Yeah, a good one on that (I masturbate almost everyday, especially when I have the time. I can masturbate 2 to 7 times a day!!!). Well of course, my innocent girlfriend doesn‚??t know it yet‚?¶ yet.
We both love watching movies. It is in the movies when I first kissed her. Every week after school, we go to the mall for movies. Since the first kiss, I think she gets addicted on it and sometimes; she‚??s the one begging for more [isn‚??t that so nice!!!].
I‚??ve already introduced her to my parents and that made her very welcome in our house. Last semester break, she‚??s always in our house. My mom and dad are at work, and also my sister. It‚??s only the two of us in the place. We were watching a video (Autumn in New York) when she started kissing me. I kissed her back, but I‚??ve noticed that she wants it harder and rigid, well, I gave her the favor. We kissed at the sofa, and then we dropped and rolled on the floor. She was on top of me now. She stopped kissing; we went back on the sofa and continued watching the film. Then she asked me if I do masturbate. I was hesitant to answer her question. Maybe she felt that I‚??m shy, so she told me that she‚??s just curious and it‚??s ok for me to answer it and there‚??s no reason for me to be shy to her. I‚??m really shy and doesn‚??t want to answer so she kissed me again, hard and rigid again (she really knows how to convince me). I really felt hot (I do have a hard on now) and started caressing her breast (we‚??ve engaged in petting before, but she didn‚??t dare touch me). She started moaning in every swipe of my hands on her breast. To my shock, she started caressing my cock, (that was outside my pants) my rock hard cock!!!! I can‚??t believe that my innocent girlfriend is now touching my cock. She stopped kissing and asked again if I masturbate, still I was hesitant to answer, so she kissed me again. Then, she slipped her hand in my pants!!!! Her hand is now inside my pants!!!! He touched my pubic hair first and then the shaft of my dick, then the head, then, my balls (it was the prize I have to pay for being hesitant!!!). I know precum is flowing now, she was so amazed and asked me what is that slippery thing, I told her it was precum and guys always have it every time we are horny (so, I admitted that I was horny then). She continued the kissing and the caressing of my cock. It felt so great. I was so horny now, the he asked me again if I masturbate, and because of her torturous hands on my dick, I shouted YES!!!! YES!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!! She gave a wonderful grin and kissed me again. I think her hands are tired now so she slipped her hand out my pants. But that doesn‚??t end there; she slipped her hand out together with my throbbing cock!!! My cock is now exposed!!! I tried to put it back but she said she wanted it that way!!! She looked at my cock and touched its purple head. She told me it was so big (what a nice complement). She played with my dick, pretending that it was a joystick!!! Hey, I was so horny; I can‚??t do anything but to go with the flow. I told her to just continue playing with her new toy, and she did. She was still fascinated with the precum, she is spreading it in the head and it makes it so shiny. She slipped may pants out of my hips, exposing the whole of it, my pubic hair, my slender and hard dick and my nice set of balls. She touched my balls, and then she went back to my cock. Then she asked me how to masturbate. I told her to have a grip on my dick and start pumping it. She continue playing and guess what, she gripped my dick and started pumping!!!!! My girlfriend is masturbating me!!!! I told her to stop because I was so shy but she said it was ok. She pushed me and made me lie on the sofa. She removed my pants and shirt and continued pumping!!! I‚??m still convincing her to stop. I told her that if the sperm comes out, it might hit her face and for sure, it will flow on her hands. She just smiled at me and continued rubbing. She started with short, slow strokes, no rhythm yet. While doing that, she lay on my chest and sucked my nipples (that‚??s a ticklish part for me). Then, she did it with longer strokes and this time a fast one. It felt so good all I could do is moan!!! She continued with the stroke and I felt the sperm flowing out of my balls, to my shaft!!! I told her to stop (I don‚??t want the sperm to spill on her hands) but she still continues. I released stronger moans, closed my eyes and shouted 'I‚??m CUMMING!!!!!!!!!' And there it was!!!! The last stroke released my hot sticky cum!!!! The first shot landed at the sofa, near my head just above my left shoulder. The second shot landed on my chest and on my nipples, some landed on my tummy and the rest just flowed out from my dick to my girlfriends hand. When I opened my eyes, I saw some droplets of cum in my girlfriends face. I was so pale that I cant say anything. I have lost all my energy when I shot a full load of jiz!!! She milked the rest of the sperm and then she spread the drops of cum all over my chest and tummy.
'It smells so good' she said. My body is wet and shiny with cum, then she lye down on my chest. She told me that she was just curious on what do I look like when I masturbate since I didn‚??t tell her anything about that. She told me that she saw that on a porno film owned by her dad. She watched it and she got the idea there. I looked at her innocent face and gave her a very wonderful smile. I said, 'thank you' and 'I love you' in a very soft voice (evidence of an energy draining experience), and then I think I fall asleep. She woke me up; I was still in the sofa, still undressed. I can feel the dry cum on my body. I saw her and she was nude!!! She told me to have a shower‚?¶ with her!!!! I really got a hard on and jumped at her. We went in the shower‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶ and it‚??s a different story now, I‚??ll just write it next time.
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